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It is a difficult task to beat the ease of use, efficiency, and convenience that a good quality blender gives you. However, a case can be made if your blending machine does not have sufficient capacity to handle a large group of people, or you are operating a smoothie business and need a blender that can handle larger ingredient volumes.

When it comes to the task of buying a commercial blender, the process may seem intimidating due to the number of factors you need to consider, ranging from the blending capacity to reliability and even operating noise. To ease your possible problems when settling on a choice, we have outlined some top models you can get in the market, as well as some factors to keep in mind when purchasing one.


Best commercial blenders – Comparison table

Speed settings
Check on Amazon
Oster Pro 1200 blender
64 oz.
Oster 6832 10-speed black blender
40 oz.
Oster 4093-008 6-cup beehive blender
40 oz.
Oster Reverse Crush Blender
40 oz.
Oster 7-cup 6-speed black blender
64 oz.


Reviews of the Best Commercial Blenders

Blendtec Designer Blender and Mini Wildside+ Jar

Blendtec Designer Blender and Mini Wildside+ Jar

Many professionals and hobbyist blenders know Blendtec, and it is for good reason. In particular, this model will give you plenty of bonuses to ease your life and allow you to enjoy making high quantities of your favorite foods easily. It can also work as an alternative to other kitchen appliances such as coffee grinders, food processors, and mixers.

This is among the models in the Designer Series, and you can get it in several colors. It is not as huge as the Vitamix or Ninja models, so it can fit easily in a mid-size kitchen despite its total volume of 90 ounces. You will find the lid and pitcher handle easy to handle, and the blending jar has corners that make it easy to pour your contents despite the lack of a spout.

Its presets are tricky to use, however. It only has icons of each setting to guide you, unlike having the combination of icons and levels. It has a smooth display panel though, so it will allow you to change the speeds easily. Its pulse mode also feels awkward to use, and the motor tends to overheat when you are crushing very hard ingredients like nuts; beware if you are making something like nut butter for this reason.

The most interesting feature it offers is its ‘Wildside’ jar, which is a pitcher that has a smaller fifth side called the ‘Wildside’, rather than the usual blender jars that have four sides. The company claims that this results in a more efficient blending system by creating a stronger vortex, and that is easy to notice due to the high-quality results.


  • Very powerful motor
  • It can work for cooking soups as well as blending
  • Blending container has a large capacity
  • The package includes two blending containers


  • Very expensive
  • Noisy


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Cleanblend Commercial Countertop Blender

Cleanblend Commercial Countertop Blender

This blender is for you if you want a high-quality, professional blender, but do not want to break the bank when purchasing one. Due to its wide host of useful features and 5-year warranty, it is easy to consider it among the best commercial blenders that give you value for the money.

The blender is highly versatile, with its ability to produce excellent drinks, crushing ice, making soups and bulletproof coffee, food prep, and pulverizing almost any ingredient without leaving residue behind. The only exception is juice making, as it tends to keep the fiber of a whole fruit alongside the liquid without separating them, although this should not be an issue if you enjoy a ‘whole juice’ recipe. Unlike some models of commercial blenders, this does not have issues with processing nut butter.

There is a wide variety of speeds on this machine. These include a 10-speed knob, an on/off lever, and the pulse mode lever. Note that its low speed is quite high, with an average RPM of 10,000; so you will need to combine the pulse mode and low speed to achieve the optimal results when chopping food. Generally, it is a very easy machine to use and clean.

Like most high-grade blenders, the motor is very powerful, operating at a peak power rating of 2237 Watts and normal operational power of 1800 Watts. The motor is not vulnerable to overheating, as the machine is equipped with an overload protector and a cooling system.


  • Highly versatile in usage
  • The package includes a smaller jar to process small food batches
  • Very powerful motor that does not overheat
  • Relatively affordable compared to most commercial blenders
  • Very good design
  • Long warranty


  • Its lowest speed is still quite high and can cause issues with attaining the best texture
  • The package does not include a cookbook


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Vitamix 36019-1 Blender
Vitamix 36019-1 Blender

If the prospect of using a very loud blender is annoying to you and you want a heavy-duty yet quiet blender, then you can consider the Vitamix 36019-1 blender, our choice for premium usage. The quiet working mechanism is due to its incorporation of vibration dampening technology, making it stand out from its competing models easily.

