Can you juice a pomegranate in a juicer?

For you to make pomegranate juice, you need the right juicer. This can help you create a refreshing drink from this fruit easily. You first have to remove the seeds from the fruit since they are the main source of juice. The problem with some juicers is that they increase the risk of grinding up the fruit’s seeds into the juice. That is why some people consider alternative methods such as using a mesh strainer or ziplock bag and rolling pin.  Here is more!

The benefits of consuming pomegranate

Making juices from different fruits at home can help you get the right nutrients.  The pomegranate is a unique fruit that contains a lot of seeds. This complex fruit has leathery red skin and a crown. The small seeds found inside the pomegranate fruit are edible. They are encased in the red pulp and are separated into different clusters. You can use the seeds of the pomegranate fruit in different salads, desserts, and sauces.

This fruit is a good source of an antioxidant known as punicalagin. This element is known for its anti-inflammatory properties. It not only reduces inflammation in the digestive system but can also minimize cancer cells in the colon and breast. The pomegranate fruit also contains punicic acid, which is a fatty acid that supports heart health. By taking this fruit, you can also gain other valuable nutrients, including vitamin K, vitamin C, folate, and dietary fiber.

How to juice the pomegranate

If you want to buy pomegranates for the first time, look for heavy fruits with blemish-free skins. Ensure that the skin of this fruit does not contain any bruises or cracks. You should also go for one that is bright red on the outer part.

The process of making juice from the pomegranate is a bit longer than juicing other fruits and vegetables. This should not, however, discourage you since a juicer can make the work easier. Apart from that, homemade pomegranate juice has a better taste than what is sold in most stores. To make juice from this fruit, you should first start by removing its seeds.

These seeds are known as arils, and they are the main source of juice. People remove the seeds of pomegranate fruit in different ways. Start by taking a knife and running it around this fruit. Use the knife to penetrate the outer skin but do not go so deep to cut the seeds. Separate the pomegranate fruit into two halves vertically.

You can now use your hands so that you break the halves of this fruit into small sections. Since cutting down the fruit can get messy, ensure you are working in an apron. Clean the surface area you are working on since the juice can easily stain surfaces.

Once you have different sections of the fruit, place them in a bowl that contains some water. Loosen the fruit’s seeds from the different sections using your fingers. When you do this, you will notice the seeds sinking at the bottom part of the bowl. The peel of the fruit is left floating on the water. You can discard this part.

Get a sieve that can help you drain the seeds from the water. If you are working with a medium pomegranate fruit, it should produce about a half cup of seeds. At this stage, you can now easily make juice from the seeds using a juicer. Consider using a juicer that is explicitly designed for pomegranates and citrus. Such a juicer can help you create quality juice from this fruit.

If you don’t own a juicer, you can still extract juice from the pomegranate seeds using a mesh strainer. Place the straighter over the bowl, then use a spoon to press the seeds against the strainer. The juice will start draining into the bowl. The process is, however, time-consuming and a bit messy.

Alternatively, place the seeds into a ziplock bag and seal. Get a rolling pin and run it over the seeds. You should then transfer the contents into a mesh strainer over a bowl. Once you extract juice from this fruit, you should consider sweetening it with your desired product.

A summary of how to juice the pomegranate fruit

1. Choose quality fruits
Look for pomegranate fruits that have blemish-free skin and are bright red.
2. Break the fruit open
A knife can help you cut the fruit vertically.
3. Cut the fruit into small sections
You can do this using your fingers.
4. Place the different sections in a bowl
Once you do this, you can loosen the seeds of this fruit from the different sections.
5. Separate the seeds from the membrane
The membrane of this fruit remains at the surface of the water. You should discard it.
6. Drain the seeds
Use a sieve to catch to separate the water from the seeds.
7. Extract juice from the seeds
You need a juice that is designed for the pomegranate to help you make juice from this fruit.

Alternatively, you can use a mesh strainer and a spoon to get the juice from the seeds.


Extracting juice from pomegranate is a multi-step process. It is not as simple as feeding this fruit to a juicer. Despite the long procedure, you should consider juicing this fruit since it has a lot of useful nutrients. Happy juicing!


Apart from taking the pomegranate juice directly, can I add it to different smoothies?

Yes. This is a fun way to consume pomegranate juice. You can use it to make pomegranate apple cider or pomegranate molasses.

How can I store the remaining juice?

You can refrigerate the rest for future consumption. Ensure you seal the container well before placing it in a refrigerator. The juice can remain fresh for up to 6 days.

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