Best Submersible Blender

Submersible blenders have a simple stick-like design but with blades attached on one end, their design makes them highly versatile, compact, easy to use, and clean. 

Submersible/Immersion blenders are pretty portable and easy to use but if not handled properly their shelf life might be reduced. Among the basics of using these kitchen companions is that they should be washed immediately because if food is left to dry on them, it might prove difficult to clean. The units should not be used with hot foods or dishes, let the food cool first otherwise hot food might splatter and scald your skin.

During cleaning do not immerse the motor body of the blender in water as you risk damaging it, and always be sure to unplug it from the wall socket once you are done. Also, when running the blender, ensure to limit the running time to a 30 or 50 seconds interval, because running it for extended periods can cause damage.

Best Submersible Blender – Comparison Table 


Best Submersible Blender
KitchenAid KHBBV53ER Cordless Hand Blender
Braun MultiQuick 5 Immersion Hand Blender Patented Technology
2 speeds
300 watts
KOIOS Powerful 800W 4-in-1 Hand Immersion Blender
12 speeds
800 watts
Cuisinart CSB-179 Smart Stick Hand Blender
2 speeds
300 watts
Immersion Hand Blender, UTALENT 5-in
8 speed
250 watts

Best Submersible Blender – Comparison overviews

KitchenAid KHBBV53ER Cordless Hand Blender  

cordless hand blender

If you want to keep your kitchen counter bulk less but functional then the KitchenAid cordless hand blender will suffice. The rechargeable unit can blend up to 25 pots of soups when fully charged, take note that the charging time is as short as 20 minutes. The hand blender has been equipped with an intelligent battery indicator light signal that will inform you when the battery is almost empty.

However, if the battery is completely flat then the charging time will be 2 hours.  For blending purposes, the unit has been equipped with a removable 8” blending arm, a convenient feature that enhances hygiene and makes it easy to charge. What’s more is that the 4 points stainless steel blade design can blend a wide variety of ingredients ranging from soups, smoothies to milkshakes among other things.

The hand blender is self-sufficient to which end it has incorporated a variable trigger switch that allows the user enhanced flexibility and control over the food that they are blending. While the incorporated safety switch protects the blender against accidental trigger movements.

Most of the parts of the hand blender are dishwasher safe, and which are the pan guard, the blending jar, and the blender arm. Before cleaning detach the blender arm from the motorized unit and rinse it with running water to remove food residue and then place it at the top rack of a dishwasher.


  • Easy to use and store
  • Compact and portable can be used anywhere
  • Good for small quantity recipes
  • Powerful and blends seamlessly


  • The hand blender doesn’t hold charge for long
  • Pan guard is brittle

Braun MultiQuick 5 Immersion Hand Blender Patented Technology 

quick immersion hand blender

The Braun multi quick immersion hand blender is a mass of advanced technology and has incorporated the powerbell system that enables it to blend foods in a flash while minimizing suction and splashing. The versatile unit allows cooks to blend soups and sauces or chop vegetables, the hand blender also features a slip-proof ergonomic grip that enhances comfort during use.

For your blending needs, you have been provided with durable stainless steel blades, and which comes complete with a bell-shaped blending shaft for efficiency. Users who need more power can use the incorporated turbo boost and get their foods done in less time. Noteworthy is that the turbo button should be activated with more force.

Braun Multiquick immersion blender is made complete with multiple attachments that allow users to whisk, beat, mash, puree, and chop. Cooks, chefs, and home cooks who wish to expand their creativity can get the optional attachments at a premium. The unit additionally offers up to 350 watts of power and which is delivered by the German-engineered motor.


  • Has a turbo boost for added power
  • Features a comfortable soft-grip handle
  • The attachments are easy to remove
  • The anti-splash shatter eliminates splatter


  • Best for light food blending
  • The plastic material used is weak

KOIOS Powerful 800W 4-in-1 Hand Immersion Blender 

submersible blender

Koios powerful hand immersion blender is not very different from the Braun immersion blender except for the design of the hand and the enhanced number of speeds. The unit offers users up to 12 speeds in addition to the turbo function necessary for endless culinary. It also offers up to 800watts, which is powerful enough to blend any type of food.

