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Many people know Oster blenders as high-quality models that can last for many years and are durable enough to withstand heavy usage, although some people will think the opposite about them due to their high price tag, alongside other premium models like Blendtec and Vitamix. Choosing an Oster blender is not easy, especially when you are shopping online and cannot tell the quality of the blender itself.

This article will help you make a decision by considering some factors, and we will go through some of the best Oster blenders in the market to give you a starting point.


Best Oster blenders – Comparison table

Speed settings
Check on Amazon
Oster Pro 1200 blender
64 oz.
Oster 6832 10-speed black blender
40 oz.
Oster 4093-008 6-cup beehive blender
40 oz.
Oster Reverse Crush Blender
40 oz.
Oster 7-cup 6-speed black blender
64 oz.


Review of the best Oster blenders

Oster Pro 1200 blender with Tritan Jar & Food Processor attachment

Oster Pro 1200 blender with Tritan Jar & Food Processor attachment

If your priority when looking for a blender is versatility, then this is a great place to start. Thanks to its 7-speed functionality and food processor attachment, it will quickly become a fixture in your kitchen.

The motor that powers it has a 1200-watt rating, and this drives the blades at 19,000 revolutions per minute (RPM). All the connections and the motor itself are comprised of durable metal, with the Dual Direction blades having a 3.5-inch thickness, bigger than standard blades by 50%. The Dual Direction movement involves the blades moving in reverse and forward in quick succession, increasing the chances of the blender shredding all the contents to a fine pulp.

The control panel is impressive, having 7 seven functions; one is a pulse function, three are speed buttons, and three are pre-set programs for easier food preparation such as making milkshakes, salsas, and smoothies. While the blender does not include a specific ice-crushing mode, its high speed will still do a good job of crushing ice cubes.

The base is wide enough to accommodate easier blending, and the package includes one BPA-free 24-ounce plastic cup for smoothies on the go. The glass container is dishwasher-safe, but that does not apply to the plastic cup and lids.


  • Good motor, as well as warranty
  • Versatile control settings
  • High-quality borosilicate glass jug
  • You can use it to make small and large amounts
  • Excellent performance


  • The motor is not powerful enough to replace an actual food processor
  • Tends to be noisy


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Oster 6832 blender

Oster 6832 blender

Most people will see this as a stepdown from other Oster blenders, but it may not be the case if you are looking for an upgrade that still keeps things simple enough for you. If you enjoy taking simple smoothies, it will work just fine; but it is best to look for a stronger blender if you frequently handle high volumes of frozen ingredients.

This blender comes in a fiery red color, making it stand out instantly from most blenders, and includes a 5-cup glass jar that makes things easier for you. The filler cap measuring 2 ounces includes built-in markings that help you measure out ingredients and pour them into the mixtures as you blend, while the 4-point design blade and extra-durable metallic drive break down your ingredients effortlessly.

Thanks to its 700-watt motor, it can crush ice instantly and help you make a variety of recipes ranging from savory to sweet. Cleaning it up after use will be easy as well, since it is dishwasher-safe, and its 10-year warranty is enough to cover you for a while.


  • Multiple speed settings to give all your recipes a smooth consistency
  • Durable build


  • Its motor is not as powerful as some Oster blenders
  • It may experience issues when blending too many frozen ingredients


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Oster 4093-008 beehive blender

Oster 4093-008 beehive blender

The Oster Beehive blender looks good, and its functionality is impressive. It is also a budget-friendly option, which makes it a top choice if you want to keep things within budget without sacrificing the high-quality results of premium blenders. It comes with a strong 600-watt motor alongside an effective ice crusher that makes it ideal for the hotter months of the year.

Its glass jar is a 5-cup type that you can use without worrying about scratches, even when cleaning it in your dishwasher; and it is also resistant to thermal shocks. Like other Oster blenders, stainless steel comprises the blades, which makes them rust-resistant and durable. However, the ice blades do wear out after some time, and in this case, you can replace them with very affordable blades from the manufacturer.

An interesting advantage with this blender is its proficiency in grinding cocoa and coffee beans, as well as walnuts and almonds. While most blenders tend to overheat when handling these challenging ingredients, the Oster Beehive does not seem to do so.


