Can Ninja blender make soup?

One of the brands that many people invest in is Ninja. When it comes to making soups, Ninja blender is an ideal option that does not disappoint. This comes with a powerful motor that can perform such tasks easily. It also has AutoIQ settings and excellent speeds to help you make hot soups fast. Learn more!

Why use a Ninja blender to prepare soup

Though eating healthy is highly recommended, preparing meals is often time-consuming. You need to get kitchen appliances that can make the work easier. The Ninja blender is a useful appliance that can help you achieve this. It allows you to make different soups fast and in a healthy way.

You can rely on this blender to make soups, smoothies, sauces, and even frozen drinks. One of the things that makes this blender great at making soups is the variety of programs it comes with. For instance, it contains an Auto-IQ intelligence program that is explicitly meant for making soup. This option can eliminate any guesswork as you try to make hot soup for your family during the cold evenings.

A Ninja blender can keep all the ingredients you use to make the soup hot throughout the blending process. It is designed to know when the soup is ready. Another reason why the Ninja blender is excellent for making soup is the inclusion of an intelligent timer.

With this blender, you don’t have to keep on diluting your soup. It can help you come up with tasty soup at the right consistency. You can either make fresh soup through this blender and consume it immediately or store it to take it later. Feel free to store homemade soup in a refrigerator for up to 4 days after preparation.

How you can make soup using Ninja Blender

The Ninja blender makes the process of preparing soup a breeze. If you are doing this for the first time, start by deciding the type of soup you would like to make using this blender. You can find different soup recipes from different sources or even create a unique one. Some of the common soups that many cooks create using the Ninja blender include white bean soup, carrot and apple soup, and roasted tomato soup.

Once you have chosen one type of soup, you need to find the right ingredients. You can get them quickly from a supermarket or grocery store. If you already have frozen vegetables in your fridge, you can use them to prepare the soup. You can get high nutritional value from them. Do not use any canned product to make soup in a blender since it may have high sodium content.

After getting the right ingredients, the next step is to prep them. Wash them thoroughly under a sink and then chop them into reasonable sizes. You don’t have to chop them so small since the Ninja blender can easily work on your ingredients. If you are using vegetables such as cucumbers to make soup, take your time to break them down.

You should then warm the ingredients and add moderate seasoning to give them some flavor. After this, you can now transfer the warm ingredients into the Ninja blender. Avoid overfilling the blender with the elements since the machine needs a little space during the blending process. After transferring the right amount of ingredients to the Ninja blender, attach the lid to the top part. Confirm that it is secure before you start blending. You should also insert the center cap of this blender’s lid.

When you are ready to start blending the ingredients, set the AutoIQ program, then click on start. You should now sit back and wait for the Ninja blender to work. During operation, avoid touching the blender, pitcher, or lid since the contents in the appliance are hot. The blender will work on your ingredients for a few minutes, then stop.

It is designed to stop automatically so that you don’t have to keep on checking if your soup is ready. This functionality, therefore, makes the Ninja blender safe to use. Once the hot soup is ready, the blender will let you know. You can now pour the soup from your blender into a clean bowl for consumption. Feel free to season the soup as per your preference before serving.

Which Ninja blenders can I use to make soup?

The market offers different Ninja blenders. Some of them are better at making homemade soups than others. If you are looking for great Ninja blenders for making soups, consider the following models.

Best features
Check on Amazon
Ninja Chef CT815A
Stainless steel blade and advanced motor
Ninja Chef CT810
Ten-speed settings and programmable timer
Ninja Chef CT805
Dishwasher-safe parts and 10 pre-sets
These models come with an AutoIQ setting to help you prepare quality soup every time. They are also quality soup blenders since they handle hot liquids without any issues. They also feature sturdy blades that do not break easily during operation.


Investing in a Ninja blender can help you enjoy all kinds of foods. If you like making soups, this is the blender that you need to invest in. It is equipped with all the right features to help you make different soup recipes in minutes.


Are Ninja blenders easy to clean after soup making?

Yes.  You will not find cleaning such a blender challenging once you have made your favorite soup since most models feature a self-cleaning function.

How long will the Ninja blender run?

This depends on the ingredients you are utilizing to make soup. If you are using very tough ingredients, it can run for a few minutes. If you are blending soft ingredients, it can run for seconds.

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