Best blenders under $50

Do you love smoothies? These are healthy fruit-based drinks that have a lot of nutritional value. You can make all kinds of smoothies from your home by investing in a blender.

This is a simple kitchen appliance that you can use to crush and mix different fruits to create juices. Some people assume that all blenders are expensive. On the contrary, the market has some of the most affordable blenders that cost less than $50.

We will review the best blenders under $50 to help you find an ideal one. These budget-friendly appliances may not have advanced features like more expensive options, but they can help you achieve light-duty blending tasks. Apart from reviewing them, we will also discuss the most vital factors you should pay attention to before you settle for a particular brand. Enjoy!

A comparison table for the best blenders under $50

Best features
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Hamilton beach personal blender
· 175-watt motor
· One-touch blending
· It crushes ice
1.8 pounds
Magic bullet blender
· 250-watt motor
· Includes a recipe book
4.1 pounds
Bella Blender
· 240-watt motor
· 12 piece set
2.8 pounds
Hamilton beach waver crusher
· Three in one blender
· Contains two blades
7.5 pounds
Ninja blender
· It has an anti-spill splash guard
· Facilitates ergonomic operation
4 pounds

Reviewing the best blenders under $50

Hamilton beach personal blender– It is compact and highly portable

Hamilton beach personal blender

Have you been craving a particular juice? If yes, you don’t have to keep on visiting a specific joint to get it. Consider buying this pocket-friendly blender and make it as much as you please without leaving your home. This is a compact blender that you can even bring along with you to the office. Feel free to use the blending jar of this blender as a mug. You can use it for drinking your favorite smoothie once you have done the blending.

Most customers also appreciate the presence of stainless steel blades in it. If you enjoy drinking cold smoothies, you can add ice cubes into this blender without the worry of damaging it. Hamilton beach blender is designed to crush ice or frozen fruits with ease.

The manufacturer uses plastic materials in its construction. Though the bar is made from plastic, the rest of the parts are made using metal, prolonging its lifespan. You will notice some lines on the BPA-free jar. These lines minimize guesswork during blending since you can easily mix the ingredients in the portions you desire to create a balanced drink.

Apart from smoothies, you can also use this blender to make shakes or dressings in one touch. By including a single button, the manufacturer tries to eliminate any confusion while using this blender. It comes with a button that you can control easily to make consistent drinks. If you are keen on style, you can pick this specific model from different colors such as blue, red, or white.

The best blenders under $50 have excellent features, and Hamilton Beach is no exception. This is designed with a 175-watt motor that gives it enough power to crush even hard stuff. You will not find this blender hard to clean.


  • It comes with a multipurpose jar designed for blending and drinking
  • It has a compact design and is travel friendly
  • It contains a BPA-free jar
  • Made from long-lasting materials
  • Facilitates one-touch blending
  • It crushes ice


  • Some users complain about a burnt chemical smell produced during blending


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Magic bullet blender– It is an 11 piece setMagic bullet blender

If you are searching for a versatile blender that does not cost so much cash, you should consider Magic bullet. This gives you the chance to do so many things, including blending, grinding, whipping, chopping, and mixing. Many users consider this a valuable kitchen appliance since it can help one prepare various meals such as sauces, smoothies, and even dips. Since this comes with more than ten pieces, it can help you achieve different blending needs.

Apart from being highly flexible, this is one of the best blenders under $50 since it is a time saver. It allows you to blend different things within seconds. One of the things that makes this a power blender is its motor. It is designed with a 250 watts motor that makes it stand out among regular blenders. You should also expect uniquely designed blades in this blender which also help in saving time.

The blender set includes different-sized cups that you can use as you please. You can even bring the to-go lid with you once you have blended your favorite drink utilizing this device. Even if you are using this blender for the first time, you will not come across any complicated steps. The manufacturer even includes a recipe book that you should use to learn how to make different cocktails.

Cleaning this blender is also a breeze since it is made using soft materials and has some removable parts. Using water and soap is enough for you to clean different parts of this kitchen appliance. Maintaining it in a top-notch condition is essential to avoid the buildup of tiny organisms. Unfortunately, you cannot pick this blender from different color options since it only comes in silver.


  • The blender includes 3 cups and different lids
  • It is easy to clean
  • Features a powerful motor
  • Your packaging includes a useful recipe book
  • The well-designed blades lead to fast blending


  • Limited color options


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Bella blender– It comes with two blades

Bella blender

Change your breakfast once in a while by taking shakes and smoothies instead of always relying on coffee. You can prepare such drinks with the help of Bella blender. Do not be quick to underestimate this blender based on its size. Though small, Bella can help you grind and blend all kinds of ingredients in less time.

It is a budget-friendly blender that comes with features that can help you meet different blending functions. The blender features a grinding blade that allows it to crush dry foods and a blending blade made from stainless steel. Since this blender is designed with quality materials, including chrome, you can rely on it for a long time. The small blender is quite powerful since it features a 240-watt motor.

Once you buy this rocket blender, you should expect the package to include a grinding cup and two other tall cups. You can use Bella blender to grind things such as spices, chop seeds, and even nuts. Apart from making shakes, Bella blender can also be a great help in the kitchen, especially when you wish to prepare different meals. Feel free to use this 12 piece set to create healthy drinks from leafy greens.

The best blenders under $50 should be easy to operate. That is what you should expect in this specific brand. To start using it, you have to rotate the available cups and then push the button down. Most customers also reveal that this is an easy-to-clean blender.


