How to make cantaloupe juice in a blender

To make cantaloupe juice in a blender, start by removing the top and bottom parts of the fruit, then get rid of the outer rind.  Peel it slowly before cutting it into half. Get rid of the seeds before blending and cut the fruit into small pieces. You should then add the pieces into a blender and add some water. Use the highest speed setting on the blender and add more water gradually until you get a smooth texture. Consider sweetening the juice with honey, then refrigerate it or add ice cubes. Here is more!

Why take cantaloupe juice?

The cantaloupe fruit is not as common as other popular fruits. If you have been blending the same fruits over and over, you need to try out this fruit. It is a healthy fruit that has a lot of nutritional benefits. Some people call this fruit musk melon. Consuming juice extracted from this fruit can help promote good health.

One of the major components found in this fruit is beta carotene. This is an antioxidant that can fight free radicals in the body. Taking cantaloupe juice can therefore help your body fight attacks in the cells. The fruit even has more beta carotene than other fruits such as peaches, oranges, or mangos.

Taking cantaloupe juice can also help you increase your intake of vitamin C. This is a valuable component that can boost your immunity and enhance the production of collagen in cartilage. Consuming this juice can combat different diseases.

If you have problems with taking the recommended amount of water, cantaloupe juice can help. Since this juice contains a high amount of water, it can keep you hydrated. Proper hydration is very crucial to your body since it can keep your heart and kidneys healthy. It also supports the digestive system. Taking cantaloupe juice can also boost your energy levels. This juice can be quite refreshing, especially during warm days.  If you work out a lot, you need to take this juice after your sessions. Cantaloupe juice is also great for kids after school.

How you can make cantaloupe juice in a blender

A blender makes it easy to make juice from different fruits. It will only take you a few minutes to come up with cantaloupe juice using this kitchen appliance. If you have bought a large cantaloupe, you should expect it to produce at least half a gallon of juice.

To make cantaloupe juice in a blender, start by getting rid of the top and bottom parts of this fruit. You should also get rid of the fruit’s outer rind. Be careful as you peel the fruit so that you don’t throw away most of the fleshy part. Once you are done with the peeling, you should cut the cantaloupe fruit into half. Get rid of the seeds before you put the fruit in the blender.

Cut the halves onto small pieces so that the blender does not have a hard time grinding the cantaloupe fruit. Once you have chopped the fruit, you can now add the small pieces to a blender. Add some water to make the juice smooth. You can use the highest speed setting on the appliance to blend the cantaloupe fruit.

Monitor the blending closely. Feel free to add more water gradually until you achieve a juice-like texture. If you prefer it sweeter, feel free to add a sweetener such as honey. Once you have blended the juice, you can refrigerate it for some time before taking it. Feel free to add ice before consuming the cantaloupe juice to make it more refreshing.

Though this is the most common method of making cantaloupe juice in a blender, some people add different things. If you have been making cantaloupe juice with water, you can try something else. For instance, you can make the juice by combining the fruit with frozen mango. Rather than adding only water to this mixture, you can add vanilla almond milk. For this method, you should continue blending once you have added the ingredients until you obtain a smooth mixture.

Ensure that you retain the pulp in this juice to gain all the fibers and nutrients from it. People who prefer a more liquid texture sometimes strain the liquid using a strainer before serving the cantaloupe juice. Apart from vanilla almond milk and frozen mango, you can even blend cantaloupe juice by combining the fruit with strawberries. This recipe can increase the nutritional benefits since strawberries have calcium c and magnesium.

Here are some of the ingredients that you can use to make cantaloupe juice in a blender

Method 1: Ingredients
Method 2: Ingredients
Method 3: Ingredients
Method 4: Ingredients
Half of the cantaloupe fruit

Half of the fruit
Half of the fruit
¼ cantaloupe
A cup of water
Half cup of frozen mango
¾ cup of milk
A cup of vanilla almond milk
One tablespoon of white sugar
ice cubes

Half cup of water


Not everybody enjoys eating the cantaloupe fruit. If you can relate, you can still get the nutritional benefits of this fruit without consuming it directly. Consider blending the fruit through the process we have discussed above. You can even try adding different things to make your juice tastier. Enjoy!


Can cantaloupe fruit help me lose weight?

Yes. Since this fruit has a lot of fiber, consuming it can make you feel fuller for longer. If you want to lose weight, the fruit can help since it has fewer calories and does not include any fats.

How long does cantaloupe juice last once you blend it?

This depends on how ripe the cantaloupe fruit is. The juice can last for at least four days with refrigeration. If you notice any soft spots or even mold on the juice, do not take it.

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