How To Use Ninja Professional 900 Watts Blender (And how do you clean it?)

The Nutri Ninja Pro blender is a powerful and compact personal blender that you can use for different kinds of blending. You can use it for blending smoothies, ice coffee, milkshakes, margaritas, and other drinks. Apart from blending drinks made with frozen fruit and ice, you can also use it to make baby food, grind coffee beans, and blend soups and sauces.

So, how do you use the Ninja Pro Blender 900 Watts? This blender isn’t a very complicated machine. It may look complicated because it comes with no settings, but it’s very easy to use. You just need to put all the ingredients you want to blend into the tumbler, attach it to its lid with the extractor blades, then insert it into the motor base and twist it to activate the blades to start blending.

The Ninja Pro 900 Watts Blender 

This is a personal, compact, and easy-to-use blender with no speeds or settings. This blender has a simple design with a powerful 900 watts motor. It comes with pro spinning blades for extracting all the nutrients to make you the most healthy smoothies. Ninja has many different blenders from personal blenders to large industrial blenders and everything in between. This 900 watts model comes with 2 unique tumblers and pro extractor blades that will make a single serving of just about anything. The package also includes extractor blades, two 710 ml cups, a motor base, a pair of seal lids, and a recipe guide with 30 recipes.

Simple, heavy, and bulky base, rubber grips at the bottom to keep it sturdy while using
Easy to use and easy to clean
No control panel and no speeds, 2 blender cups, and 2 to-go lids for each cup
Smoothie quality
Smooth smoothie consistency from soft and hard fruits and veggies without leaving chunks
Ease of cleaning
Dishwasher safe cups and lids but the blades aren’t dishwashable

How to use the Ninja pro 900 watts

Since this blender uses only one speed, different foods will take different times to process. It performs best when liquids are involved, but thicker recipes with minimal liquid will take longer.

If you want to make your morning smoothie,

  • Add all the ingredients to the blender
  • Screw on the attachment blades to the blender cup
  • Insert the blender cup into the motor base and twist
  • The motor will activate when pressure is applied to the top of the cup
  • In a few seconds, all the ingredients are turned into a delicious smoothie

How to clean the Ninja Pro 900 watts

  • Add some warm soapy water into the blender cup
  • Attach the extractor blades by twisting them on the lid
  • Attach the blender cup onto the base to activate blending
  • Let it run for a few seconds and pour out the water and rinse the cup and lid with running water
  • Use a brush to clean the crevices in the blades and be careful not to cut yourself
  • Use a damp cloth to clean the base
  • If you’re blending smelly ingredients like onions and garlic, warm soapy water and a quick pulse will get rid of the smell, but if it doesn’t, add some lemon juice or baking soda.

What you can do with the Ninja pro blender 900 watts

You can use this blender to pretty much blend anything. It’s very good at making smoothies made from soft and even hard ingredients like carrots. The blades are strong enough to break the ice and even crush frozen fruit to give you a smooth and consistent texture.

You can also use the blender for grinding coffee beans, nuts, seeds, and grains, its powerful blades are not only powerful enough to crush ice but also shred skins and stems and also turn hard seeds into very fine powder.

The blender can also puree baby food. The blender cups are a bit large for storing baby food so you can use them to make enough baby food to store in the fridge for later which will save you time.

How to repair and maintain a Ninja Pro blender

The Ninja pro blender is a great appliance but just like any other blender after a while of using the blade can become loose and a bit noisy which means the ball bearings have become worn out. These ball bearings are found inside the rotary blade mechanism and you can easily buy them from any hardware store or online store.

Use a size 8 spanner to turn the shaft and remove the blades carefully. Check the rubber disk for any damage, then remove it using a blunt tool to check and remove the damaged or rusty bearings. Also, check to see if you need to replace the washers, then add some ball bearings to replace those you’ve removed. Reassemble everything back as it was. Make sure you tighten the blades so they aren’t wobbly.


The Ninja pro 900 watts blender is a compact blender that is good for quick and easy blending of whatever drink, sauce, dip, or dressing you want to make. It’s affordable and very easy to clean and the portable cups have enough capacity to make your cup of smoothie that you can carry with you and comfortably sip from. A great blender for busy people who want a quick smoothie and don’t have enough time to clean.


Is the Nutribullet 600 better than the Ninja pro 900?

The biggest difference between these two blenders is their motor size. The Nutribullet uses 600 watts of power with a maximum capacity of 24 ounces, but the Ninja pro uses 900 watts of motor power with a 32-ounce capacity. So the pro 900 has large blending cups.

Is the 900 watt Ninja pro blender good?

With 900 watts of motor power, this blender can easily blend most ingredients into a smooth consistency. it’s a very affordable personal blender that is simple to use and doesn’t occupy a lot of space on your kitchen counter.

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