The Best Quiet Blender – A Detailed Review and Buying Guide

When buying blenders, one of the smallest considerations we make revolves around how loud or quiet they are. The truth is, blending hours are possibly the quietest, especially for people who make their smoothies early in the morning. During these hours, the sound of a blender can be an assault on your ears and those of the people around you, and this is why it is important to pick a blender that is quiet, especially if you intend to use it often. Below is a compilation and review of some of the best.

The Best Quiet Blenders Comparison Table

Pitcher Quantity
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Hamilton Beach SoundShield 5-speed Blender
950 watts
52 Oz
Cuisinart 2.25 Peak Hurricane Blender
1,500 watts
60 Oz
Vitamix 36019 Vita-Mix Quiet Blender
1,800 watts
48 Oz
Blendtec Professional Blender
1,800 watts
90 Oz
CRANDDI High-Speed Countertop Blender
2,200 watts
80 Oz

The Best Quiet Blenders Product Review

Hamilton Beach SoundShield 5-speed BlenderComes with ice crush and clean functions

Made to operate as a restaurant blender, this machine brings loads of power and versatility as well as quietness.

Key features

  • Has a 950 watts motor
  • Has a 52 Oz pitcher
  • Operates on 5 speeds
  • Has a glass jar
  • 2-piece sound shield
  • Stainless steel blades

As an incredibly strong, powerful, and versatile blender, the Hamilton Beach SoundShield 5-speed Blender makes an exceptional tool that essentially makes easy work of all your chopping, blending, and mixing activities. The powerful motor delivers 950 watts that allow for the liquefaction of even the toughest foods.

To add to the overall quietness of the blender, it also comes with a 2-piece sound shield that is designed to cover the blender as it works, muffling the sound completely so that all you hear is a far-away hum. This 2-piece sound shield is easy to install and uninstall, meaning that you can use it at your own convenience.

One of the features that stand out the most about this blender is just how deliberate each component is. The pitcher is made using heavy glass, giving it the capacity to handle a good deal of pressure from all sorts of food. The bottom is pretty heavy, and it is cast using heavy duty material that allows for longevity and good protection of the motor and other electronic components.

To allow for easy blending, the Hamilton Beach SoundShield 5-speed Blender is fitted with high-quality stainless steel blades that essentially work to pulverize and liquify all sorts of foods. As an added advantage, you can also crush ice into snow within seconds with this blender.

High-speed blenders usually have a hard time handling softer foods such as leafy greens since they are difficult to grip, and this makes them slip beneath the blades so that your smoothie is left with huge chunks of vegetables. With this blender, you can be sure that your greens will be well blended, largely because of the 5-speed operation that allows you to blend slowly, making the leafy greens smooth.

To make sure that you can blend smoothies for multiple people at a go, this blender comes with a sizeable pitcher that has a capacity of 52 Oz. Aside from the said pitcher, this blender comes with a separate sealable cup that allows you to carry your blended smoothie with you wherever you go.

The pitcher is also designed to pour its contents without dripping, and it is also dishwasher safe. This means that you essentially do not have to worry about cleaning, even after making a messy batch of smoothies.


  • Has a powerful motor
  • Strong glass pitcher
  • Comes with a 2-piece sound shield
  • Great for crushing ice
  • 5-speed control


  • This blender is a bit pricey


This blender combines versatility, power, and a solid build to deliver an all-around blending prowess that allows you to handle the softest and toughest foods with equal ease. Even though it is a bit pricey, the quietness is well worth it.

Cuisinart 2.25 Peak Hurricane BlenderOperates on automatic load sensing technology

This elegant blender may fool you with its simple look, but it carries a powerful motor and is also delightfully quiet.

Key features

  • Has a 1500 watts motor
  • 60 Oz capacity pitcher
  • Electronic touchpad controls
  • Strong plastic pitcher
  • Stainless steel blades
  • Ice crush function

If you are a person that has a liking for pieces of equipment that are simple and elegant in their design, you might take a liking to how the Cuisinart 2.25 Peak Hurricane Blender looks. It has a wide base that is pretty solid, and that has nothing much on it but the electronic touch control panel.

