Can you put a banana in a juicer?

Taking bananas can help boost your health significantly. If you are wondering whether you should put your favorite fruit in a juicer, this is for you. Since bananas are not juicy fruits, you should not put them in a juicer. For you to get juice from this fruit, you can either mix it with other fruits or use amylase. Learn more below.

Why juicing bananas is a challenge

A banana does not have a lot of liquid content that can turn it into juice. Though the fruit has a lot of useful nutrients, it is too dry to be juiced. If you put bananas in a juicer, you can easily clog the device. The result would be a mushy mass that is impossible to drink.

If you insist on putting a banana in a juicer, you have to add lots of liquid to it for the juicer to produce juice. The other option is to mix bananas with other fruits or even vegetables to come up with tasty juice. There is also another option that some people use to try and extract liquid from this fruit. This is known as amylase.

Juicing bananas using amylase

Amylase is a natural enzyme that can hydrolyze starch into sugar. It then coverts the sugar into glucose. If you don’t want to extract juice from bananas fast, you can try this method. It takes more time than the regular juicing process. For this to work, you will require about 2 kilos of bananas. Once you have bought them, peel them and prepare puree out of them.

As soon as you get the right consistency, you should put the pureed bananas in a plastic bag. As you do this, ensure that there is no air left inside the bag. You should then transfer the puree into a water pot. You need to leave it there for at least five hours. For the process to work, the temperature should be about 66 degrees C. During this duration, amylase will begin breaking down the starch so that you can get clear liquid at the end of this period.

Once you notice the clear liquid after five hours, get a nut bag, then strain the pureed fruit. Consider massaging it to get the juice out through a nut bag. Using amylase to juice bananas can prevent you from dealing with the mushy consistency that comes from using a juicer. This process also retains the delicious taste of bananas.

Mixing bananas with other fruits

Using amylase to juice bananas may not be an ideal option for everyone since it is time-consuming. If you don’t like the tedious process, you should consider making juice from bananas by mixing this fruit with others. Some of the banana smoothie recipes that you can try include:

Banana orange juice recipe

This is a refreshing juice that you can take throughout the day, including in the morning for breakfast. Juicing bananas with oranges can help you get more nutrients from both fruits. Apart from getting fiber and potassium from bananas, you can also get vitamin c from oranges. This is a useful component that can support skin health and boost your immune system.

To make this recipe, you need at least two oranges and a medium banana. Rinse the fruits, then cut them in half and peel them. You can utilize a fruit juicer to squeeze the juice from your oranges. Once you do this, pour the liquid into a blender and add the bananas chopped into it. Feel free to add some ice cubes for a more refreshing drink. Start the blender and give it enough time to create a smooth and consistent puree. Feel free to sweeten it using some honey. Once you are done with the blending, pour the juice into a glass and take it.

Banana and coffee juice recipe

This is also another nutritious recipe that you should try. By preparing this juice, you can get the healthy benefits of caffeine. This element not only makes you feel fuller for longer, but it can also improve your focus. You can take this juice in the morning during breakfast and stay alert the entire day.

You will need a banana, almond milk, chia seeds, oats, and espresso to make the juice. The process of making the juice is straightforward since you only need to add the ingredients to a blender and set it at an ideal speed. Let the mixture blend until you get a smooth mixture.

Banana blueberry juice recipe

If you are ready to out a different recipe using bananas, you can make this juice. This contains antioxidants and proteins that are great for tissue repair. It is, therefore, a great post-workout recipe. You need a banana, honey, plain yogurt, milk, peanut butter, frozen berries, and flaxseed to make the juice.

Here is a summary of the bananas recipes you should try

Ingredients for Banana orange juice
Banana juice that includes coffee (Ingredients)
Banana blueberry juice
Almond milk
Ice cubes
Chia seeds
Plain yogurt
Frozen berries


Bananas are not only nutritious but also sweet. If you have been thinking of juicing bananas, you should mix them with other fruits since bananas alone are quite dry. Alternatively, you can extract juice from bananas using amylase. Choose the method that suits you best.


Why should I juice bananas with other fruits?

Doing this can help you create a more healthy drink. It also enables you to add extra flavor to drinks. Since bananas are dry, mixing them with other fruits makes it easy to extra juice from the combination.

What are the benefits of banana juice?

This can help detoxify your body, enhance your energy levels, lower blood pressure, and reduce anxiety.

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