Best Cheap Blender Food Processor

Blender food processors share the same motorized base but have distinct functions. Some units combine both the blender and processor in one cup but in others, users will have to alternate between the food processor bowl and the blender jar.

Multipurpose kitchen appliances not only save time but also save on space, a blender food processor combo will occupy a small footprint in your kitchen given that it only comes with one motorized base. Investing in the combo unit is also cheaper when compared to buying an individual blender and food processor. If you are, therefore, looking to gain the best of both worlds below is a consolidated list of the best cheap blender food processor.

Best Cheap Blender Food processor- Comparison Table

Best Cheap Blender Food Processor
Ninja BL770 Mega Kitchen System and Blender with Total Crushing Pitcher
Pitcher- 72 oz

Food processor- 8 cups
Cuisinart BFP-703BC Smart Power Duet Blender/Food Processor
Glass blender jar- 480z

Food processor-3 cups
500 watts
Oster Pro 1200 Blender with Professional Tritan Jar and Food Processor
5 cup food processor

8 cup dishwasher safe jar
1200 power watts
Hamilton Beach Wave Crusher Blender with 40oz Jar
3 cup food processor bowl

20 oz power blender
Ninja Foodi SS351 Power Blender & Processor

Blending bowl 14 oz

Blending cup 24oz

Full-size pitcher 72oz
1400 watts

Best Cheap Blender Food processor

Ninja BL770 Blender with Total Crushing Pitcher     

Best Cheap Blender Food processor

The Ninja mega kitchen system is a highly versatile unit that comes equipped with up to 4different processing units. The first reliable unit is the total crusher pitcher that can be used to blend juices and frozen fruits, the unit is also equipped with an 8 cup food processor perfect for a medium family, the remaining two components are the 16oz cups that come complete with to-go-lids.

The kitchen system has been made with safe BPA-free materials, and some of the parts can be cleaned easily in a dishwasher. Users have the option of washing the kitchen system components by hand but with the provided cleaning brush. The components that make the unit whole we must say have been purposefully designed for example the XL blending pitcher is a 72oz capacity and can be used to crush ice into snow or make large batches of margaritas.

The 16oz cups, on the other hand, has been designed to cater to the needs of one person, and can, therefore, be the perfect gym companion for nutritious smoothies and shakes. If you wish to make personalized nutritious smoothies before you head to the gym in the morning then these cups are convenient. Remember that you don’t have to use the food processor or blender for this process, instead, use the cups and slide in the provided lid and you are good to go.

The food processing bowl, on the other hand, features up to two dedicated blades that enable even chopping and can prepare a whopping 2lbs of dough in as little as 30 seconds. Users also get to utilize the 4 dedicated blending speeds and which are boosted by the 1500 watt base. And in case you run out of cooking ideas the unit comes with a recipe guide for you to explore other unique cuisines and try out new flavors.


  • Incorporated a 1500 watt motor
  • The combo unit is dishwasher safe
  • Features a large capacity pitcher
  • Can make up to 2lbs of dough in 30 seconds


  • Struggles with the hard recipes
  • The base overheats and produces a burning smell

Cuisinart BFP-703BC Smart Power Duet Blender/Food Processor   

versatile blender

The Cuisinart BFP is a 7-speed versatile blender that you can use to process a wide variety of simple juices and foods. The smart power duet blender comes equipped with a small capacity 48-ounce pitcher and a 3 cup food processor, the incorporated motor offers up to 500 watts, and comes complete with an overload protection feature.

Innovation is also at the center of the manufacture of the duet blender and food processor to which end it has incorporated a removable 2-ounce measuring cup and which has been nicely fitted on the blender jar lid. The food processor, on the other hand, comes complete with the relevant accessories used to enhance functionality, users will therefore get a wide feed tube and pusher for easy feeding of ingredients into the processor.

The food processor has also incorporated a slicing/shredding disc and which obliterates the need to chop the food ingredients before processing. And if the slicing disc does not suffice, you still have the option of using the incorporated stainless steel chopping blade. Among the technologically advanced features are the led indicators that have been conveniently incorporated under the touchpad controls, the latter ensures that you can process food even under minimal light.

