Can you make mashed potatoes in a blender?

Though there is always the temptation of throwing potatoes inside a blender, you should not use this tool. This will not produce the best results since it leads to a gluey texture that is not pleasant to eat. A blender activates the starch in potatoes and ruins the puree’s texture. Here is more!

Why you should not use a blender to make mashed potatoes

People use different tools to make mashed potatoes. One of the things that you should not try using to mash potatoes is a blender. Though mashing potatoes through a blender can seem like a good idea, this tool cannot help you create creamy, fluffy potatoes. Instead, it can form a thick, gluey mess that even a child cannot enjoy.

One of the reasons why a blender and mashed potatoes do not mix is starch. The blades of a blender can easily tear down the starch molecules in potatoes. When the starch combines with the liquid in your cooked potatoes, it forms a gummy paste that is not appetizing. This method does not form any lumps since its leads to an extra smooth puree. You need to consider other tools that leave the starch molecules intact. Though an immersion blender can save you time, you should not use it to make mashed potatoes.

What options should you use?

Now that you know that a blender is not the right tool for this job let’s find out which tools you should use.

Handheld masher

Instead of trying to use a blender to mash potatoes, you should consider getting a handheld masher. This is an inexpensive tool that is available in most stores. You can use it to mash potatoes or prepare other vegetables. If you have a lot of potatoes to mash, using a handheld masher will need a lot of muscle power.

Many cooks also choose this method since you don’t have to use electricity every time you want to mash potatoes. Cleaning the tool is also easy once you are done with meal preparation. Though mashed potatoes using this method taste good, they often have some lumps. You may also spend more time mashing a large number of potatoes.


Most people like mashing potatoes using a mixer. If you want to go for this method, you can either choose a handheld or stand mixer. This can help you create nicely looking mashed potatoes that are fluffy and light. Unlike using a handheld masher, a mixer leads to fewer lumps in mashed potatoes.

This method can also help you make mashed potatoes within a short duration. It also simplifies the process of stirring up potatoes in a bowl. If, for instance, you would like to make dinner for a large family, get a stand mixer to mash the potatoes.


Apart from the methods above, you can also come up with great mashed potatoes using a ricer. This tool makes the process of mashing potatoes fun and easy. Though a ricer may take you a longer time than using an electric mixer to mash potatoes, it is worth considering.

To use the ricer, you only need to fill the cooked potatoes into the available bucket and squeeze them down. The mashed potatoes start coming through the holes found at the bottom of this tool. It produces mashed potatoes that have a rice-like texture. It creates light and fluffy mashed potatoes that your entire family can enjoy.

Here is a summary of the tools used in making mashed potatoes


Immersion blender
Easy to prepare

No lumps
Produces a sticky and gummy texture
Handheld masher
Easy to clean up

It is a cheap kitchen tool
Mashing potatoes with this tool is time-consuming.
Preparation is fast

It is light
A few lumps
No lumps

Fluffy and light
It consumes a lot of time

Follow this guide to make mashed potatoes

Once you have identified the ideal tool for mashing potatoes, you should find out how you can prepare mashed potatoes. Start by choosing the right potatoes for smashing from the varieties available at the market. For you to prepare at least six servings of mashed potatoes, you need at least 2 pounds of potatoes, milk, butter, salt, and pepper.

Start by washing the potatoes, then peel them. Cut the potatoes into smaller chunks of about one and a half-inch then place them in a saucepan. Put water into the pan until it slightly covers the potatoes. You can add some salt to the water and allow them to boil. Reduce your heat so that the potatoes can simmer for about 20 minutes.

After this duration, the potatoes should be ready. Drain the potatoes, then add milk, pepper, and some butter. You can now start mashing using one of the tools we have discussed above. Take your time to mash the potatoes until they are creamy and don’t have any lumps. Feel free to season your dish with some chopped parsley before serving.


Mashed potatoes are one of the most delicious dishes in modern cooking. If you want to try preparing them, you should avoid using a blender. This tool is not the best for potatoes since it tears the starch molecules in potatoes leading to a sticky texture that is unpleasant to consume. Instead of using a blender, consider choosing other tools such as a mixer, handheld masher, and ricer.


Can I use a fork to mash potatoes?

Yes. If you want to mash potatoes in small quantities, a fork can help. This can easily smash soft potatoes into a nice texture.

Which of the methods above is considered the best?

This depends on your taste, budget, and available time. Most people, however, prefer using a ricer since it does not produce any lumps.

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