Best blender to make baby food

Nursing a baby can be one of the most exciting and stressful times of your life. You need to make the right decisions when it comes to feeding your baby so they grow up to be healthy and strong. For this to happen you need the right kind of baby foods, and making them can be quite time-consuming. But, things have changed courtesy of technology.

Baby food blenders do just that. They help you prepare baby food with ease. They put you in control over food preparation hence saving you the valuable time you could have spent going to the groceries. You can make a host of different dishes with these food blenders hence offering your baby variety. However, choosing the right product is not that straightforward with multiple blenders available in the market. This buying guide helps you narrow down your options.

Best blender to make baby food

Beaba Babycook – Best steamer heating system

This has to be arguably one of the most baby food blenders in the market. The blender will help you prepare your vegetables, fruits, and meats in less than 15 minutes. The blender features a cool simplistic design with a large 4.7 cup bowl with graduation markings. It will help you make a variety of baby foods from solids to purees.

The Beaba Babycook features an auto-shut off feature to prevent food overcooking. You also have a timer with a sound that informs you when the food is done. Materials that come into contact with the food are BPA, phthalate, and lead-free. Included in the purchase are a mixing lid, cooking basket, recipe booklet, and spatula. You can set the device to cooking then when you are sure it is soft turn it to blend the mixture.

The Blender is available in a variety of colors from black, cloud, pine, navy, rose gold, and white. It is also dishwasher safe which makes it easy to clean. Besides, blending and steaming the blender allows you to refrigerate foods then simply defrost and reheat with the blender. With the steamer, you are able to retain most of the vitamins and essential nutrients in baby food. With a large capacity container, you can get up to 18 servings of baby food at a go.


  • Easy to use one-touch operation
  • Allows you to steam, blend and preheat foods
  • Large capacity pitcher
  • Patented steam heating system
  • Compact and simplistic design


  • Can steam very small amounts of water

WHALELOVE Baby food maker – Best for pre-heating baby milk

The WHALELOVE blender operates as a blender and steamer. It is also capable of milk warming, fast heating, and has an auto tank cleaning. The product is made from safe parts that won’t harm your baby. The blender operates through a powerful 18,000rpm high-speed motor. With powerful stainless steel blades, it is capable of cutting through anything you throw at it.

The blender is quite compact and comes with a bright LCD screen. This gives you one-key automatic steaming and blending functions. The quick milk warming function is compatible with almost 99% of all baby bottles. The function will heat your milk to around 104˚F in less than 4 minutes. It will also quickly heat and defrost baby food.

The blender also comes with a self-cleaning functionality that does the job in less than 5 minutes. The basic design of the blender is to have products that prevent leaks. In this regard, you have a seamless sealing ring and a 304 stainless steel blade. The blender is made from BPA-safe components meaning they do not have lead or any contaminants that can affect the baby’s food. The blender also comes with an overheating protection functionality that auto–shuts after 5 minutes of inactivity.


  • Self-cleaning and auto-shut mechanism
  • Works as a blender, steamer, and heater
  • A powerful motor capable of cutting through various ingredients
  • Made from safe equipment


  • The brand is not well known

Baby Brezza – Best for automatic Blend and steam

The blender allows you to steam and puree. It does this without the need to adjust your settings. This means you can steam food and then automatically puree it. This ability saves you time as you can set the blender to the right settings then leave it and come back later.

The blender is also fast and you should handle most of the functions in less than 10 minutes for each stage. The blender comes with a 3.5 capacity bowl with 3 reusable food pouches. You also get filling funnels for storing and serving baby food.

You can remove the steam tank for easy cleaning while the blade and bowl are dishwasher safe. The control panel is simplistic in design and easy to use. They only feature 3 operational settings – blend only, steam only, and automatically blend after steaming. The blender also comes with a one-year warranty. The components are BPA-free.

The Baby Brezza is equipped with unique viper blades for precision blending and consistency. The blender has built a name for itself having won several blender awards like the “Best Food Makers of 2018” for the Huffington Post.


  • Ability to blend and steam automatically
  • Easy to control panel
  • Blends food to the precision courtesy of viper blades
  • Easy to clean


  • The provided 3.5-cup capacity bowl is a bit small

Baby Bullet Blender System – Best value for Money Blender

The Baby Bullet comes as a 20 piece system with six storage cups each with a date-dial functionality, power base, baby blend blade, 1 stay fresh resealable lid, easy pop batch tray made from silicone, 1 short cup, spatula, tip-proof tray, and recipe book. With all these, you are capable of making a week’s worth of baby food and warm it in less than 5 minutes. All the components are baby safe and BPA certified.