Inside the base is an incredibly powerful 1,500 watts motor that sees to it that anything you need to be blended is left completely pulverized and smooth. This motor does not strain to get the work done, and no matter how hard or tough your food is, it will be left completely liquid. More than blending, this machine also handles ice crushing pretty well, turning your solid ice into snow in a matter of seconds.

To allow the motor that much capability, this blender is backed by powerful stainless steel blades that are made pretty strong. This strength places them in a position to handle just about anything, including ice and plant roots. Seeing as the pitcher also plays an important role, it is important that it also bears loads of strength. For this reason, the blender is made using strong and durable plastic that can handle tons of blending over time.

When it comes to pitcher capacity, the Cuisinart 2.25 Peak Hurricane Blender presents a 60 Oz pitcher that sees to it that you can make at least three cups of smoothie. It also means that you can crush lots of ice at a time pretty quickly and with ease.

Even though it is a big and powerful blender, this machine is designed to be pretty quiet, making your morning blending routine all the more bearable and easier. And though it does not come with a noise shield, the blender manages to work pretty quietly, and you do not have to worry about your sleeping toddler.

For easy control, the Cuisinart 2.25 Peak Hurricane Blender presents an electronic touch panel that allows you to change modes and speeds with ease. The panel is made to be waterproof and easy to clean, and you do not have to worry about spillages and liquids sipping through into the electronic components of the blender.


  • Quite powerful
  • Large pitcher
  • Works quietly
  • Crushes ice
  • Electronic touch control panel


  • Does not come with a noise shield


With a combination of elegance, speed, power, and quietness, this blender makes an ideal acquisition for juice and smoothie lovers that have a liking for simple but functional appliances. Even though it does not come with a noise shield, you will find that you will not be needing one.

Vitamix 36019 Vita-Mix Quiet BlenderDesigned to be a bar blender

Even though this blender is designed to work in bar settings, it also makes an incredible acquisition for a home kitchen, especially because it can handle anything thrown at it.

Key features

  • Has a 1,800 watts motor
  • Has a 48 Oz pitcher
  • Stainless steel blades
  • 6 program buttons
  • Easy-clean feature

The Vitamix 36019 Vita-Mix Quiet Blender, also commonly referred to as ‘the Quiet One’ makes an incredibly versatile and practical blender, both for home and commercial settings. This is because it is fitted with a 1,800 watts motor that works to deliver extreme power which is enough to handle the toughest foods which include frozen fruits and ice.

To deliver on the promise of quietness as it works, the blender is fitted with vibration dampening features that work to hugely lessen the overall noise produced. Aside from this, it comes with a plastic ‘enclosure’ that also works to absorb a large portion of the sound produced during intense blending.

Aside from keeping the noise away, this blender comes with tons of versatility and then some. On it, you will have access to 34 programs which can be selected through 6 buttons on the control panel, and a total of 93 speeds that make it easy to work through all sorts of food, fruits, and vegetables. These programs and speeds allow you to make an assortment of products which include frozen drinks, frappes, gravies, sauces, butter, smoothies, and even spreads quietly. The panel on which the buttons are mounted is very easy to clean and does not allow liquids to penetrate through.

When it comes to capacity, this blender presents a 48 Oz container which is good for holding a commendable amount of product. Seeing as it is made to deal with loads of pressure and power, the blender is designed and fabricated to be pretty strong and sturdy. The material used to make this pitcher is polycarbonate which is pretty strong.

The blades on this blender are also made to withstand a good deal of pressure, and this is why they are made of stainless steel. This allows them to cut through just about anything with loads of speed and efficacy. The fact that they are made using stainless steel also makes them pretty easy to clean, and it sees to it that they do not rust or stain even as they handle all sorts of food.


  • Very powerful motor
  • Conveniently sized pitcher
  • Made to be quiet
  • Comes with 34 programs and 93 speeds
  • Stainless steel blades


  • Very expensive


While this blender seems much better suited for commercial purposes, it also works very well in domestic settings, especially where loads of smoothies, sauces, nut butter, and other related foods are made on a regular. You may have to part with a lot of money, but you will find that it is worth it.

Blendtec Professional BlenderFitted with extremely strong blades

One of the features that stand out the most about this blender is the fact that it is fitted with blades that are at least 10 times stronger than regular blades.

