Best Juicer for carrots

Carrots contain various nutritional elements that are crucial for boosting your immune system. This helps fight off cancer, boost stamina, and prevent inflammation. However, carrots are quite hard and most blenders may not be up to the task to break the hard root down.

For you to make carrot juice effectively, you need a juicer that can withstand the pressure without breaking down. Experts’ advice consuming your vegetables raw as this helps retain its nutrients.

In this review, we have examined a couple of juicers in the market and we have identified the right ones to keep your carrot-blending going. The juicers are of the highest quality and will withstand repeated use.

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Best Juicer for carrots

Breville 800JEXL Juicer – Best for Hard vegetables

The Breville comes with a 1,000-watt powerful motor that is capable of breaking hard vegetables. The motor spins at 13,000 rpm and this ensures that you get up to 30% more juice than standard blenders. To ensure the end product is up to par you have over 40,000 filtering pores. The Breville extraction components are from high-quality materials. For example, you get an Italian-made micro-mesh filter basket and a titanium re-inforced disc. This ensures you get optimum nutrient extraction while the materials themselves are durable.

Due to the Breville 3-inch extra-wide chute, you get short prep time as you can blend vegetables and fruits without cutting them into pieces. The Breville operates through a two-speed control whereby you can use the lower speed for your soft fruits and leafy vegetables while the high speed for ingredients like carrots.

The juicer comes with 35.2 fl. Oz juice jag that is large enough for all your ingredients. The juice jug also comes with a 3.2 qt. pulp container. The juice comes in an innovative design with simplistic dials. It is also dishwasher safe in relation to the puree disc, juicer cover, stainless steel filter bowl, and juice jug. All the parts that come into contact with ingredients are rated to be BPA safe. On the downside, this is not a cheap juicer and you may need to spend more to acquire it.


  • Two-speed settings allow for a variety of ingredients
  • Steel housing
  • 1-quart capacity
  • Extra-large chute


  • Some users report some premature rusting

Mueller Juicer Ultra 1100w – Best for multiple ingredients

The Mueller is the perfect juicer for making carrot juice in a hurry as you can be done with the process in less than 8 seconds. The juicer features a two-speed setting that is labeled ‘low’ and ‘high’. You can use the low button for your soft fruits and the high for hard vegetables like carrots. With a minimum rpm of 12,000, this is a fast and efficient blender. When you set it at high it will hit speeds of up to 15,000 to 18,000 rpm.

On the surface, the Mueller is quite an attractive juicer due to its sleek stainless steel design. It has the capacity to make up to 16 oz. of juice with less foaming and clogging. The juicer also features an Italian-made micro mesh filter that allows you to extract more juice from your carrots. The materials are quite easy to clean. The Mueller also comes with a patented low-speed masticating technology that allows the DC motor to run at only 60rpm. This enables it to last longer while producing less noise. It also comes with anti-slip feet that safely secures it on the operating table.

The Mueller comes with an extra-large 3” chute with a safety locking arm that ensures that even during operation the cover remains shut. To ensure your motor is well protected from overheating the juicer has an overload protection system. The juicer comes with an European Quality sticker that ensures what you are purchasing is made from the highest quality.

The unit is made from stainless steel which ensures it does not rust easily. The components are also BPA-free. Assembly and cleanup of the juicer are fairly easy and you have this cool feature that ensures the juicer does not start operating until all the operating components are positioned properly. The juicer comes with a 2-year warranty.


  • Two-way speed setting allows blending of a variety of ingredients
  • Easy to assemble and clean
  • Made from stainless steel components


  • Juice preparation can be messy

Omega NC800HDS – Best Multi-purpose juicer

The Omega is a slow juicer that operates at a speed of 80rpm. This allows it to squeeze out all the juices from carrots, wheatgrass, and other leafy vegetables. The benefit of blending at a low speed is that there is minimal heat buildup which is good for preventing oxidation. This in turn helps promote the occurrence of healthy enzymes. The Omega juicer is available in silver color and weighs around 18 pounds. The company offers one of the most outstanding warranties for a juicer at 15 years. This covers parts and performance.

