Best Orange Juicer

Orange juice is arguably one of the most consumed breakfast juices across the world. Packed with essential vitamins and minerals it leaves you refreshed. You will often find processed orange juice in most supermarkets but this falls short in terms of taste. There is something about the freshness of home squeezed orange juice.

While juicing oranges by hand is effective it is time-consuming and tiring. You are also limited by the quantity you can make each day. The solution is getting yourself a juicer. With this machine, you can make large quantities of orange juice then store it for later use. The market is full of juicers and you need to be extra careful to identify the right one for your needs. This review checks out some of the top 5 orange juicers in the market. Enjoy.

Best Orange Juicer

Black + Decker 32 oz. citrus juicer – Best Budget-friendly

The black + decker comes with special auto-reversing cones that ensure you get the maximum juice extraction. The machine also comes with an adjustable pulp control feature that allows you to collect pulp for later immersion into your juice or you can throw it away.

The Juicer offers good value for money courtesy of its large 32 oz. container. This allows you to make juice for the whole family or some for storage. The container also comes with a handle and drip-free spout for pouring. The container has well-labeled markings so you always know how much juice you are making. The juice container also doubles up as a pitcher.

The juicer also comes with a storage cover that ensures your juice is well protected from dust and other contaminants. With the integrated cord wrap, you do not need to stress much when storing your juicer in cupboards. The two large self-reversing cones are large enough to handle a variety of citrus fruits. The juicer simplistic design is quite impressive however, it falls short in that it has less power (30 watts).


  • Auto-reversing juicing cones ensure maximum juice extraction
  • Large 32 oz. capacity container
  • Adjustable pulp control with pulp basket
  • Easy to read container measurements


  • Less powerful 30-watt motor

Tribest CS-100 CitriStar Electric Juicer – Best simplistic design

The first thing one notices about the Tribet is how straightforward its design is. For operation, you just have one automatic touch button. Once you have your citrus fruits in place, push them down the top and the juicer starts the extraction process. It is that simple. The juicer also comes with a stainless steel strainer that will keep your juicer from being clogged. It is also very easy to clean. The Tribest is available in white color and is made from plastic. At 2.3Kg it is quite lightweight.

The Tribest juicer operates through a 50-watt motor. It also features interchangeable reams that you can use for various citrus fruits one for lime and another for grapefruit. The juicer comes with a locking mechanism that prevents drips. The stainless steel locking sprout prevents leaking by allowing the juice to flow directly into the glass.

The Juicer measures a decent 8W x 8D x 9.5H hence making it quite compact for storage in small spaces. Unlike other juicers in the market, it lacks pulp control but you do get juice with the right thickness. The juicer is offered with a one-year warranty.


  • Simple One-touch button
  • Simplistic design and operation
  • Stainless steel locking sprout


  • Lacks pulp control

Eurolux Electric Orange Juicer – Best for the powerful motor

The Eurolux stands out courtesy of its powerful 160-watt motor. This offers almost twice or three times the power output of similar orange juicers. Besides, the juicer being powerful it is also simple to operate. Just plug it in, then push down your citrus and press an automatic one-touch button.

To ensure you get cleaner and finer juice the machine comes with an integrated filter. This helps capture pits. The pressure handle is made from rubber which makes it gentle to your hand. This helps ease the pressure off your hand during pressing. The juicer is also equipped with suction cups that ensure your juice is secured in place during juicing.

Most of the parts used for juicing are detachable which means you can remove them for easy cleaning. The juicer also comes with a locking sprout and we were impressed that most of its materials are made from stainless steel. This ensures they are rust-free and durable.


  • Powerful 160-watt motor
  • Stainless steel locking sprout
  • Auto one-touch operation
  • Stainless steel filter to remove pits
  • Detachable parts for easy cleaning


  • There have to be complaints of the juicer overheating when you use many oranges

Cuisinart CCJ-500 Pulp control citrus – Best for Pulp control

The Cuisinart is one of the juicers for those planning on making quality orange juice. It is available in a variety of colors that include green, black, orange, and chrome. It weighs in at just 4 pounds. The juicer reamer is adjustable with three control settings (low, medium, and high). To ensure you get the most juice from your oranges it uses the auto-reverse universal cone. You also get a final spin feature to extract more juice. With all these features you have better control of your juice as you determine how much pulp you want.

The juicer comes with an extra-long snap-up spout that allows you to place longer glasses for juice without experiencing drips. It is made from brushed stainless steel which is easy to clean. The various juicer components are BPA and dishwasher safe.

The juicer comes with a cover that protects your juice from dust and other elements. The sleek design means it complements your other kitchen appliances. The juicer comes with an extensive 3-year warranty. This keeps you covered should anything go wrong with a juicer. You also get a recipe book with purchase


  • Auto-reversing universal reamer
  • Pulp control with three settings (low, medium, and high)
  • Snap-up sprout
  • Three-year warranty


  • The auto-reverse feature at times pulls skin from your fruits

LUUKMONDE citrus juicer – Best high capacity juicer

This electric juicer comes with a large 1.2 Liter jar that is capable of holding juice for all your family needs. The juicer operates like the rest where you place your fruits at the top and through a slow extraction process you are capable of getting more juice per fruit. Since it is slow processing less heat is generated meaning you get to preserve all the vitamins in the fruit.

The citrus juicer comes in a sleek design with a stable bottom. This ensures it is less noisy and does not swag. You also have clear markings on the juicer container that visibly tell you how much juice you have squeezed. The juicer comes with a protective cover that protects your juice from dust elements hence keeping your juice fresh at all times.