Key features

  • Has a 1,800 watts motor
  • Has a 90 Oz pitcher
  • 11-speed operation
  • Fitted with touch slider
  • Has LED display

Since it is made to deliver loads of strength and power, it is expected that this blender should be pretty noisy, but the quietness with which it comes is pretty surprising. It operates on a powerful 1,800 watts motor that would ideally be expected to produce a whole lot of noise, but that manages to work quietly to deliver smooth liquids every time.

Seeing as blending vegetables can be tough, especially when you are running the blender at high speeds, it is important that you have access to various speed settings that make handling such soft foods an easy task. For this reason, the Blendtec Professional Blender comes with 11-speed settings that allow you the capacity to handle foods of different consistencies.

Aside from the 11 speeds, this blender also comes with 6 programmed blend cycles and one pulse function that make it easy to crush ice, make juice, make cappuccinos, knead bread dough and even crush ice. In addition, it comes with a self-cleaning feature that allows it to get rid of most of the dirt left behind after it has been used.

With a 90 Oz pitcher, it becomes convenient to make loads of product at the same time, especially when you want to make a surplus for storage. The pitcher is also made to be extremely hardy so that it can handle loads of pressure and tons of use without sustaining a lot of damage.


  • Very powerful motor
  • Comes with 11 speeds
  • Has 6 programmed blend cycles
  • Strong and large pitcher
  • Self-cleaning feature


  • Better suited for commercial purposes


Even though it is better suited to handle commercial settings, this blender proves versatile enough to operate quite well on a home front. Your morning smoothies will be greater and you will forget about the noise of a blender in those early hours.

CRANDDI High-Speed Countertop BlenderFeatures a semi-retro design

If you have an eye for retro designs and knobs instead of buttons, you might like the general look of this blender.

Key features

  • 2,200 watts motor
  • 80 Oz pitcher
  • Comes with a quiet shield
  • 6-point stainless steel blade
  • Ice crushing function

One of the things that fascinate me most about this blender is just how it combines a semi-retro look with modern functionality to bring you blending with class. The CRANDDI High-Speed Countertop Blender operates a 2,200 watts motor that is incredibly powerful and capable of handling even the toughest foods.

Even with such a motor, this blender manages to work pretty quietly, allowing you to make your power smoothies even in the wee hours of the morning without waking your kids or neighbors. The blade of the blender is fitted with noise-canceling properties that work to lessen the sound released as the blender works. In addition, this blender is fitted with a noise shield that covers the blending pitcher, muffling most sound emanation from the action of the blades.

To allow it loads of power to blend, crush and grind, this blender is fitted with a 6-point stainless steel blade that beats fruits, foods, and vegetables into a pulp with incredible speed. The speed can also be controlled for different foods and results, and you also gain access to a pulse function.

With an 80 Oz pitcher and a 20 Oz bottle, you can be able to make loads of smoothies, carry some with you and also store the surplus for future use. You will also find that this blender is fairly easy to clean and maintain.


  • Extremely powerful motor
  • Strong and sturdy stainless steel blades
  • Large pitcher and cup
  • Pretty quiet


  • Quite expensive


If you are looking for loads of power, various speed settings, and quietness, this blender is the best bet for you. It also features an incredible design that adds to the general aesthetic of your kitchen.

Buying the best quiet Blender – What to look out for


Many quiet blenders are grossly underpowered, and it is important to find one that has as much power as you need so that it can function the way you want it to.


If you are looking for a quiet blender, make sure you find out how loud your chosen pick is bound to be, especially when operating at extremely high speeds. Try as best as you can to find out the decibels it produces as it blends.


Make sure you pick a blender with high-quality blades that can work through everything you need them to, and that is also easy to clean.


Even though we do not put it into consideration a lot, the noise of a blender can make using it an overly difficult task. When picking a quiet blender, you want to make sure that it is well powered, and that it is capable of doing everything you need it to. Go for a blender that has a noise shield, but if you like yours less bulky, go for one that has a low decibel rating.


Does the CRANDDI High-Speed Countertop Blender come with overheat protection?

Yes, this blender comes with overheat protection. The bottom is fitted with heat decimators that suck the hot air out as the blender works.

Do I need a plunger for the Blendtec Professional Blender?

No, you do not. It is built to operate efficiently on its own without needing the help of a plunger.

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