The vibration dampening technology uses a plastic secure sound enclosure that surrounds the entire blending container and traps the sound. However, the lack of sound does not mean it is not powerful; this blender is quite strong, retaining the trademark performance you would expect from a Vitamix blender.

The motor has a peak power of 3-horsepower, which is about 2237 watts. Therefore, you should not experience problems trying to make nut butter, mixing smoothies, making spreads, and more. Additionally, the 48-ounce blending container is comprised of BPA-free polycarbonate, making it unlikely to suffer cracks or breakage.

It is not surprising to find it sitting on top of the price range due to its feature set, although it is surprising that the warranty only caters to commercial usage. Using it at home voids the warranty easily, and the company will not replace the machine if it fails.


  • Powerful motor
  • Encloses the sound for quiet operation
  • Very versatile and can handle a variety of food processing and blending tasks


  • Very expensive
  • The warranty only caters to commercial usage


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Addwin Countertop mixer blender

Addwin Countertop mixer blender

Among all the commercial-grade blenders we have seen in the market, Addwin seeks to offer a budget-friendly blender that has enough features to satisfy most people’s needs. It also offers plenty of blending capacity due to its use of a 70-ounce BPA-free plastic container, although we would prefer the use of a glass container instead. However, that is not much of a deal-breaker, and you can still use it effectively.

The motor has a peak power of 2200W and spins the blades at a maximum speed of 45,000 RPM, which is enough to break down and blend any foods you put in it. The only issue we had with the blades is their relatively low quality, as their stainless steel composition did not prevent them from rusting within a few months of use. However, replacements are quick, since the blender has a one-year warranty.

Overall, it is a good blender if you are on a tight budget, although it is not as excellent and long-lasting as more premium-end models.


  • Large capacity
  • Affordable for people on a budget


  • The warranty period is quite short
  • Blades are non-durable


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Waring MX1000XTX commercial blender

Waring MX1000XTX commercial blender

While this is a commercial-grade blender, it fits perfectly in the home, and it does not break the bank either.

Coming in with a motor that has a peak power of 3.5 horsepower or 2610 Watts, it can handle your food preparation consistently and smoothly without experiencing any issues. Its aggressive Raptor blade and raw power allow you to prepare your recipes quickly, while the BPA-free copolyester material will add to its durability.

Its operational power is 1500 Watts, which means it can tear through the toughest ingredients like seeds and ice cubes. It is a great choice if you want to make frozen beverages due to its power, and it remains a user-friendly machine with simple settings to make your work easier. It only has 3 settings: Pulse, Low, and Hi, and its toggle switch allow you to change the speed easily.


  • Very high power, allowing you to crush any ingredient in it
  • Controls are user friendly
  • Durable build and powerful blades
  • Smooth and consistent results
  • Highly versatile
  • Dishwasher-safe


  • Bulkier and taller blender compared to other models
  • Tends to be loud at times
  • It includes few operational functions


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What should you look for when buying a commercial blender?

Different commercial-grade blenders will vary in their functionality, type, and size. For most commercial kitchens, they will tend to go for the blenders with a jug or jar due to their high capacity and the design allowing for different blade designs. To make soups and purees, you will find an immersion blender or hand blender, although it is possible to buy extra attachments that can process and chop food.

Each blender is different, so there are some features you should consider before buying one, as we will discuss below.

How you intend to use it

The blender you choose will depend on the environment you plan to use it in. For instance, using the blender to make a few margaritas for an occasional group gathering will necessitate a different blender than if you plan to use it in your shop every day.

The first consideration to keep in mind is your business. Some questions to answer include the types of foods you intend to make in the blender, such as smoothies, ice crushed recipes, or creamy soups. After that, you can think about the frequency you intend to use the blender since some blenders have a weaker motor that can only handle occasional use and others have a stronger motor that can handle heavy-duty and long-term use.