The Juicer operates almost the same way as a masticating juicer. This is because it comes with a powerful auger system. This makes it ideal for squeezing juices from carrots and other vegetables like ginger and beets. The Omega juicer also comes with a large chute that allows you to extract more juices. Due to the large chute, your prep time is significantly reduced. In addition, to this, you also get an easily adjustable 5-settings end cap that boosts juice extraction.

The juicer also comes with an auto pulp ejection system. This allows you to retain all the nutrients from your fruits and vegetables. The juicer is not just used for carrots you can use it for a variety of purposes like preparing nut butter, baby food, extrude pasta, and frozen desserts. The juicer is quite easy to clean up as it does not leave a mess during extraction. The dry pulp is ejected automatically.

While the juicer is quite powerful it is also very quiet. The design of the juicer makes it compact and easy to store.


  • Higher juice yield due to auger design
  • Operates very quietly
  • One of the most extensive juicer warranty
  • Auto pulp ejection system


  • It May take some time to get used to

Tribest Greenstar cold press – Best technologically advanced

The Tribest is an ideal juicer for your carrots, leafy vegetables, and fruits. Due to its pressure adjustment mechanism and complete mastication, it ensures you get the most juice. The juicer is available in white color and uses an exclusive jumbo twin gear with a low rpm of 110. The stainless steel gears with special points are perfect for replicating the mastication system.

To help make carrot juice, the teeth come with special pocket recesses. This helps produce a sharper edge that helps in the initial grinding process. The gears also come with cutting points that are strategically placed near the gears. This helps them handle sinewy vegetables like celery by preventing them from getting clogged or tangled.

The Greenstar juicer also uses exclusive bio-ceramic and magnetic technology that allows it to extract juice with higher nutritional content. What happens is that the available magnets produce a magnetic field that is capable of rearranging clusters of water so that they latch at vital minerals and vitamins in juice preparation. To help delay oxidation, the bio-ceramic material inside the twin gears will leverage kinetic energy so that it emits an infrared wavelength that oscillates the organic materials. All these technologies ensure that your juice can stay in the refrigerator for up to 72 hours without it losing its nutritional content.

To handle a variety of ingredients and prevent clogging the juicer comes with a special system that allows you to adjust pressure hence control pulp ejection. The Greenstar is a highly versatile juicer that allows you to handle a variety of recipes like sorbets, nut butter, sauces, and pate.

The Juicer also comes with a special Nylon safety buffer. What this does is that it ensures that the two gears will not at any point come into contact with each other during the blending process. The system also prevents steel shreds from contaminating the yield. Since the juicer comes with very few components it is quite easy to clean.


  • Amazing bio-ceramic technology that ensures juice has the most nutrients
  • Sleek design
  • Few components hence making it easy to clean
  • Highly versatile blender


  • Is quite laborious to operate

Breville BJE830BSS XL Centrifugal juicer – Best for large families

The Breville juicer is a large-scale juicer capable of producing five times more nutrient-rich juice than blenders. The Breville comes with a large 3.5” feed chute that accommodates a variety of fruits and vegetables. This chute reduces your pre-cutting process hence saving time.

The Breville comes with a powerful 1,200-watt motor that is capable of handling a variety of fruits and vegetables. The juicer makes low temperature and this ensures that your juice retains most of the minerals and vitamins. With the cold spin technology, the juice flows up and then goes down through the stainless steel cutting disc. This is further surrounded by an Italian-made mesh filter that helps ensure there is no temperature increase.

The Breville also comes with a special noise reduction technology that ensures minimal noise levels during the blending process. The feature is activated through the quiet setting. The juicer comes with a large jug that ensures you can prepare juice for the whole family. With a fast-setting speed dial, you are capable of handling both soft and hard fruits and vegetables. The machine is made from stainless steel and this means it is easy to clean.


