Masticating Juicer Vs Centrifugal Juicer

Masticating and centrifugal juicers are the most common kitchen appliances used for juicing and are both capable of squeezing juices out of fruits and vegetables. The configuration of the appliances is different, but the results are almost the same. Thus, whichever unit you choose to settle with for juicing, you must understand that the final yield from the juicers will be different in terms of quality and quantity.

What are the differences between the masticating Juicer and the Centrifugal juicer?

Masticating Juicer
Centrifugal Juicer
2-speed control designs
3 speeds
150 watts
400 watts
Stainless steel and plastic
BPA free stainless steel food-grade materials
Rotations per minute
50-60 rpm for soft mode runs

100-110 rpm for hard mode runs

1800 rpm

Masticating Juicer vs Centrifugal juicer- How do they compare?


Masticating juicers are designed differently from centrifugal juicers, and that also applies to the Amzchef masticating juicer. A closer look at the unit reveals a chute used to feed fruits and vegetables to the juicer. The unit comes equipped with a plunger, used to force the fruits and vegetables into the tube and then to the auger for crushing and consequently into the rotating blade.

The latter extracts the juice from the pulp, which will then be released through some tiny holes on the underside of the tube while the pulp will be pushed straight out and collected on a plastic can. The centrifugal juicer has an almost similar design to the masticating juicer, the fruits and vegetables are introduced from the top part and forced into a fast-spinning centrifuge with a plunger.

The centrifuge is made of tiny holes, which separates the juice from the pulp. The pulp is then pushed to the backside of the juicer, while the juice is released through a front receptacle. The design of the masticating juicer releases both the pulp and the juice from the front part ensuring that the juice is finely extracted. The masticating juicer provides more yield when compared to the centrifugal juicer.

Rotations per Minute

Amzchef masticating juicer offers two rotation modes, we have the soft mode with a range of 50-60rpm, and which is used for juicing soft fruits and vegetables such as watermelons, grapes oranges, celery, and cucumbers. The hard mode (100-110rpm), is for juicing hard fruits, such as carrots, ginger, apples, pear, and kales. Aicook centrifugal juicer, on the other hand, offers 18,000RPM for both soft and hard fruits and vegetables. The rotations per minute of the centrifugal juicer are too high, which encourages the production of too much heat. The heat destroys the nutrients and introduces a lot of air into the juicer which makes the juice oxidize faster, and that is why the masticating juicer is a better choice


The Aicook centrifugal juicer offers up to 400 watts, a powerful juicer motor for easy break down of hard fruits, while the Amzchef masticating juicer only offers 150 watts meaning that it takes longer to break down tough fruits and vegetables. Aicook 400 watts centrifugal juicer is the best because it breaks down tough fruits and vegetables faster.

Masticating Juicer vs Centrifugal Juicer- A Comparison Overview

Amzchef Masticating juicer


Amzchef Masticating juicer

The juice extracted using Amzchef masticating juicer can stay fresh for 72 hours, all thanks to the slow masticating and feeding chute, designed to preserve nutrients and reduce oxidation rates. The masticating juicer produces a drier pulp meaning that the yield is more. The unit comes equipped with a cup complete with a food-grade silicone cover, which helps reduce the juices oxidation rate.

Motor operation is incredibly quiet offering less than 60db. Assembling the juicer is also pretty easy as it is a one-button operation, most importantly is that all the detachable parts are characteristic of food-grade material and can be cleaned in the dishwasher. The unit is compact thus occupies a small footprint in the kitchen counter and the reverse function enables easy cleaning.


  • The motor operates quietly
  • The juicer is easy to clean
  • The unit is efficient and juices faster
  • The quality is great and easy to assemble


  • Dense fruits and vegetables must be chopped first
  • Not convenient for the long term


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Aicook Centrifugal Juicer


Aicook Centrifugal Juicer

Aicook centrifugal juicer measures 3” wide, perfect for inserting whole fruits and vegetables obliterating the need to first chop the fruits and vegetables. Users can alternate between the three speeds, with regard to the type of fruit or vegetable that they are juicing. All the parts of the juicer that come into contact with the fruits and vegetables are BPA-free, and the design of the juicer enables easy cleaning, users also get a special cleaning brush.

On the underside the centrifugal juicer has been equipped with non-slip feet, to help ensure that it remains stable during use while minimizing vibration. The centrifugal juicer works fast, it therefore, extracts juices from fruits and vegetables in less than one minute.


  • Comes apart easily and is easy to clean
  • Has the horsepower for tough fruits
  • Retails at a great price
  • Juices fruits and vegetables fast


  • Assembling the juicer is a little bit difficult
  • The juicer is not convenient for the long haul


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Centrifugal and masticating juicers are operated differently, both units will enhance your kitchen countertop without occupying a large footprint. They are both fairly priced however, the masticating juicer is a bit pricier but with good reason. For example, it does provide a nutritious yield and comes equipped with a silicone cover that helps protect your juice from oxidation.

Verdict; so, which is better, Masticating juicer or the Centrifugal juicer?

The masticating juicer is the better unit because it produces a denser yield, and retains most of the nutrients after extraction. When used at higher speeds the centrifugal juicers generate heat which heats the juice interfering with its nutrient content. The resulting pulp is also wet meaning that much of the yield is disposed of with the pulp.


Is the centrifugal juicer a whole fruit and veggie juicer?

No, the fruits must be cut a little to fit.

How long will my juice from the masticating juicer last in the fridge?

Your juice from the masticating juicer will last 72 hours in the fridge.

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