These are the general guidelines to use when getting a blender, whether it is for commercial use or occasional use:

  • If you make about 50 daily servings, you can choose a ½ HP blender
  • If you make about 75 daily servings, you can choose a 1 to 1.5 HP blender
  • If making between 75 and 100 daily servings, choose a 2 HP blender to handle medium to heavy-duty use
  • If making more than 100 daily servings, choose a 2.5 HP blender to handle heavy-duty use

A heavy-duty blender is meant to handle a wider variety of uses, and they work best for making smoothies and soups because they allow for the selection of different speeds. Additionally, you can use them every day without experiencing issues as they can stand more than 150 blends every day.

Some blenders also include programmable controls that make your work even easier. You simply need to put your ingredients in the blender, set the controls, and leave to do other tasks because it will automatically stop once it completes blending the ingredients. This is particularly great when you work in a very busy kitchen.


The jar

Every blender will have its own jar type, and all jars will share some commonalities while still retaining some differences. Therefore, depending on your needs, you will keep these factors in mind when choosing the blender jar:

The jar material

Know what you are looking for in the blender jar, which will help you figure out the material you want. For instance, does a polycarbonate jar suit your preferences more, or do you want a glass type? Depending on the frequency of use, some materials are also more durable compared to others.

The most durable materials are glass and stainless steel, which are easy to clean, durable, and can handle foods of various temperature ranges, although stainless steel jars are not transparent like other jar materials.

On the other hand, a material like a polycarbonate is durable and can handle abuse, but you cannot use it for hot foods due to its BPA composition. Glass offers the best of both worlds, in terms of durability, handling of various food temperatures, and allowing you to see the blending process.

Jar capacity

If you are only planning to make one serving at a time, then getting a small capacity blender is the best, such as one that can accommodate 48 ounces. However, having a larger client base will demand a high capacity blender, since you want a higher amount of specific blends.

Decent-size jars are usually between 80 and 95 ounces, although you can find bigger jars that fit up 300 ounces. You will not need such a big blender though, especially if you have a medium-size or small business.


Some of the blenders have handles to make lifting and carrying easier. The only problem with narrower blenders is the lack of handles, although this is to promote easier washing or making the unit more compact.


If you work in a business that needs more than one blender, you will need to consider getting stackable jugs to save you space during storage.


Many blenders have graduation measurements to allow you to measure the ingredients in a jar. This will allow you to measure ingredients accurately and follow recipes closely.


Depending on the specific blender model, you can choose several control functionalities. These include toggle or paddle, electronic, and programmable, with each function stack having its own benefits and disadvantages.

  • Electronic: This control system is best if you want greater control over the process, like selecting different power levels or timers. While they have more features, these blenders tend to be more expensive.
  • Toggle or Paddle: These are the simplest form of controls on a blender. They work best for you if you do not need very precise control. While these blender types are affordable and simple to understand, they have limited abilities.
  • Programmable: This is a useful choice if you work in an environment that requires you to remake the same recipe several times in a day since you can save the timings and power levels for future use. They are the most expensive but will save time.



When considering getting a blender, you want to avoid scaring your clients away when they are waiting for a smoothie or juice blend. If you want to keep the noise down, consider getting a blender that has sound enclosure abilities.

The noise cancellation system involves a polycarbonate shield that surrounds the blender. Some models will include a noise-cancellation aspect, although you can choose a model that has a variable speed option and a 3HP motor.



Cleaning dirty dishes is not fun, and you do not want to spend all day cleaning your blender when trying to run your business. Search for a blender with removable pads, detachable blades, and removable shafts.



How many watts does a good commercial blender have?

It should have a minimum of 1000 watts for optimum, heavy-duty application. However, you can get one with a 600 to 1000 watt rating for medium-level use.

Does a higher wattage mean greater power?

Yes, as wattage is the measure of energy. A higher wattage blender allows it to handle more intensive jobs more frequently without breaking down.



The best commercial blenders will always suit the needs of your business, so consider the needs you have before choosing one.

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