We, also can’t fail to acknowledge the fact that the blender and food processor features a robust build, thanks to the die-cast metal housing. The metal housing is not only easy to clean but can withstand external pressure and even keep the internal parts of the food processor’s base safe.


  • The unit is easy to clean and assemble
  • The units accessories fit perfectly
  • Features a powerful motor
  • The unit is highly versatile


  • The duet blender/ food processor is loud
  • The blender overheats

Oster Pro 1200 Blender with Professional Tritan Jar and Food Processor    

Oster professional jar and food processor

The Oster professional jar and food processor is a simple unit with very few accessories. If you, therefore, opt to settle with this unit, you will get a reliable 8 cup Tristan plastic jar that has been conveniently made with durable and dishwasher-safe material. The design of the jar allows it to accommodate large food and fruit particles and also enables faster blending without necessarily adding water to the mixture.

The food processor has a five-cup capacity and comes complete with slicing and shredding blades. Users also get to benefit from the incorporated food chopper that can be used to make their favorite salads the likes of salsa or guacamole. The unit also features a unique blade design, a dual-direction blade that enables enhanced blending power to which you can be sure that it will grind and chop with precision. The base of the kitchen appliance features a powerful 1200 watts motor, which can be used to crush ice and enable an even consistency of the various blends.

The base of the blender also features an intuitive control panel, with all the controls clearly labeled. The unit also features a reliable cord length up to about 16 inches thus you can assume different positions in your kitchen counter when using either the blender jar or the food processor.


  • Can be used to make pastry dough
  • Has a huge blender capacity
  • The blender is good for making frozen foods
  • The unit is strong and versatile


  • The food processor attachment is brittle
  • The unit is not convenient for the long term

Hamilton Beach Wave Crusher Blender with 40oz Jar   

Crusher Blender with 40oz Jar   

The design of the Hamilton beach wave crusher has given much consideration to use, and you will find features such as the blender’s lid characteristic of a pouring spout extension that minimizes mess. The incorporated food processor can conveniently shred, chop and slice food and there is no limit to what you can process ranging from the soft stuff like cheese to vegetables, nuts, and spices.

The design of the blender enables a wave action where all the ingredients are continuously pulled into the blade to achieve an even consistency. Users also have the option of blending individual-sized portions in the 20oz BPA free travel jar that comes complete with a leak-proof jar. Shakes and smoothies can also be processed in the travel jar to be consumed before hitting the gym.

Customization features on the control panel are few when compared to some of the combo units that have already been reviewed in this article. The Hamilton beach wave remains functional nonetheless, while its effectiveness is enhanced by the powerful 700 watts motor.


  • Lid design enables a clean and easy pour
  • Features a 3 in 1 multifunction blender
  • Has incorporated a separate personal blender
  • The wave action feature ensures a smooth consistency


  • The blades are a bit blunt
  • The unit is loud during use
  • Ninja Foodi SS351 Power Blender & Processor

Ninja Foodi Blender & Processor  


Given the features incorporated in the Ninja Foodi power blender, we must say that it retails at a very fair price. The 14.07 blender system has been configured to crush food, can easily make smoothie bowls and dough. To facilitate the above the blender and processor have incorporated a powerful 1400 watt power- motor that comes complete with a smart torque designed to improve efficiency when powering through thick, heavy, and stubborn loads.

Among the incorporated attachments and accessories is the nutrient extraction cup which is used to enable smoother extractions when making frozen drinks and smoothies. Another reliable accessory is the smoothie bowl maker that comes complete with a built-in tamper, designed to power through frozen foods but with less liquid and which creates the best blender ice cream, smoothie bowls, and nut butters.

The power blender and processor can also be used to extract nutrients from fruits and vegetables, the latter is easily achieved through the 6 preset Auto-IQ programs that also enable seamless chopping and extractions. Ninja Foodi blender and processor does not come equipped with a processor bowl, instead, it has incorporated a processor pitcher, a power blender, a nutrient extraction cup, and a smoothie bowl maker.

