Can You Make Whipped Cream in A Blender

Yes, you can make whipped cream in a blender, and the process is pretty straight forward because all you have to do is combine all the ingredients in the blender (cream, sugar, and vanilla extract) and blend for at least 15 seconds and your fresh whipped cream is ready. Making whipped cream with your blender is extremely easy until you whip it longer and end up with butter instead.

Whipped cream can be used as a topping for a wide variety of foods, it can be used on cupcakes, pies, gingerbread, cakes, or pies. The condiment is also used in soups, beverages, and sauces. Given the many applications, there are occasions that your food processor could be faulty, the absence of the relevant whip cream maker shouldn’t make your desert boring because a blender can do the job just as well.

Best blenders for making whipped cream

Hamilton Beach 59765 immersion hand blender

Hamilton Beach 59765 immersion hand blender

If you are yet to invest in a blender and are tight on budget then the Hamilton Beach immersion hand blender is an affordable option. The unit enables you to perform different tasks apart from whipping cream thanks to the incorporated multiple attachments. Some of the attachments are such as the stainless steel whisk, a stainless steel blending wand, and a three-cup chopping bowl attachment.

For your perfectly whipped cream, you get up to 250watts motor, which is good for whatever meal you want to blend. You also don’t have to worry about the mess that whipping cream leaves behind because most parts of the blender are dishwasher safe.

Cuisinart CSB-300 hand blender

Cuisinart CSB-300 hand blender

It doesn’t make any financial sense to get a blender just for whipping cream, and that is why we are introducing the multipurpose Cuisinart CS-300 hand blender. The unit comes equipped with an electric knife attachment, a stainless steel blade, two cup choppers, four measuring cups, and a stainless steel whisk. All the attachments are BPA-free, and you get up to 5-speed settings thus you can make your whipped cream in seconds.

Kitchen Aid KHB2351CU

Kitchen Aid KHB2351CU

Kitchen AID is your versatile kitchen companion that has incorporated an S-shaped blade which apart from helping you make the perfect whipped cream, it will also double up as a smoothie, hot soup, and milkshake maker. All the attachments that come with the blender are made of BPA-safe materials and can be easily cleaned in the dishwasher.

Among the attachments that are made with this blender, is the whisk attachment, which is convenient for whipping egg whites, and creams to come up with a fluffy finish. Another important attachments are such as the BPA-free pitcher, which is good for making baby food, hot soups, and smoothies.

All-clad KZ750D immersion blender

All-clad KZ750D immersion blender Talking about simplicity when it comes to kitchen appliances then the All Class immersion blender tops the list. This unit is good for specific tasks such as mixing cake butter, making puree soups, blending smoothies, and making baby food. Some of the characteristics of the immersion blender make it the perfect tool for your whipped cream, beginning with the powerful 600w motor, and which comes complete with variable speed control. The above means that you can have your whipped cream in seconds.

The large blend head helps reduce splatter and the extra-long stainless steel shaft ensures that you can comfortably reach deep into bowls, pitchers, and pots.

Alternative kitchen Equipment’s used to Make Whipped Cream

Various kitchen appliances can be used to make whipped cream, you just need to ensure that you have the correct ingredients, including the main ingredient which is heavy cream, and know when to stop whipping.

The Food processor

Among the must-have kitchen appliances is the food processor, the unit is best used when preparing large batches of whipped cream. Food processors normally incorporate some rather large blades, and which when used to make whipped cream, can have it done in less than one minute. Most importantly is that the whipped cream made by a food processor should be used the same day because it tends to change the structure.

If you want to make a thick cream, you can use the high setting, but for a firmer structure, you might want to add a few more seconds.

Hand whipping

Two types of equipment that will be needed for this process to be successful, are a metal bowl and a metal whisk. The recommended processing time is 5 minutes and for a seamless beating process, it would be best if you first chilled the whisk and metal bowl. Chilling the utensils accelerates the process resulting in a light and airy product with a firmer shape. For this process, getting fatigued is inevitable but you can always take rests as you whip.

Use a stand mixer

The problem with using a hand mixer is that the whipped cream can become cuddled pretty fast if the one operating the mixer does not alternate the mixing speeds. For example, you could start with a medium to low speed, then slowly accelerate to medium to high speeds as you watch the consistency. Then finally you can lower the speeds to create either a medium or firm whipped cream.


As you make your whipped cream, the amount that you wish to make relates to the equipment used, if you want to make large batches, then hand whipping is not an option, better you use a blender, a food processor, or a stand mixer. Interestingly is that if you are out of options, then you can make a small batch with a fork but it might take longer for the whip to form.


Can I use a cocktail shaker to make whipped cream?

Yes, you can make whipped cream with a cocktail shaker, when you have added the necessary ingredients give it a good shake for 30 seconds or more, depending on the consistency that you want.

How long does it take to make soft peaks with a blender?

It takes about 30 seconds to create the soft peaks but it also depends on the type of blender that you are using and the variability of the speeds.

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