  • Exceptional when handling multiple ingredients
  • Easy to assemble, use, and store
  • The lid is easy to place and remove
  • All parts are dishwasher safe
  • Does not stain easily
  • Very attractive design


  • Relatively loud
  • The motor cannot handle high volumes of frozen ingredients


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Oster Reverse Crush Counterforms Blender

Oster Reverse Crush Counterforms BlenderThis blender will suit the needs of people that do not mind slightly weaker motors, yet still want the versatility that more expensive blenders offer. It should be an excellent option if you are budget-conscious.

It comes with a 600-watt motor and very sharp stainless steel blades. Like most Oster blender blades, these blades will rotate in an alternating forward and backward motion. It does add something else as well; Crush Pro Blade Technology, which mainly features blades you would want when chopping and pulverizing ingredients.

If you are unfamiliar with blenders, you will not need to worry much about this one as it is easy to operate, even for beginners. The control tech button has a one-touch design, which will take out the work of guessing which setting you should use. Additionally, the blender adds convenience by incorporating a backlit display.

There are seven-speed options, ranging from high pulse to low speed, and there are many inclusions to make your work easier.


  • Interchangeable blades
  • Very long warranty
  • Includes a variety of pre-programmed settings
  • The dual-direction technology prevents jamming during use
  • Affordable price


  • The motor is relatively weak and may not be the best for handling very heavy tasks


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Oster 7-cup BLSTDG Blender

Oster 7-cup BLSTDG Blender

Unlike most of the choices on this list, this is an excellent option if you want to make smoothies for a group or your family. Its size makes it large enough to accommodate more ingredients and blend them easily.

This blender has a design that will look good on any countertop, due to its sleek design, space-saving base, and oval-shaped 7-cup glass jar. If you look forward to entertaining guests, you can depend on it to make good margaritas and serve them through its spout. Additionally, its electric control panel has a manual pulse, as well as 5 electronic settings.

All the electronic settings are pre-programmed, which allows you to control the speed easily according to what you are blending. The 7-cup jar is dishwasher-safe and resistant to scratching, alongside a stainless steel blade and Duralast all-metal drive.


  • Exceptionally good at handling a wide range of ingredients
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble
  • Easy to use controls and automatic pulse function
  • All components are dishwasher-safe
  • Relatively quiet operation
  • Does not stain


  • Lacks a lid cap to measure out ingredients
  • The non-circular design makes it lack the vortex that other blenders create


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What makes Oster blenders unique?

Oster blenders are popular due to their high quality, and the company is famous for making long-lasting blenders with powerful motors. They have several blender types in their catalogue, which include personal blenders and full-size countertop blenders.

The biggest distinguishers between Oster blenders and other models are the blade drive and the all-metallic motor. Thanks to these aspects, the blender operates at optimal power and speed, allowing you to crush any hard ingredients as well as blending vegetables and fruits.

The advantages of Oster blenders in general include:

  • Their versatility: Many Oster models include extra attachments, which give the blender the properties of a food processor.
  • Reversible disc functionality: This will ensure that you blend every ingredient thoroughly, which gives the result a very smooth consistency that is free of chunks and lumps.
  • Power: Oster blenders are very powerful, and the motor can keep up with everything you blend.
  • Ease of use: Most Oster blenders have a one-touch operation mechanism for convenience.
  • Durability: Many Oster blenders can last a minimum of 10 years, so their warranties are quite long as well.

Oster blenders are great for almost any task, whether that is making juices and protein shakes, or frozen fruit smoothies and nut butter.


Features to consider when purchasing Oster blenders

Looking at this review of various Oster blenders brings up an important question: what should you look for when buying one? Using these guidelines, you should find a model that is suitable for your needs.

What do you plan on blending?

This is the first consideration to keep in mind, as it will determine the rest of the features you will look for. An instance would be if you plan to make baby food or salsa, which requires blenders that offer versatility and some capabilities of food processors. On the other hand, intending to make smoothies can allow you to get away with using a personal blender.

