Can Ninja Blender Go In Dishwasher

Ninja blender can go into the dishwasher, but you have to be careful with the motor base and clean it separately. Blenders are usually made of two parts the interchangeable jar and the motor base, so when you want to clean it in the dishwasher, you can only put the jar and the other cups that come with the blender into the washer.

Handwashing your blender might be faster than cleaning it in the dishwasher, but if you want to multitask and do something else then the dishwasher is the fastest way to get your blender cleaned. For the Ninja blender, both the lid and the jar can be washed in a dishwasher. But when it comes to the blades you will have to make an informed decision because of the possibility of structural damage.

Remove the blender blades

Before putting the Ninja blender jar into the dishwasher, you might first want to remove the blades and wash them separately, possibly in the sink. The blades in your blender are what make it functional, well apart from the motor base. The blades are sharp and should be handled with care during removal, washing the blades in the blender is discouraged because they are susceptible to rust and damage over time.

Don’t wash the motor base

The blender constitutes the jar and the motor base, but because of the electric configuration of your blender base, it is not advisable to wash it. If you look at the build of the Ninja blender motor base, you can tell that it has been built to keep the liquids out. Therefore, the most appropriate way to clean the Ninja blender motor base is with a wet soapy cloth, avoid using rinsing water on it.

How to prepare your Ninja blender for the dishwasher

  • The first and most important step is to disconnect your blender from the wall socket
  • Get rid of the remaining food particles in the Ninja blender and the blender cups by rinsing
  • Remove the blade from the jar blender, don’t put any of the blender parts at the bottom part of the dishwasher, because it will be too close to the heating element of the washer.
  • Ideally, all your dishwasher-safe utensils should be put at the top section of the dishwasher, because the water at the bottom is usually too hot and might reduce your utensils shelf life.
  • The blade can therefore go to the top section or better yet washed by hand.
  • Once cleaned, dry it up completely and fix all the separated parts, to avoid misplacement
  • If you have used other cups with the blender, and want to clean them in the dishwasher, you must first rinse them out.
  • Then ensure to place the lids and the cups in different compartments inside the blender.

How to clean the persistent stains in the blender

There are some food substances that when blended, leave behind some strong spicy smells that can even transfer to other foods when the blender is used again. The persistent food stains and odors will not come out with the basic soap and warm water.

To get rid of the stains and odor, you will have to move away from the conventional method. Lemon juice or vinegar work best in this situation, and you can then scrub the blender or the blender cups. It is believed that the acid in the lemon juice will help get rid of the odor and break down the stain,

If the stains and odor prove tough, you could try using baking soda, put half a cup on the respective cup, let it bubble up for a minute, and then blend it, leave it to soak for a few hours, and then rinse the cup.

How to clean the blender’s buttons and ridges

As mentioned earlier, the blender’s base must not be submerged into cleaning water, however, there are times that you might have to clean the smoothie that will have spilled around the buttons. The tight areas around the blender could also be ingrained with some of the blended juices, making it look dirty and unhygienic.

To help with the situation, you will first find alcohol and a Q-tip to help with the clean-up. Alcohol is used to dissolve and sanitize some of the caked dirt, you will also rub alcohol around the buttons to quickly dissolve the grime.

How to remove smoothie and food remnants inside your blender

If you forgot to remove the food residue in your blender last night and is now proving tough to clean, here is a super-easy way to get it cleaned. When dealing with tough stains or food remnants in utensils the only way that most of us know is to apply force. Not for the blender though, because if you use force when cleaning your blender, there is every chance that you could break it or hurts yourself.

So, what you will do is get some warm water, fill up half of your blender then add some dish soap, cover it with a lid, and hit the pulse button for a few seconds. The warm soapy water being blended in your blender will get rid of the food particles


Where do you put the gasket in the dishwasher?

The gasket is best placed in the top rack of your dishwasher during cleaning.

How long will my Ninja blender last?

The Ninja blender comes with a one-year warranty, and is, therefore, expected to last one year with heavy use. However, with minimal use and proper care, your Ninja blender will give you good service for a few years.


Cleaning your blender in the dishwasher can seem like a short and fast process, but the prior removal of the smoothie and juice remnants might take a while. The importance of soaking your blender in warm soapy water to get rid of the food remains is a guarantee that the drinks that you make in the future are healthy. Remember that failure to properly clean and dry your blender could encourage the growth of harmful bacteria and mold.

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