How to Make a Milkshake with a Blender

To make a milkshake with a blender all you need to do is get your ingredients in the right quantities, so that the taste can balance out, then put them all in the blender and blend. Pour the blended milkshake in your fancy milkshake glass, add toppings and serve. If the milkshake has incorporated a fruit, you can decorate the rim of your milkshake glass with the fruit, put in a straw, and enjoy.

The simple idea that you can make a restaurant-quality milkshake at home with a blender is enough to get your weekend going. What is even more interesting is the fact the invention of the milkshake coincided with the invention of the blender and since then there have been various delicious versions of milkshake prepared by famous cooks and among other enthusiasts.

Currently, there are over 40 types of milkshakes, some that are made with peanut butter, oreo, and cappuccino. So, to make your weekends less boring as you busk in the summer sun, below are some milkshake recipes complete with the procedure that you can try out. Milkshakes can be consumed individually, or with accompaniments such as garlic or lobster fries.

How to make mint chocolate milkshake with a blender

Wonder why we chose the mint chocolate flavor, well because it is among the 10 most popular ice cream milkshake flavors that have been balanced out with the addition of mint flavor.


  • 1 ½ cups whole milk
  • Whipped cream
  • Chocolate chips
  • 3 cups mint chocolate chips ice cream


  • Using your blender, you will add in ice cream and the whole milk
  • then blend to a smooth consistency
  • pour the milkshake into your milkshake glass
  • You can add a whipped cream topping or the chocolate chips and sip away with a straw

If you are a mint lover, then this milkshake is for you, and if you like it thick, you can reduce the quantity of the milk. Before consuming you can put the glasses in the fridge for a little while to ensure that the shakes retain their consistency for the longest time possible. The milkshake is highly nutritious offering up to 521 in calories, 12g proteins, and 55g carbohydrates.

Mocha Milkshake

Do you fancy the creamy taste of ice cream, chocolate, and coffee, then the mocha milkshake will satisfy your craving on a warm day, check the simple blended recipe below.


  • 2ml cocoa powder
  • 1 ½ cups vanilla ice cream
  • 30ml iced coffee
  • 15ml semi-sweet chocolate morsels

Procedure for blending

In your blender you will add vanilla ice cream, then iced coffee, the semi-sweet chocolate morsels, and lastly cocoa powder. You can pulse it for a few seconds, then pour in your milkshake glass, and then garnish with your favorite toppings either whipped cream or chocolate chips. The milkshake provides the body with a decent dose of calories up to 480, leaving the rest for other foods that you will consume. Remember that the daily caloric intake has been set at 2000 for women and 2,500 for men, with special considerations on physical activity, age, and metabolism.

How to make a milkshake without a blender

Weekends are usually long and lazy, they even get longer if you cannot prepare a frozen treat as you pass time. But that’s not true, you don’t need a blender to make your favorite milkshake, if you are in doubt check below.

How to make a milkshake with a mixing bowl

Surprised, well don’t be, because this is going to be your new norm and the only other tool that you will need is a whisk balloon to help mix the ingredients. If you have a large glass mixing bowl the better, put in the scoops of ice cream that will be enough for your household. If the ice cream had been refrigerated, let it sit at room temperature for about 15 minutes, so that you can scoop it out easily.

Then add milk to the ice cream, if you wish to add any powder to your milkshake, you can do so in the milk, so that it mixes and disperses easily as compared to adding it last. Get your whisk balloon and mix the ingredients in a circular motion, check the consistency, if you are satisfied, you can pour it into your milkshake glass. Add your favorite toppings and serve.

How to make a milkshake with a cocktail shaker

The idea behind making your milkshake with a cocktail shaker because you don’t have a blender is just the same as making your milkshake with a container that has a lid and not necessarily a cocktail shaker. So, just like you would do when using your blender, you will put ice cream into the cocktail shaker or container, let it sit at room temperature to make it soluble.

Pour milk into the container and be sure to measure everything out thus put it in the right quantities, if you plan on adding in fruits, mash them first before adding them into the shaker. Stir the fruits into the milk and ice cream mixture before shaking it up. Once properly mixed, you can now shake up your cocktail shaker for up to 15 seconds. If the resulting milkshake is too thick, you can add some more milk to thin it out or ice cream to make it thicker.

Before shaking the cocktail shaker, ensure that the lid is tightly closed to avoid leakage, you can chill it in the fridge before serving to prevent it from liquefying fast.


Making your milkshake with a blender is easy and fast, but so is using a food processor or an electric hand mixer. Milkshakes are a sweet weekend treat that is at times hard to imagine you can make it in a bowl or a container with a lid. Ideally, if you can stir or shake your milkshake ingredients thoroughly then it isn’t going to be very different from the one made in a blender.


Can I put ice in the blender when making a milkshake?

No, you cannot put ice in the blender when making a milkshake because it will water it down.

How can I make my milkshake thicker?

To make your milkshake thicker you must first use real ice cream then just add some little milk for blending.

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