The Best Commercial Citrus Juicer – A Detailed Buying Guide and Review

Squeezing citrus fruits for juice takes a good deal of effort, especially when you are using a manual juicer. Many brands have come up with easy-to-use commercial options, but not all of them are suited for heavy use, particularly in commercial settings. For heavy juicing, you want to pick a juicer that is strong, powerful, and durable. Below is a compilation of the best, and a detailed review of each.

The Best Commercial Citrus Juicer Comparison Table

Special Feature
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Vinci Hands-Free Electric Citrus Juicer
30 watts
Comes with 2 pulp filters
Zulay Professional Manual Juicer
Ideal for citrus fruits and other varieties
Focus Foodservice Jupiter Juice Press
Sure-grip rubber handles
Breville Citrus Press Pro 800CPXL
110 watts
Very quiet
SMEG Citrus Juicer – CJF01BLUS
70 watts
Built-in sensor

The Best Commercial Citrus Juicer Products Review

Vinci Hands-Free Electric Citrus JuicerComes with two pulp filters

Even though this product comes with the lowest wattage on our list, it is not one to be belittled as it does a pretty solid job.

Key features

  • 30 watts motor
  • Comes with 2 pulp filters
  • Holds up to 12 Oz of juice
  • Easy to clean

Made using strong and durable material, this blender proves excellent for using in both commercial and home settings. It is fitted with a 30 watts motor that is powerful enough to handle many fruits and to make sure they are completely squeezed for their juice.

Since it is an automatic device, it proves extremely easy to use, especially because you do not have to use your own hand to press the fruits down as the juice is extracted from within them. To make sure you get fresh juice that is free of rind bitterness, this juicer is made using pressure sensitive juicing technology that allows the machine to sense the actual thickness of the rind. When squeezing the fruit, the Vinci Hands-Free Electric Citrus Juicer only applies as much pressure as is needed to extract the fruit without breaking the rind which could easily cause the juice to get bitter.

To regulate the amount of pulp, or to get rid of it completely, this squeezer comes with two pulp filters, each with different gauges. One allows for fine pulp to go through, while the other allows for a slightly chunkier consistency. With a jug that has a holding capacity of 12 Oz, you can be able to squeeze a couple of juices before you have to empty it.

This device is also pretty easy to use and does not need manual assistance to do its job. All you have to do is slice up the citrus fruits and place them in the automatic squeezer, then proceed to push the automatic squeeze button. The reamer will automatically rise to release the amount of juice needed.


  • Great for domestic and commercial usage
  • Completely automatic
  • Easy to use come with two pulp filters
  • Has a 12 Oz holding jug
  • Uses pressure sensitive juicing technology


  • Can only squeeze one half at a time


With the Vinci Hands-Free Electric Citrus Juicer, you can be certain that your domestic and commercial juicing needs will be taken proper care of. What’s more, this device is easy to assemble and clean, making maintenance a breeze.

Zulay Professional Manual JuicerIdeal for both citrus and non-citrus fruits

Even though this juicer is completely manual, it is able to handle loads of fruit, both citrus, and non-citrus, allowing for versatility.

Key features

  • It is a manual squeezer
  • Professional grade
  • Strong hand press
  • Has a 5” diameter cup
  • Easy to clean

Made to be used for commercial juicing purposes, both citrus and otherwise, this manual juicer features an incredibly strong frame that is made using stainless steel that allows you to use loads of effort to squeeze out as much juice from the fruits as possible. It is surprisingly strong and sturdy, and actually quite heavy, weighing in at approximate 6.30 Kgs.

To be able to accommodate fruits of different sizes, right from tiny limes to massive grapefruit, this manual juicer comes with a 5” diameter cup. All you have to do is halve the fruits and place them on the cup, then proceed to press the handle down to extract the juice.

For optimal power transfer, the Zulay Professional Manual Juicer is fitted with a long handle that is pretty strong and sturdy. Once the fruit has been placed on the squeezing cup, the handle is pushed down, prompting the manual squeezer to press down and extract juice from the fruit.

