How to Cut French Beans In Food Processor ( And other uses of a food processor)

When it comes to preparing the ingredients or foods for a specific recipe, we mostly use a knife to chop, slice, and dice. However, different veggies need to be prepared differently, so you’ll need to use a food processor that will give you more uniform results and you get to save on your time and energy.

Snapping the ends of French beans can be a very tedious process that can take forever, especially if you have a big bunch to trim. If you have to go through 2 pounds of French beans it can seem like a daunting task. With all the gadgets in the kitchen, is there an easier way to prepare French beans, so how can you cut French beans in a food processor? You’ll first need to cut off both ends of the beans using a knife, then clean the beans in running water. Pick a handful of the beans and place them in your food processor chute, then switch on your processor and use the lid to slowly press the beans down the chute to get chopped. Repeat this process until all the beans have been chopped.

Using a food processor to reduce your dicing time

Your food processor can be your best kitchen help as it can do most of your kitchen prep work. It can help you to finely chop your veggies instead of chopping with a knife that will give you large and uneven pieces. A food processor can make slicing your veggies a walk in the park as long as you use the correct blade attachment. The slicing blade will make preparing your food easy and fast. Look for a food processor with different thickness adjustments on the blade since the thickness of the slices is important if you want your processor to help you speed up your dicing process. Although your food processor may not do all the dicing work, it will do half of the work by slicing them first.

How to cut French beans in a food processor

Preparing French beans can be a tedious process since you have to snap all the small ends of each bean, then clean and cut them. However, using a food processor you can cut your prep time by half.

  • First, take a handful and tap the ends on a cutting board to even them out
  • Cut the ends of the beans on one side
  • Turn the beans around and tap to even them out and cut the other end
  • Put the beans in a bowl and clean them in running water and drain the excess water
  • Fix the slicing blade attachment on your food processor and plug it in a wall socket
  • Pick a bunch of beans and place them in the chute
  • Use the lid to slowly push them through the chute to slice them
  • Repeat this process with the rest of the beans
  • Once you’re done, remove the processor bowl and check if all the beans have been sliced
  • Remove those that haven’t been sliced and use a knife to slice them

How to dice carrots in a food processor

  • Set the food processor blade to about ¼ inch thick
  • Cut off the tops of your carrots, then wash and peel them
  • Chop off the thin ends of the carrots that cant be diced
  • Cut the carrots into the lengths that will fit in your food processor chute
  • Place the carrot pieces horizontally in the cute
  • Remove the slices from the processor bowl and dice them using a knife

How to chop veggies in a food processor

  • Use your hands to coarsely chop your veggies into large pieces
  • Place them in the bowl of your food processor
  • You can chop zucchinis, potatoes, carrots, and different types of veggies
  • Fasten the lid securely
  • Press the pulse button to chop

How to mince veggies using a food processor

Mincing is very useful, especially when you’re preparing very small pieces of veggies for sauces, soups, and purees.

  • Use a knife to first chop your veggies like carrots and celery by hand into small pieces
  • Add the pieces into your food processor bowl to mince
  • For veggies like garlic and onions, peel and place them in the bowl
  • Secure the lid and pulse to mince

How to use a food processor

Grinding meat
Food processors above 8 cups can easily handle meat, but the smaller ones have a weaker motor, so it helps to cut the meat into small chunks. Refrigerate till firm then grind
Make dressings and salads
Use the discs that come with the unit to chop the fruits and veggies into tiny pieces for the salad. For dressing use the S blade and pulse
Sauces and dips
The processor will chop, dice, and mince and all you do is pulse
You’ll need electricity, water, and flour. Apply a thin layer of oil or cooking spray, maintain a slow and even flow of water and don’t add flour to more than half the machines capacity, and leave the rest to the machine
Nut butter
All you need are roasted peanuts in the bowl, pulse for a few minutes then let the processor run for about 30 seconds, then another 30 seconds until it turns into peanut butter, season with sugar or salt to taste


Food processors are very helpful in the kitchen by making your food prep time easy and quick. It can do everything a knife can do from cutting French beans to making dough, but speed up the process.


Can you chop potatoes in a food processor?

You can put potatoes in the food processor for chopping, you’ll just need to use the rotary blade to give you a better consistency that you wouldn’t achieve using a knife.

Can a food processor grind beans?

You can grind coffee beans using a food processor or blender if you don’t want to grind them by hand. You can achieve the texture you want using any of the methods.

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