And despite the high blending power, the submersible blender is especially low in noise and features a duty copper core motor that facilitates versatile blending. The blending head features a bell shape while the blades have an S shape a perfect combination that effectively reduces splatter. The versatile unit can easily be converted into a chopping bowl, thanks to the incorporation of the 50ml chopper bowl, it also comes with a mixing beaker that measures 600ml and you can use it to make baby food, soups, and salsas.

Cooks also get an egg whisk, the only difference with the traditional egg whisk is that you no longer have to use energy to beat your recipes instead let the powerful 800 watts motor do the magic. Koios hand immersion blender has been durably built sporting a sturdy and durable stainless steel housing. The incorporated cord is also long enough up to about 5inches thus you can use it in any location of your kitchen.

Koios has a functional design, the top part has incorporated the soft-touch silicone buttons meant to enhance button life. The installation process is a simple 360˚ seamless connection that quickly attaches with the press of a button, mind you this type of connection is super secure when compared to the conventional rotary connection.


  • Features an ergonomic and soft-grip handle
  • The balloon whisk is made of a durable stainless steel material
  • Does not vibrate during high-speed rotation
  • Easy to use clean and store


  • The handle separates from the blending stick
  • Good for light jobs

Cuisinart CSB-179 Smart Stick Hand Blender

smart stick hand blender

The Cuisinart smart stick hand blender is a small capacity unit weighing about 2.24 pounds and measuring up to 12.8 inches in width. The compact hand blender has been designed to handle quick and light blending jobs such as whipping eggs and pureeing fruits. The incorporated motor only offers up to two speeds, while the aggressive stainless steel blade design works exceptionally fast.

The anti-slip handle is equipped with the operational buttons located right where your fingers are and which enables easy control and use. As mentioned earlier the submersible hand blender is light in weight thus comfortable to use, usability is further enhanced by the unit’s ergonomic construction. Home cooks who want a simple unit for the light jobs can settle with the flexible and reliable Cuisinart submersible hand blender. The unit features a long 6” cord and which comes complete with a 3 prong plug.


  • Good for blending soft and light foods such as sauces
  • The unit is powerful
  • Easy to use and clean
  • The blender is durably built


  • The unit is noisy
  • Only best for light jobs

Immersion Hand Blender, UTALENT 5-in

Best Submersible Blender

Apart from the lime green color, the Utalent immersion blender is a standard unit that comes with a unique attachment a “milk frother.” If you love taking coffee then you can use the milk frother to make milk foam for your coffee. Among the attachments you will also find a whisk balloon that you can use for light recipes such as whipping egg whites or cream, the whisk also suffices for cakes and desserts.

The high-efficiency blender comes complete with a thick stainless steel mixing wand that features a four-blade system and which enables smooth and efficient food mixing. And for the recipes that require thorough mixing, users get to utilize the 250 watts hand blender with up to 8 customizable speeds sure to achieve the perfect recipe. The unit has also incorporated an extra turbo feature that you can use to make milkshakes, baby food, and soups.

All the attachments are easy to attach and detach, cleaning is equally easy given that the attachments can be cleaned in a dishwasher. The submersible Utalent blender is made of BPA-free materials thus safe for use in making baby’s and children’s food. Among its many uses the blender can be used to stir vegetables thus you can easily make your favorite soups. You can also use it to make sauces because it easily and thoroughly mixes ingredients.


  • The incorporated blades are sharp
  • The speeds are customizable
  • The plastic attachments are BPA free
  • Versatile can be used to make a variety of recipes


  • The motor is loud
  • The blender heats up during use

Buying Guide for the Best Submersible Blender

Ease of use

When it comes to kitchen appliances, you want to use the least time possible assembling and getting done with the food that you want to prepare. Now ease of use can be divided into three categories first we have Portability.

Portability is all about size and weight, is it easy to hold and use. Some appliances are heavy on the hands, a feature that makes them especially hard to use. Submersible blenders are meant to be held during use and those that use rechargeable batteries should be easy to move around with, to any area of your kitchen counter. We don’t, however, expect the submersible blenders to be featherweight because of the mortar compartment but overall they should be easy to hold and use.