  • It is versatile since it works as a blender and food processor
  • It has a powerful motor
  • Made from long-lasting materials
  • Contains three cups
  • It is a 12 piece set


  • Some users are not impressed with the company’s customer service


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Hamilton beach waver crusher– Has numerous settings

Hamilton beach waver crusher

Not every blender customer wants a portable device. If you need a pocket-friendly blender that you can use strictly from your kitchen, you can consider the Hamilton beach waver crusher. This is also among the best blenders that you will find under $50. One of the reasons why it is in high demand is because it can manage multiple jobs without struggling.

The blender is a 3 in 1 unit that comes with a jar measuring 40 ounces. In the packaging, you should also expect a personal blender containing a to-go cup and a food processor that comes in a compact design. From such components, you can tell that this is a versatile blender that can help you achieve a lot.

Whether you like making smoothies or processing some dry foods, you can do this using this device. Though the food processor is a bit small, it will not disappoint when shredding or chopping certain foods. One of the things that make this processor perform well is the inclusion of a sharp blade made from durable materials. It also contains an extra blade for blending fruits.

This is also a powerful blender that features a 700 watts motor. Unlike blenders that only come with fewer functions, this includes more than ten settings that you can learn to use within seconds since they are clearly labeled. The manufacturer also puts a lot of thought when creating this blender’s lid since it includes a flip-top spout that promotes easy pouring. This prevents you from a lot of mess while using the blender and makes it easy to add different elements.

You will also notice clear measurements on the BPA-free jar, making it easy for you to check the level of ingredients you include during blending. Customers that use this blender also find the blades and attachments safe and easy to clean.


  • It is a big blender that includes a food processor
  • Maintaining it is easy
  • It has a well-made lid
  • It includes safe attachments
  • It comes with at least 12 different settings


  • Though this is designed to crush ice, it can struggle with this


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Ninja blender– Crushes ice well

Ninja blender

Imagine having a blender that not only helps you with creating smoothies but also meal preparation. Blending machines have come a long way since we now have such models that come at a very low cost. One of the blenders that can help you achieve is known as Ninja blender. This is a user-friendly blender that promotes ergonomic operation.

You can use it to blend frozen fruits or even chop dried foods. If you like making cold refreshing smoothies, feel free to include ice in this blender since it crushes it into snow easily. Ninja blender contains two sized jars and includes an anti-spill splash guard. The problem with some of the poorly made blenders is that they tend to splash out some ingredients if not properly closed during blending. You will not experience this while using Ninja blender due to the inclusion of this feature.

It also comes with blades and storage lids that are very easy to clean. During washing, avoid immersing the powerhead in water to avoid any electrical issues. You can clean most of the blender parts with a simple damp sponge and mild soap, then store the removable parts on a clean dishwasher to dry.

This blender uses pulse technology to deliver fast results and blade technology, leading to smooth and consistent drinks. Like the rest of the blenders on our list, Ninja blender uses a BPA-free jar which enhances safety. During purchase, you should expect a limited warranty of one year on this blender.


  • It has a feature that prevents ingredients from splashing out during blending.
  • It is both a blender and a food processor.
  • The blender uses technology that makes it high performing.


  • It comes with a limited warranty


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What you should consider before buying the best blenders under $50

Most modern kitchens now have blenders, and so should yours. Even if you don’t have a lot of money to invest in this kitchen appliance, you can still find a valuable one under $50. A blender can change the way you have been taking your drinks or preparing some meals. To find the best blenders under $50, you have to pay attention to some crucial factors. Some of them are discussed as follows.

  • Features

The most affordable blenders available today have differing features. You need to find out the specific features that a certain model comes with before paying for it. While some of the features are common in most models, you can find unique features that make a particular model more efficient. For instance, the pulse button is a great feature that a good budget-friendly blender should have. If you find a good blender with a single-speed button and a pulse button, you should not overlook it since this can lead to great smoothies that have a fine texture.

  • Accessories

Apart from the main features available in a blender under $50, you should also find one that has some useful accessories. From our list above, you can see some models with different lids designed for drinking or storage and additional traveling cups. The best blenders under $50 also include extra attachments and add-on blades that make them more functional. Choosing a blender with most of these accessories can help you get more value for your cash.

  • Your needs

You should also consider your specific needs before you choose a blender. For instance, if you like your smoothies ice-cold, you should choose a blender that can crush ice. Such a blender needs a lot of power for it to crush ice. If you want a blender that can also help you grind dried foods, you should choose a versatile one. Focus on the models that handle both blending and food processing.

  • Warranty

Take some time to check the warranty that different budget-friendly blenders come with. Find out what the manufacturer covers under the warranty so that you can assess if it is worth investing in. Though the best pocket-friendly blenders can give you service, they are not immune to damage. Choosing one with a long-term warranty can prevent you from spending a lot of cash trying to repair it.

  • Lifespan

Look for a blender that can last you for a reasonable amount of time. Look at the quality of parts used in its making to assess how durable it can be. Reading other customer reviews can also help you figure out if you are about to invest in a long-lasting blender.


Can I blend hot liquids in a blender?

Yes, you can, but not in every blender. Most pocket-friendly blenders are designed for cold liquids. If you need one for hot liquids, look for one that has a glass jar.

Is a blending machine the same as a juicer?

No. A juicer is a bit limiting since it is designed to separate the juice from different fruits. On the other hand, a blender can help you mix different fruits and vegetables to create a thick delicious paste.

How should I maintain my blender?

Wash it after each use and use a damp cloth to dry parts such as the blade, lid, and container.


Taking smoothies and shakes throughout the day can prevent you from feeling hungry every few minutes. If you want to start maintaining a healthier lifestyle, one of the kitchen appliances that you should invest in is a blender. We have reviewed the best blenders under $50 that can help you make different drinks and grind spices while at the same time saving you cash. Apart from comparing them, pay attention to our buying guide above before you make your final decision.

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