The blender type you prefer using

There are several blender types, although the traditional countertop blender is the most common. These types are:

  • Countertop blenders: Some Oster blenders and various models from other manufacturers will fall under this type. Most will offer you several speed ranges (usually between 3 and 5), and depending on the motor and features they can be budget-friendly or expensive.
  • High-performance blenders: Most Oster and premium-end blenders will fall under this category. These blenders will offer you the benefits of countertop blenders but will add some functionalities that allow them to process harder ingredients, such as nuts. They are also more expensive than most blenders due to their processing power, and they have a larger base compared to traditional countertop blenders.
  • Personal blenders: These blenders are meant to handle single servings, as their name suggests. They are best if you are making smoothies or power shakes for yourself, and many will include cups or containers that you can use for drinking on the go and blending.
  • Immersion blenders: These are the most budget-friendly blender option, and many people buy them alongside the traditional countertop options. You use them by inserting them in the food you are blending, which allows you to use them in bowls, pans, and pots. In addition to this, some of them have a rechargeable, cordless design to allow you to store them in your kitchen drawer after you finish using them.

The Blades

When you are shopping for any blender, you should remember that power is not the most essential feature to look for; instead, the quality of the blades is highly important. Their quality will make a major difference in your blending experience, so choosing a lower-power motor that has superior blades will be a wiser choice than buying a blender with low-quality blades but a powerful motor.

Regardless of brand, stainless steel blades are the best quality in the market. Additionally, you may find some blades having a Teflon coating that is useful in extending the blade’s lifespan, prevent scratches, and helps to maintain its sharpness. Other than the blades, pay attention to the blade mounting; this will indicate whether the blender is harder or easier to clean once you are done.


While motor power is important to your overall blending experience, it is not as essential as some people make it out to seem. The wattage will not tell you the entire story of the blender, although you can get a few ideas about its capabilities.

The minimum wattage you will need to crush nuts and ice is 350 watts, although a blender with this wattage will need some extra help to smoothen the process through liquid addition. 500 watts is a better option for blending ice, and you may or may not add liquid to break down some ingredients. If the wattage is significantly higher than that, that means the blender is strong enough to handle most jobs unless there are other flaws present.

Your blender ‘personality’

The type of blender you choose will depend on your ‘blender personality’, which can fit into several types:

  • Aspiring chef: If you enjoy making recipes from scratch and experimenting with ingredients to see what they give you, you will require a multifunctional blender that can handle sauces and soups, as well as grinding and chopping functions. This makes it important to choose a high-performance blender that can handle all the ingredients you blend in it.
  • Health nut: if your only aim is making protein shakes and smoothies, a personal blender or a countertop one is enough for you, depending on whether you are making for yourself or other people.
  • Mixologist enthusiast: If you plan on chopping ice and very hard ingredients like nuts, know that it will be tough on your blades and motor. To prevent overheating, avoid choosing a low-power countertop blender or a personal blender; stick to a high-performance blender if you can afford one, or a countertop blender with a high-wattage motor.

Is there sufficient storage space?

While you can store an immersion blender anywhere due to its space-saving design, and a personal blender in your cupboard, it can be challenging to store a high-performance blender or the average countertop blender. Some designs are too big to store on a small kitchen countertop.

Regardless of whether you plan on buying an Oster blender or any other model, ensure you have enough storage space.

Blender jar capacity

The capacity of the blender is more important than the dimensions in most cases because it will tell you the volume of ingredients it can handle without spillage. These sizes are:

  • High performance: Bigger and more powerful, they can hold up to 145 ounces.
  • Standard: Mostly handles between 48 and 72 ounces, which is enough for 8 people at most.
  • Individual: This is for personal blenders, and has a capacity of 20 ounces at most.



How much should I spend on blenders?

It depends on your budget and needs, although more expensive blenders will fare better than cheaper ones. However, this is not always the case, since some budget blenders perform better than some expensive ones.

Is Oster a good blender brand?

Yes, as the company is famous for making high-quality blenders that come at a wide price range. Most of their models also include a long warranty as well.



When shopping for an Oster blender, you want to ensure the model you choose works well for you and fulfills your needs. It can have as many or as few extra attachments that you want since these features can drive up its price.

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