The high-capacity food processor and blender has also incorporated a total crushing and chopping blade, a cleaning brush, and a spout lid used to enable easy transfer of the contents of the blender to a cup. The unit will occupy a small footprint in your kitchen counter given that it only measures 17.4 length X 15.1 width.


  • Comes equipped with an extraction cup
  • Features a powerful 1400 watt motor
  • Has incorporated very sharp blades
  • The unit is easy to operate


  • The unit is loud
  • The tops don’t get off easily

A Buying Guide for the Best Cheap Blender Food Processor


Variable speeds make the blender food processor functional, it can therefore be trusted to perform different functions ranging from mixing, shredding, grating, chopping, blending, slicing and even dough making. Variable speeds also mean you can make different recipes to perfection.


Blender/processor capacity directly relates to the number of people that you plan to serve. If your household has many people then you need a high capacity unit, the same applies if you are getting a combo blender food processor for commercial purposes. High-capacity processors can accommodate up to 12 cups, while low-capacity processors can accommodate as little as 3 cups. And when it comes to blenders, you could find units that accommodate up to 6 cups.


Accessories for appliances mean that the unit remains versatile, especially for the blender food processor. From the above discussion, you will notice that some units come equipped with to-go cups and others have incorporated the nutrient extractors. In essence is that it all boils down to personal preference, if you fancy the nutrient extractor more than you fancy the to-go cups, then you have managed to narrow your search.

Some individuals will, therefore, settle with a unit because of the extra free accessories, take the to-to cups, for example, these are things that you would have to pay for if purchased individually. Thus gym-goers will settle with the cups to use with their energy-boosting shakes and smoothies.

Motor Strength

The power of a blender food processor can be seen through the mortar, a powerful mortar should easily power through frozen foods and stubborn fibrous vegetables. It should also enable you to make thick consistency smoothies that require minimal water. Low power blenders struggle to get through recipes and will either become heated or vibrate a lot. If you, therefore, need a powerful cheap blender food processor, check the Ninja units discussed above, notable is that their prices might be a little high when compared to the 700 and 500 watts units. A strong motor should ideally power through tough and high-volume foods.

Ease of use

Most of the blenders discussed in this article feature a control panel, some are advanced with simple and easy-to-use touch panels while others come with knobs and switches. And just like choosing accessories, this all boils down to personal style, which controls panel is easy for you to use as you work, remember that at times you might have to alternate between speeds. Most people prefer the knobs and switch kind of units because they last longer and are easy to use when compared to the touch functions. The latter are, however, easy to clean when compared to the knobs.

Ease of use also relates to how fast you can assemble and disassemble a unit before and after use. Kitchen appliances must be easy to assemble and the accessories must click into position without too much effort. If you buy your kitchen appliances online then you will have to go through the user reviews and find out if the blender food processor is easy to assemble, but if you will be visiting the brick and mortar store then try assembling and disassembling with the various accessories to ensure everything clicks in to position with ease.

The units that you purchase should be easy to assemble, disassemble, run, and clean, not to forget that they should also be easy to store.

Ease of cleaning

Blender food processor only presents one challenge when it comes to cleaning and that is cleaning the area with blades, let’s also not forget that the kitchen appliance comes with various types of blades. Ideally, we would expect them to self-clean but when it comes to disinfecting then it would be good if the units were dishwasher safe. Check the manufacturer’s manual whether you can use the dishwasher or not, if not then a cleaning equipment such as a brush should be provided.

Blade quality

For your food processor, the blade should be sharp enough to chop vegetables without pureeing, slice cleanly and grate cheese uniformly. The blender on the other hand must incorporate sharp and tough blades that can easily get through both the dry and wet ingredients without becoming blunt or warping.


Can I get a blender and food processor in one unit?

Yes, you can get a blender and food processor in one, check the Ninja blender and food processor reviewed above.

What is the difference between a blender and food processor?

A blender’s main job is to pulverize and combine while a food processor’s main task is to chop and mix vegetable spices, it can be used to puree, can be used for slicing, and makes pastry dough.


Blenders and Food processors are long-term investments and that is why we have prepared an almost comprehensive buying guide to help you make the right choice. The units are your kitchen companion, so ensure that you get one that will suffice for your needs, complement your kitchen décor and finally store easily.

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