Can You Make Meringue in a Blender?

Yes, you can make Meringue very easily in a blender, just ensure to mix all the ingredients in the right proportions and blend away. Important to note is that the best meringues are made with slightly cooked egg whites, to minimize the chances of salmonella poisoning. Fresh egg whites work best when making Meringues when compared to pasteurized and old egg whites that will not encourage the formation of a stable meringue.

As you make your meringue, ensure that the egg white is not chilled because it will reduce the volume of the meringue, also don’t let the egg yolk get into your egg white. Meringue might seem easy to make but requires some ground rules to achieve the perfect finish. You can also add cream of tartar to each of the egg whites before beating as it helps stabilize it.

How to make meringue using a blender

Making meringues using a blender can take as little as 90 seconds, first, you will need sugar (ultra-fine baker’s sugar) and egg whites measured to reflect the final quantity of the meringues that you wish to make. Ensure that the egg whites are at room temperature and beat them in a clean bowl before putting them into the blender, the next step is to slowly add sugar and by slowly we mean a spoon at a time for the perfectly whipped silky white finish.  Blend it until you get a firm mixture.

Other kitchen equipment’s that can be used to make meringues

As you plan on making meringues at home, you must realize that there are three distinct types and the differences are achieved by how sugar is added. We, therefore, have the Swiss meringue, the French meringue also known as uncooked meringue, and lastly the Italian meringue made with syrup sugar. The different types of meringues can be made at home, even if you don’t have a blender, check below.

Making meringues using a hand mixer

To make the meringue using your hand mixer, you must first ensure that all the equipment that will be used are exceptionally clean and dry with no traces of residual oils. Ensure that your sugar is fine, if not you can process it first until fine then proceed to use it. Processing sugar before making Meringue makes it dissolve faster when compared to using large sugar granules.

Get your egg whites and sugar in a proportion of 1:2 and in a mixing bowl, you will combine them using a whisk.

On your stove simmer some water and then reduce the heat to medium-low and place the bowl with the sugar and egg white mixture on top of the water. Get your electric whisk, and use one attachment to mix the solution, ensure that water doesn’t get into the sugar and egg white.

Use the lowest speed of your hand mixer to dissolve the sugar, you will notice that the mixture will turn slightly white. Once all the sugar has dissolved add the second whisk attachment and mix your mixture at the highest speed for about 8 minutes, and which will leave you with a dense and glossy finish. Mix it until it starts to stick on the whisker, the resulting finish is what we call a Swiss meringue mostly used by commercial food processors.

How to make meringues using a food processor

Most people have doubts about using their food processors to make meringues, but with valid reasons. Food processors are made differently thus some may miss the attachments needed to successfully make the meringues. But if you have a food processor that has a whisk and a folding took then you are good to go. The preparation time should take utmost 10 minutes.

So, first, you will attach the whisk and use it on the egg white but at a high speed, ensure that the mixture attains a stiff consistency. From the quantity of sugar, add at least half, and whisk until the mixture turns glossy. Lift the processor head to change the whisk attachment and instead, you will now use the folding attachment, for this step ensure to increase the speed to 2 and fold the remaining sugar.

How to make meringues by hand

If you had not budgeted for a blender, a food processor, or a hand mixer and need to make a meringue, you can use a whisk balloon.

Find a clean and dry mixing bowl, and put the egg white inside, be sure to measure your ingredients to produce the quantity that you want. Tilt the mixing bowl as you beat the eggs to incorporate air, this may take a while but it will eventually become foamy. Add a tablespoon of sugar and continue beating the mixture, add sugar gradually as you beat the mixture until it becomes firm, glossy, and white.

You can stop beating once you have achieved the consistency that you desire, some people would prefer soft peaks while others would want stiffer peaks, for the latter they would have to beat the mixture some more.

Which is the best kitchen equipment to use when making meringue

When making meringues it is advisable to use either glass bowls, stainless steel, or copper bowls. Of the three, copper is considered the best because it reacts well with the egg white offering a fluffy finish.


When it comes to making Meringue, it’s all about precision, in the type of utensils that you use, whether they are exceptionally clean or dry will play a big role in the type of finish that you get. Meringue can be processed in a blender, using the electric hand mixer, or by using the whisk ball. The manual method we must say is a bit tiring and takes a lot of time but then again it depends on the type of meringue that you want to prepare.


Can I use a blender to whip the eggs when making Meringue?

No, it is not advisable to use your blender to beat the egg white because it will ruin its consistency.

Is it possible to overbeat Meringue?

Yes, it is possible to overbeat Meringue; ideally, you should get a silky smooth, glossy, and flexible consistency. Overbeating the meringue could make it hard and grainy.

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