Does Blending Protein Powder Destroy It

Blending protein powder does not destroy it, and will enable you to build your muscles, make enzymes and hormones, and repair tissues, upon consumption. Whether you are blending the plant or dairy-based protein, their content will never be altered, but you can expect some slight changes in the taste.

Protein supplements have been around for the past 71 years and were widely used by individuals in sports and fitness. And as many people adopted healthy lifestyles and sought natural methods to enhance activity, the protein powders grew in relevance. Currently, in the markets, we have varieties of protein powders with the most common being the whey protein.

The latter has gained traction among the different categories of users, mainly because it is a complete protein and features the complete amino acid profile. The plant-based proteins are best used by vegans and vegetarians but are also known to significantly lack some of the important amino acids.

How to make a protein powder shake

Depending on the brand and formulation some protein powders have a flat taste, unless you get the flavored types, but which are known to leave an after taste in the mouth. So, one of the ways that most people go about increasing their protein intake while avoiding the after taste or the flat bland taste is by incorporating the protein powder in their smoothies.

Apart from blending, you can make your protein shake by simply mixing your protein powder with either milk or water and then give it a thorough shake and consume it immediately. For individuals who are more into blending, there are a variety of additives that you can explore, which will make consuming the protein powder a lot easier.

  • Vegetable protein smoothie

Vegetables help counter the risks of blood pressure and heart diseases, they positively influence blood sugar and will help you keep your appetite in check. Individuals who barely get enough time to take their vegetables can do so by making a smoothie and enhance it with a dose of protein powder. In your blender, you will combine flaxseed, spinach, and wheatgrass, add your favorite protein powder, blend and consume immediately.

  • Add your protein powder to your fruit smoothie

Fruits provide the body with the essential vitamins and minerals, they are a good source of fiber and will furnish your body with health-boosting antioxidants. And did you know that adding the protein powder to your fruit smoothie could provide you with a balanced meal?

If you are thinking of going down this route, you have the option of using any kind of fruit that you like. But if you want to dilute the after taste that comes with most of the flavored protein powders then you will equally have to find a flavorful fruit for your smoothie. Some of the most flavorful fruits in the markets are raspberries, bananas, and strawberries.

Once you have made your smoothie, you will add a serving of protein powder. Be sure to follow the recommendations on the container. This type of combination will surprisingly make you fuller thus good for individuals who tend to become hungry faster.

How long does protein powder last after blending?

Once you mix your protein shake with either the fruit or vegetable smoothie, it cannot stay for long both in the fridge and at room temperature. Remember that fruits and vegetables also begin to deteriorate when exposed to oxygen during blending, and that is why you are encouraged to drink your protein shake immediately.

After blending your protein shake will last for 72 hours when refrigerated and when kept at room temperature, the protein shake will last for either 2 or 4 hours. Important to note is that once you refrigerate your smoothie, you might have to re-blend it because of the separation.

How to use your protein powder

  • Mixing your protein powder with water is highly recommended when compared to blending because with water the proteins reach your muscles faster.
  • Fitness enthusiasts and athletes are advised to take their protein shakes, 30 minutes after a workout to encourage speed recovery and counter muscle breakdown.
  • Protein powders should ideally be taken once every day. The quantity can be increased with an increase in activities.
  • There is no limit to how and when you take your protein smoothie, you can, therefore, take it as breakfast, in between meals, before bed, and as a snack. Protein powders are taken before, bedtime helps improve the quality of sleep and will build your muscles as you sleep.

Tips on buying your protein powder

Protein powders are highly beneficial to the body, but how can you be sure that that you are getting the real deal and not some fake powders with too much filler. Anytime that you are out shopping for your protein powder, you must ensure that you find reputable brands that offer the best quality and are transparent.

Check on the purity of the protein powder, what you will be checking for are the unnecessary sugars and fillers. And through reviews, find out if the particular protein powder that you have identified is mixable and whether it is flat or tasty.

The label should outline all the ingredients used, and you should be able to identify and know their benefits to your body.

Lastly, don’t settle for a protein powder that has incorporated too much filler and sugars.

Whey protein
Plant protein
Contains all nine amino acids
Does not contain the nine amino acids
Encourage gastric irritation and digestive problems
Are less inflammatory to the digestive system
Can aid weight loss
keeps you full for longer
Contain artificial sweeteners
Are natural


How long should I blend my protein shake?

Blend your protein shake for 1 minute and if it is not blending well you can add some water and then serve immediately.

Can I drink two protein powder shakes a day?

Yes, you can drink two protein powder shakes a day, but it would be best if you ate solid foods more.


Blending protein powder does not destroy it, but makes it easier to digest and drink for the long term. Protein powders are available in two categories the plant protein powders and the whey protein powders, and each of them offers unique benefits to the body. Plant-based protein powders are usually natural, while whey protein contains artificial flavors and sweeteners to disguise its taste. If you are interested in buying a blender for protein shakes, we have outlined the 5 best blenders for protein shake you should consider putting on your list the next time you go shopping for one.

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