The second category is cleaning– when compared to the pitcher blender, the stick blender is fairly easy to wash because all that you have to do is run the easy-to-access blades under running tap water before putting it inside the dishwasher. If food residue is proving hard to come out, all you need to do is just extend the time that you run it under the tap water.

The attachments are equally easy to clean, most that don’t need to be put into the dishwasher for example the whisk balloon can be cleaned with warm water and soap, the same goes for the mixing bowls.

And the last category is operability- most stick blenders have the variable speed and power button conveniently placed within the user’s reach. All you need to do is master the functions of each button and you are good to go. Take note of blenders that require you to consistently hold on to a button as you blend, this could be tiresome if you are working on a bigger project, don’t forget that technology is all about simplification.

Quality and Durability

The second most important thing to look at is the build quality and durability of your stick blender. Let’s break it down. When it comes to build quality it is safe to say that you will get what you pay for, people who have used units made of plastic have had a lot to complain about beginning from staining to the units breaking up.

But those using aluminum or brushed chrome units have little or no complain, remember also that these units are much more expensive. Moving over to the blades, the stainless steel blades are the best because they will retain their structural integrity no matter how many times you immerse them in liquid foods.


Consider usability when purchasing a submersible blender, also check the manufacturer’s manual on how to operate it. There have been incidences of blenders blowing off with the first use, but this is caused by the lack of know-how when it comes to operating the blender. Submersible blenders must not be run continuously when working on bigger projects you need to run it in intervals of 30 to 50 seconds. Faulty submersible blenders should not be opened because you might tamper with the warranty.

Power and speed

Check the watts of the blender that you want to purchase, if you will be running heavy projects then you need more watts which translates to more power. Most hand blenders are in the range of 400 to 800 watts and which should suffice for the projects that you wish to run. Variable speed is key to using a hand blender, you want a unit that can alternate speeds. In essence, is that you need both high and low speeds, you also need high speeds for blitzing and pulverizing, the low speeds can be used on soups, sauces, and beating eggs. The buttons for this function should be reachable as you work, for a smooth workflow.

Design of the blender

Submersible blenders have a reputation for splashing food, but the current new models have a adopted a bell design that ensures all the contents remain in the bowl or cooking pot as you blend. You will also want to check on the design of the blades to ensure that they remain effective when working with different quantities. Some blades are raised up a feature that makes them less efficient.

The length of the power cord

If you could get a cordless submersible blender with durable rechargeable batteries the better because it will allow you to work from any area of your kitchen counter. But if you are using the corded blender then you know you are restricted to working in a specific corner or position of your kitchen counter. And the situation can only get worse if the cord is short because then it will make blending a difficult task. So, as you purchase a submersible blender ensure that you get one with a long cord.

Noise and Vibration

Cheaper models can be too noisy and vibrate a lot when working, the two factors are worth considering and the only way to overcome them is to pay more. If you want a less noisy blender with minimized vibration during use then the price will be high.

Attachments and accessories

Most hand blenders come with attachments but just a few to get you started, the most common units are a mixing wand, a whisk balloon and some include a milk frother. Things like bowls, or jugs are a must inclusion; in isolated cases, however, the manufacturer might ask you to pay separately for additional attachments.


Do immersion blenders scratch pots?

Yes, an immersion blender could scratch your pot, although there are models designed to be compatible with the blades of the blender. Other models have guards placed on the blades thus reduces the chances of them causing scratches.

Can I use the submersible blender to blend ice?

Submersible blenders are not made with very tough blades to crush ice, the best thing to do is to get a jar blender designed for use with frozen ingredients.


While there are so many options in the market when it comes to getting the best submersible blender, we believe we have compiled the most reliable and functional units. Kitchen appliances need utmost care for them to remain functional for the long term, your submersible blender must be cleaned immediately after use, all the parts dried up, and re-attached. The mortar area must be kept free from liquids and the blender must be run in intervals to avoid overheating that would lead to damage.

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