How to Use a 3-in-1 8 Cup Black & Decker Food Processor

When it comes to getting a quality food processor, it can be pretty difficult to find a machine that is affordable. It is possible to find one that retails from anything between $250 and $300. The Black & Decker 3-in-1 8 Cup Food Processor is easily one of the most affordable food processors around, but it works pretty well for a regular household. The fact that it comes with a large 8 cups work bowl makes it ideal to use when you are making large batches of food. So, how should you use it?

To use a 3-in-1 8 Cup Black & Decker Food Processor, you will have to start by attaching the working bowl onto the base. Next, add your ingredients and proceed to work them to achieve what you need. This food processor is designed to handle three main tasks; chopping, shredding and slicing. Each function comes with its own blade or disc, making it easy to achieve the steps fast and easy.

Before getting into the usage, below is a lose look at the main parts of this food processor.

Main Parts of a 3-in-1 8 Cup Black & Decker Food Processor

Motor base

The base of this food processor houses the motor that provides the power required to process your food. It is wide and sturdy, allowing it loads of stability when working. The motor in this food processor has a wattage of 450 watts which is pretty decent and that allows it to work pretty fast and easy.

Work bowl

The wok bowl is where all the action happens. This is where you attach the blade and discs for easy processing, and where the processed food collects. The work bowl on the 3-in-1 8 Cup Black & Decker Food Processor is large enough to accommodate 8 cups, allowing you to make large batches at a time.

Chopping blade

This blade is attached at the bottom of the work bowl. There are two main blades that are made of stainless steel, and that are powerful enough to work through many types of food. You can use it to chop up vegetables such as tomatoes, onions, parsley, fresh coriander and other similar foods. It is great for making salsas.

Slicing disc

This disc is great for making perfect slices of vegetables. It is able to slice them whole, as long as the vegetables can fit through the feeding chute. It works best for cucumbers, carrots, celery, zucchini, and fruits such as banana.

Grating (shredding) disc

This attachment makes an excellent disc for when you want to shred cheese and potatoes. It works really fast, allowing you to collect your grated food within seconds. The grating disc is best suited for potatoes, carrots and even cheese.

How to use the 3-in-1 8 Cup Black 7 Decker Food Processor

 Step 1: Assemble the parts

Place the motor base on a working surface, making sure that it is close to a power outlet. Secondly, attach the work bowl by placing it carefully on the motor base. It is designed to fit easy, and does not need you to make a screwing motion to secure it.

Step 2: Attach the chopping blade or discs

Depending on what you want to process and what ingredients you are working on, proceed to attach the cutting equipment you need. If you intend to attach the chopping blade, you will need to install it at the base of the blade holder. Both discs are attached at the top of the blade holder since the food they process is meant to be collected beneath them.

Step 3: Chopping your fruits or vegetables

To chop your vegetables for cooking, or to make a salsa, go on and add them into the work bowl after you have attached the blade. Once added, go on and cover the work bowl with its lid, turning it anti-clockwise to make sure that it is secure. Connect the food processor to the power source to switch it on, then select a function on the control panel. You can use the slow or fast speed, or you can use the pulse function depending on what you hope to achieve.

How to Use a 3-in-1 8 Cup Black & Decker Food Processor

Step 4: Slicing or grating your food

For these activities, attach the disc you need at the top of the work bowl and cover with the lid. To grate your cheese, carrots or potatoes, insert them into the work bowl through the feeding chute and proceed to switch the food processor on. Use the pusher provided to squeeze the food through so that you get the whole of it grated or sliced.

The finished product will be collected beneath the slicing or grating disc. Remove the disc and empty the contents of the food processor into a clean container.

Step 4: Disassemble your food processor

You will begin by disconnecting the food processor from the power source. Then, remove the attached discs if you used them for grating and slicing. Set either of them aside as you empty the work bowl. For the chopping blade, twist it and lift it slowly off the blade holder, being careful not to cut yourself in the process. Unlike the discs that are detached before emptying the work bowl, the chopping blade is easiest removed after you have removed the processed food from the work bowl.

Step 5: Clean the food processor parts

All parts of this device are dish washer safe, and all you have to do is put them in the dishwasher to get cleaned. Use a damp cloth to wipe down the motor base in case of any spillage. When clean and dry, stash the base, work bowl and other parts into a cabinet for later use.

Recommended speeds for various fruits and vegetables

Food product
Recommended speed and time
Fruits and vegetables
Low or pulse for 15 seconds
Hard fruits and vegetables
High speed for 5 seconds
Cooked vegetables
Low for 5 seconds


The 3-in-1 8 Cup Black & Decker Food Processor is a simple kitchen gadget, but it works pretty well when you need it to. Unlike many other food processors, this one comes with jus a few parts that are easy to assemble and deconstruct, making sure you do not have to worry about getting your food done. The fact that its parts are dishwasher safe makes it an easy to clean device.

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