  • XL juicing capacity
  • Noise reduction capacity
  • Shortened preparation time
  • Cold spin technology


  • You may experience a different taste from the juice

Factors to consider when purchasing the best juice for carrots

Time to make Juice

One of the key factors to consider when purchasing a carrot juicer is to ask yourself how many times you plan on preparing the juice and for how many people. The needs for a large family will vary from a single serving. Then you will need to choose between masticating juicer which gives you more juice but is slower than the centrifugal juicers. The latter makes juice quite fast but if you are looking for a juicer that will increase your juice content then go with a masticating juicer. It is estimated that it will take you an average of 5-7 minutes to make a 500ml glass of juice with a masticating juicer as opposed to 3-4 minutes for a centrifugal juicer. If you are planning to increase your juice yield then we would recommend you go with the twin gear masticating juicers. With this machine, you are capable of getting the highest juice yield with lots of dry pulp. The centrifugal juicer gets you more wet pulp and the lowest yield.

Types of juicers

Ideally, you will find four main types of juicers in the market. The first one is the citrus juicer. These are inexpensive and ideal for squeezing juice from oranges, lime, or lemons. The next category is centrifugal juicers. These use sharp, fast-moving blades to chop up your fruits and vegetables then filter them through a mesh. This separates the pulp from the liquid. The juicers may, however, not be that good for juicing leafy vegetables and herbs. The cold press/masticating juicers work by first crushing the fruits/vegetables to squeeze out the juice. Juicing takes time but you get more nutrients and they can be stored for longer periods. The last type of juicer is the twin-gear juicer. These juicers cost more while retaining the highest number of nutrients. Fruits and vegetables are pressed in between two interlocking gears.


A juicer is an electrical device and you need to carefully examine the manufacturer’s warranty. If you are going to be spending some good money on a juicer then it makes sense that you get one with an extended warranty. In most cases, the high-speed centrifugal juicers will come with a one to a 5-year warranty for the motor. Masticating juicers tend to have more extensive warranties of up to 10 years, this covers the motor and 5 years for parts.


The main reason you may be getting a juicer is so that you can squeeze out the most nutrients. You should not that some juicers may work well with fruits but struggle with leafy vegetables. If you are getting a juicer for the health benefits it offers then it is prudent you do your research as to the kind of fruits or vegetables you are going to be consuming. Identify a juicer that can handle a variety of foodstuff.

Feed chute size

It is imperative that you reduce the prep time for your elements if you are going to be juicing frequently. Having a juicer with a large chute ensures you can place some items whole like apples and various vegetables without the need of chopping them. In most cases, you will note that the centrifugal juicers have larger chutes than the masticating juicers. This is because the latter does not want to overfeed the chute.


While all juicers will tend to make some sort of noise from experience the centrifugal juicers are pretty noisier than the masticating juicers. However, you may find some juicers in the market that are specifically designed to be silent.


When it comes to operating speeds the general rule is that the cold press and twin gear juicers tend to operate at lower speeds than the centrifugal ones. This, however, has the added benefit of you get more juice nutrients from them. One should ask themselves which matters to them the most – the time it takes to extract the juice or the amount of nutrients you are getting.


At the end of the day, juicers are simply very hard to clean. This is due to the multiple pieces of equipment being used. Even the higher-end models still need one to spend some considerable time cleaning them. What you should probably be looking at is whether the juicer is dishwasher safe.


Lastly, it still boils down to your budget. How much are you willing to spend on a juicer. Most of the time the price will affect the type of yield you get from a juicer. A cheap centrifugal juicer may serve your needs for the immediate but in the long term, you may find yourself replacing it.


For this review, our top pick is the Omega NC800HDS. We found the juicer one of the best for juice extraction of hard vegetables. It runs at a low speed of 80rpm and comes with a large chute that prevents you from wasting time chopping your vegetables. The Omega prevents heat buildup hence preventing oxidation of your juice. It also uses a powerful auger system.

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