Can you shred cabbage in a blender?

Though many people like the distinct taste of cabbages, they dislike the process of preparing them. You can make the process of shredding cabbage easier by using a blender. This kitchen appliance comes with a cutting tool that enables you to reduce the size of cabbage into small pieces.

Preparing cabbage

The cabbage is mostly used to make different dishes. It has not only a bittersweet taste but also a crunchy texture that makes it perfect for salads.  You can, for instance, use cabbage to make salads such as coleslaw. Instead of getting rid of cabbage’s bitter taste, you should consider mixing it with other flavor ingredients to create a delicious dish.

Preparing the cabbage is not that straightforward for many people. Some home cooks find the physical structure of this cruciferous vegetable a bit confusing. Once you learn how to shred cabbage in a blender, the process will not be complicated anymore. You can do this within a few minutes. Follow the steps below.

  • Remove the outer leaves

If you buy cabbage that features thick and dark fibrous outer leaves, start by removing these first. The outer leaves of cabbage are tougher compared to the inner ones. Once you remove the outer leaves, you will be left with the fresh inner parts of the cabbage. These are the parts that are used in different cooking applications. As you get rid of the outer leaves, ensure that no bruised leaves remain behind.

  • Wash the cabbage

You should also ensure that you wash the cabbage under a sink to get rid of dirt on it. Look for signs of insects or worms on the cabbage before you start working on it. If you are dealing with Napa cabbage, you need to wash it thoroughly since the texture of this type tends to attract insects that hide in between its leaves. Consider soaking the head of the cabbage in vinegar or saltwater for 15 minutes before you shred it.

  • Cut the cabbage

Find the stem of the cabbage, which is often located on the bottom part. You should then cut the whole vegetable through the stem. Cut the cabbage vertically and not horizontally so that some parts don’t start falling apart. Remove the center core and discard it. You should then cut the cabbage into quarters to make it easy for the blender to shred the vegetable.

  • Shred the cabbage in a blender

Once you have cut the cabbage into quarters, you can now add the pieces into a blender. Ensure that you pulse the kitchen appliance for some seconds at a time. You should also monitor the shredding closely to confirm if the shredded size is what you need for your dish. Continue pulsing until you achieve an ideal texture.

You should be careful not to blend the cabbage too much since this can lead to a pulp. If the blending goes unsupervised, you will not be able to use the wet mass that the cabbage forms to prepare your desired dish. When you are keen on timing, you can come up with shredded cabbage that is not too fine.

  • Remove the cabbage from the blender

Once you are contented with the size of the shredded cabbage, you can remove the vegetable from the blender. Place it inside a clean bowl and move to the next quarter. Do not fit all the quarters in the blender at once since this can lead to uneven shredding. Instead, do every quarter of the cabbage at a time.

Here is a brief summary of how to shred cabbage in a blender

Remove the outer leaves
These are usually harder, and removing them exposes the fresh parts of the vegetable.
Wash the cabbage
Do this to eliminate any dirt on it
Soak it in vinegar for a few minutes
This can help you kill any insects in between the leaves.
Start cutting the cabbage.
Cut through the stem into halves, then reduce the size into quarters.
Start shredding the quarters
Get the blender to shred the cabbage into small pieces. Pulse until you get the desired size
Remove the shredded pieces from the blender.
Once you do this, proceed to the next quarter.

What other options do people use to shred cabbage?

Apart from using a blender, you can also use other alternatives. For instance, some people use a food processor to shred the cabbage. The process is not that different from shredding cabbage using a blender. When you have removed the outer leaves and washed the vegetable, you should cut them in half.

Once you have cut the cabbage, you can put a quarter of it into the chute. Pulse the food processor until you obtain the desired size of the vegetable. Some people also prefer shredding the cabbage using a grater. A vegetable grater can also help you shred the cabbage faster than only using a knife. Start by cutting the cabbage into quarters, then get a large bowl. Place the grater on top of the large bowl. When you shred the cabbage, the pieces can fall in the bowl.


If you like making salads using leafy vegetables, you should learn how to shred cabbages. This is a nutritious vegetable that you can use to make soups and even salads such as coleslaw. Using a blender can make shredding the cabbage a simple process.


Should I use a short or long knife when cutting the cabbage into halves?

Use a longer knife than the cabbage’s diameter. This can make the process of cutting the cabbage less frustrating compared to using a shorter knife.

How do I store cabbage for future use?

Store the vegetable in a plastic bag so that it does not spoil. It should remain green for up to two weeks.

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