Since it is a manual squeezer, it is important that you regulate the amount of pressure applied to the fruit. Too much pressure would mean squeezing the rind which would eventually cause your juice to taste bitter. On the other hand, applying too little would mean leaving the fruit with a significant amount of juice, causing lots of the same to be wasted.

Because it has a simple build and comes with no electric parts, it proves extremely easy to clean and generally easy to maintain. On the downside, it does not come with a pitcher, meaning you would have to have a container to collect your juice in.


  • Very strong and sturdy
  • Ideal for citrus and non-citrus fruits
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to maintain and clean
  • Inexpensive


  • Does not come with a pitcher
  • Can be tedious


If you are looking to get your hands on a manual press that can handle all types of fruit, this particular one would make an ideal match for you. It is inexpensive, easy to use, and will barely require loads of maintenance.

Focus Foodservice Jupiter Juice PressComes with sure-grip rubber handles

This manual citrus juicer proves ideal for squeezing a large number of citrus fruits, but its handle requires that you use only a little force for juice extraction.

Key features

  • Manual squeezer
  • Made using steel
  • Extremely strong
  • Has a stainless steel strainer
  • Ergonomic handle

One of the most incredible features of this manual citrus juicer is that it comes with an incredibly strong frame that allows it the capacity to handle a good deal of juicing over long periods of time. It features a die cast iron frame coupled with stainless steel to make it both strong and durable.

To make sure that you can press fruits of multiple sizes, it comes with a wide cup to hold the halved fruit, as well as a press that is wide and strong. As with other manual squeezers, all you would need to do is half the fruits and place them on the holding cup, then press down to extract the juice. This process is all manual and takes physical effort to get the juice squeezed out.

With a long and strong handle, you can be sure that the pressing process will be pretty easy, especially because of the long and strong handle that transfers maximum power to the press. To make sure that you do not end up with bitter juice, the press is made in such a way as to keep the rind from being pressed, preventing bitter juices from the rind from contaminating the freshly pressed juice.

As a manual press that features a simple build, this citrus juicer proves pretty easy to maintain, especially because it does not come with any complicated parts. It is also very easy to clean and has parts that do not easily stain even after years of juicing.


  • Simple build
  • Strong frame and ergonomic handle
  • Has a large cup
  • Has a stainless steel strainer


  • Can be pretty tedious


Simple to use, easy to clean, and maintain, this device proves an ideal choice for many people who are looking to squeeze loads of citrus fruits for juice. It also pretty inexpensive, and can last a good deal of time.

Breville Citrus Press Pro 800CPXLWorks very quietly

Even though it is a compact device, this citrus juicer makes an ideal tool for extreme juicing, and this is why it is made to be very strong.

Key features

  • Has a 110 watts motor
  • Made using brushed stainless steel
  • Has an active-arm system
  • Can fit all sizes of citrus fruit
  • Comes with 1 coarse stainless steel filter

One of the reasons why this device makes an ideal commercial juicer is its incredible build and strong frame. It is made using double die-cast stainless steel that is brushed to give it a nice matte finish. Small as it is, it is fitted with a 110 watts motor that can handle an incredible amount of juicing with ease. This motor runs at a high speed, allowing the device to juice with ease, and to handle all citrus fruit sizes.

As an added advantage, this commercial juicer is made using incredible technology. An active arm system allows sensors to get activated so that when citrus fruit is placed on the juicer and pressed down with the steel arm, it begins juicing immediately. This way, you only need to apply very little pressure, making sure that you do not have to suffer any fatigue when juicing your citrus fruits.

As part of the package, you get a coarse stainless steel filter that allows you to have a certain level of pulp in your juice. This comes in handy when you do not want completely smooth juice, or when you have clients that like their juice a bit pulpy. The fact that this filter is made using stainless steel means that it is extremely easy to clean and that you do not have to worry about such things as rust when using it.

As an added impressive characteristic, this device is very quiet. Even though its motor is a powerful commercial-grade tool, the Breville Citrus Press Pro 800CPXL works extremely quietly, making it easy to use over long periods of time. On the downside, this juicer does not come with a pitcher where you can store juice before emptying it, meaning that you have to have a container with you to collect the pressed juice. You also have to be careful not to press the fruit too long as this would mean having the rind pressed as well, and this could make your juice bitter instead of sweet.