Several components of the juicer are detachable and this makes them easy to clean. The components are also dishwasher safe. The juicer comes with two cones – one large and one small. The juicer is one worth watching out for though you may experience cases of overheating after repeated use.


  • Large 40 oz. capacity pitcher
  • Non-slip feet hold the juicer securely during operation
  • Removable filter for pulp control
  • Dishwasher safe


  • The motor may overheat after repeated use

Factors to consider when purchasing Best Orange Juicer

An orange juicer helps you reach your daily requirement of vitamin c. Oranges belong to the citrus family and are packed with essential vitamins but you may not get that much juice should you decide to extract your juices manually. When you make your own juice at home you are capable of reducing consumption of additives that are often found in most commercial orange juices found on supermarket shelves. A juicer will save you time and since you make more juice you have some left for storage. Choosing the right juicer is the hard part.

Although you can use any particular juicer for citrus extraction a dedicated orange juicer allows you to get more juice from your oranges. The biggest hurdle with other juicers is that they require lengthy preparation time. This means you will need to first peel off the oranges then at times remove the seeds. With a dedicated orange juicer, all you have to do is wash your oranges and cut them into halves. The juicers are less messy and you get the added benefit of controlling the amount of pulp you desire.

Here are some things to consider during the purchase.

Types of orange juicers

There are two main types of orange juicers in the market – manual and electric ones. The manual juicers are the least expensive. Their mode of operation is very simple, cut your citrus fruits into halves then press them on an upward-facing reamer. As you press and rotate the fruit the juice collects on the sprout. The benefits of manual juicers are that they are affordable, reliable, and compact for easy storage. However, they limit the amount of juice you can produce. If you want to make more juice that will last you a week then go for the electric juicers.

The electric juicer mode of operation is like the manual ones with the key difference being that the reamer uses a motor for rotation. Some come with a special auto-reverse feature that allows you to get more juice from your press. The electric juicers allow you to make more juice but are more expensive than the manual ones. While you may want a dedicated juicer for orange juice only you may want to know that not all juicers are ideal for blending leafy vegetables. Centrifugal juicers are not that good at juice extraction for leafy vegetables but will work well with your oranges. If you want one that does both we would recommend you go with the masticating ones.

Size of the unit

When you are in the market for a juicer you also need to put into consideration the amount of space you will require for it. If you lack space at home them the commercial juicer may not be the best option. It is also imperative that you get juicers that are made from BPA-free materials. This prevents the juicer materials from contaminating your juice. This applies mainly to juicers that have plastic materials. Stainless steel is good but has the disadvantage of being less visible when you are making juice. You should also get a juicer that allows you to disassemble the components for easy cleaning. Some of these materials are dishwasher safe which makes cleaning a bit easy.

High juice yield

You can easily check the yield of your juicer by examining the pulp. If it is dry then the juicer is efficient. However, if you notice that your pulp is wet and heavy then your juicer is not doing a good job of juice extraction.

Pulp control

With this feature, you are able to control the amount of pulp that ends up in your juice. The juicer may have the pulp control regulated to low, medium, or high. Some of the juicers may have an internal basket that collects the pulp while others may eject the pulp to another bowl. The best juicers are those that allow you to eject the pulp externally as this prevents you from having to stop the juicing process so that you can empty the pulp sieve.

Feed chute size

The ability to save time in making juice is largely determined by the size of your chute. If you are going to be using a juicer for fruits like apples you need to reduce your prep time. This is the time it takes to cut the fruits into pieces so that they can fit the chute. When it comes to juicers the masticating juicers tend to have the smallest chute of around 4cm. This prevents you from overfeeding the chute hence increases your preparation time. The small chute is also a safety feature to prevent kids from putting their hands down on the chute. However, newer juicers tend to come with more than one chute so that they can take whole fruits like apples.

Juicer design and aesthetics

The fact that you are purchasing a juicer does not mean one needs to compromise aesthetics for functionality. The juicer is an important piece of equipment in your kitchen and as such you will want something that complements your kitchen design. You should consider the color and shape of the juicer in comparison with other kitchen appliances you have. Also, put into consideration the amount of space you will require for the blender. Some of the juicers in the market are quite large.

Ease of cleaning

Making juice can be a messy affair and you, therefore, need a juicer that is easy to clean. The best juicers will be those that you can disassemble the internal parts and clean them. If these parts are dishwasher safe the better. During cleaning do not forget to clean the outside of the juicer. You should also be able to sort out all the marketing materials that are related to juicers. Many brands will claim how easy it is to clean their juicer only for you to realize otherwise.


Various brands will offer various accessories with their juicers like plastic covers or pitchers. The more accessories you get the more value for money you get for your purchase. When the juicer comes with a second plastic cover it means you can make more juice before cleaning.


Since you are dealing with electrical components it is wise to get a good warranty for your juicer. It is frustrating spending money for a new blender only for it to break down after a few uses. When it comes to a warranty ensure you go for a fully covered one rather than a limited one. The warranty period differs with brands with higher-priced juicers having warranties of more than one year.


Your budget will play a big role in the kind of juicer you get. Commercial juicers tend to be the most priced while household-based juicers being quite affordable. The cheapest juicers are the manual ones but they produce the least amount of juice. Check out some of the added features and accessories you are getting with the juicer during purchase.


Our top pick for this review is the Tribest CS-100 CitriStar juicer. We were impressed by its simplistic design and one-touch automatic operation. The blender is easy to operate as all you need to do is cut your oranges in half and press and turn on the juicer. The juicer comes with a stainless steel strainer that prevents it from clogging. The juicer is inexpensive but comes with a powerful 50-watt motor. It also comes with a one-year warranty that keeps your juicer protected after purchase.

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