Even though this motor is pretty powerful, it is very quiet, allowing you to work long hours on it without loads of disturbance.


  • Has a powerful motor
  • Has an active-arm system
  • Easy to clean
  • Comes with a coarse stainless steel filter
  • Pretty quiet


  • It does not come with a pitcher


This semi-automatic blender makes an ideal acquisition for people who are looking to produce loads of citrus juice on a daily basis. Unlike most others, it is pretty easy to run and is also pretty quiet as it works.

SMEG Citrus Juicer – CJF01BLUSHas a built-in sensor

This luxurious citrus juicer makes an ideal device for both domestic and commercial use, thanks to its powerful motor and incredible build.

Key features

  • 80 watts motor
  • Made using stainless steel
  • Has a Tritan cover
  • Ideal for all citrus fruit sizes

As one of the most luxurious appliance brands in the world, SMEG is well known for making high-quality and exceptional design appliances. Small as it is, this citrus juicer is fitted with an 80 watts motor that makes it pretty powerful and ideal for using over extended periods of time.

The body of this citrus juicer is made using stainless steel that is pretty strong and solid. As an added advantage, the steel proves very easy to clean, especially because it does not stain at all. The combined reamer and strainer also made with strong stainless steel, are able to handle a good deal of work, squeezing citrus fruits of varying sizes with ease.

To squeeze the optimal quantity of juice from the fruits, the SMEG Citrus Juicer – CFJ01BLUS is fitted with sensors that allow it to begin squeezing the juice as soon as they detect the halved citrus fruit. The sensors are activated by pressure, meaning that you have to manually push the fruit down to prompt the juicer to start working. However, it only takes a small amount of pressure, meaning you do not have to use too much energy to squeeze.

Fitted with a Tritan dome lid, you can be sure that the citrus juicer will not be affected by dust when it is not in use. Additionally, this dome lid doubles up as a bowl for your citrus fruits as you squeeze them. It is also pretty easy to remove and put back on, and it also cleans pretty easily.

Even though it does not affect its working ability, this SMEG citrus juicer boasts an incredible ‘50s design that is pretty unique and beautiful. Powerful and fast as it is, this citrus juicer proves incredibly quiet, making your work easier even when you have loads of fruit to juice.


  • Beautiful and stylish design
  • Powerful motor
  • Has in-built sensors
  • Pretty quiet
  • Easy to maintain and clean


  • Very expensive


Even though it is a luxurious brand, the SMEG juicer proves pretty solid and strong and can handle a good amount of work. It is also pretty easy to clean and maintain, making it an economical long-term purchase.

Buying the Best Commercial Citrus Juicer – What to look out for


One of the first things you have to look into is the power behind the juicer. Seeing as the juicer is meant to work long hours and on many fruits, you need to find one that can easily handle the job without breaking easy.

Automatic vs. Semi-automatic

When choosing a commercial juicer, choose one that will be easy to work with, preferably an automatic one that does all the work for you. However, a semi-automatic juicer could also do the work pretty well, but you would have to offer a bit of assistance to the machine.

Ease of cleaning

A citrus juicer that is made to do loads of work is bound to get pretty dirty at the end of the day. You want to find a machine that is easy to dismantle, clean, and reassemble in readiness for work. Also, choose build material that does not easily stain and that does not call for heavy cleaning.


When buying equipment that is meant to handle commercial work, it is recommended that you find something that will be economical. However, if you feel that you would like to splurge, go right ahead and pick the juicer that works best for you.


Juicing citrus fruit can be a pretty tedious task, especially when you have loads of fruit to handle. With commercial juicers, however, you can be sure that the work will be made a whole lot easier, but you have to pick a device that will work seamlessly ad with ease, and that you will find easy to use and maintain, especially in the long term.


Does the Focus Foodservice Jupiter Juice Press come in just one size?

No, it does not. It comes in two sizes; large and extra-large, and they can be used to handle large quantities of citrus fruits with ease.

Can the Breville Citrus Press Pro 800CPXL be used for other fruits?

No, it cannot. It is specifically designed and built to handle citrus fruits and would have loads of trouble dealing with other types of fruit.

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