The baby bullet runs on a 200-watt motor that while not that power is well capable of blending baby food. Though you need to be careful with raw vegetables as they can jam the blades. To blend them effectively fast steam them. The blender offers simple operation modes and will serve you well while your baby is in need of baby food. The components are also easy to clean and considering the price you are getting them for, it does offer some good value for money.

The silicon-based batch tray allows you to freeze an assortment of baby food. You can easily pop out a container for use at any time.


  • Affordable with multiple components
  • Easy to use and clean
  • One-year limited warranty
  • Dishwasher safe parts


  • The motor is not that powerful to cut through raw vegetables

QOOC 4-in-1 Mini Baby Food maker – Best for Quiet motor

This is a quiet and compact baby food maker that allows you to defrost, blend, steam, and reheat baby food. The blender comes in white color and has a stainless steel blade. It is dishwasher safe making cleaning it easy. The blender is made from safe and innovative materials that are rated to be BPA. This means they are phthalate and lead-free.

All controls are simple to use meaning you do not have to put the baby down to press buttons. The precision blades are powerful enough to cut through everything from nuts to veggies. You can easily chop and puree at a press of a button simultaneously. The compact size means you can store it almost anywhere in your kitchen without it taking up space. The blender is capable of defrosting and preheating baby food. The blender also produces less noise when compared to others in the market. Included is a recipe book to get you started.

On the downside note that this is a mini-blender so your capacity during preparation is limited to small cups. The blending process also takes longer for one to achieve the right consistency.


  • Quiet motor
  • Ability to steam, defrost, blend and pre-heat
  • Easy to clean and use
  • One-year limited warranty


  • This is a mini-blender, which may be limited in terms of capacity

Factors to consider when purchasing Blender for making baby food

Baby food is quite delicate and this necessitates a blender that can carry out various functions at a go. This means a blender that can steam, pre-heat food, defrost, puree, and blend all at the same time. Other cooler versions will also come with baby bottle warming. The thing with baby food blenders is that they are not meant to last for long before the baby outgrows their food as such it would not make sense to invest in a very expensive machine.

The reason most mothers prefer baby food blenders is that it is cheaper than buying store-based baby food. It is environmentally safe and your baby benefits from consuming freshly made food. You also get the power to control what your baby is eating at all times. You can limit the ingredients, salts, and preservatives. It also gives you the option to prepare a host of dishes from herbs to meats. As the baby grows you can start to puree what the other members of the family are consuming. The baby makers are great time savers as you it saves you time to steam, heat, and prepare baby foods.

Type of blender

For baby food blenders you will mainly find two types of blenders – the countertop and the immersion blender. The countertop blender is the most common type of blender and comes with a base containing the motor and the top container from where you put your ingredients. For baby food blenders you will also have an additional container where you can put water for steaming. The benefits of the countertop blender are that most are multi-purpose in that you can use them for puree, blending, steaming, and preheating. You can also defrost foods with them. Look for a blender that plays multiple roles as this saves you time and money. You should also be on the lookout for the accessories offered with the countertop blender. Some will come with additional cups and trays. The other blender you can consider is the immersion blender. This one is handheld and as such comes with a motor on the top and the blending blades at the bottom. With an immersion blender, you can plug it into a socket or it may come with rechargeable batteries. The blender can be immersed into a pot or bowl. This helps you control the texture and consistency of the baby food. Some of the immersion blenders also come with variable speeds so you can determine which foods require more power or less. The other cool benefit about immersion blenders is they come in handy once your baby starts to transition to eating what the other members are consuming. You can separate their food then blend it to the right texture.

Ease of use

Since you are handling the baby and the food-making process you do not want a blender with complicated functionality. What you want is something simple to use that allows you to multi-task. You can be holding the baby while pureeing food. Most of the blenders in the market will come with multi-function settings such that you can move from steaming to blending automatically. The blender that you choose should also not be time-consuming. It should get the job done in the least time.


With a baby on your shoulders, you do not need more housecleaning work. It is imperative that you go for blenders that are easy to clean. This may mean going for those that are rated to be dishwasher safe. Since baby food preparation requires one to maintain a high standard of cleanliness choose a blender that allows for easy cleaning.


While the baby blender helps you prepare baby food you should go for a blender that serves you through all the stages of the baby life. This means it should get you through the early stage when you need puree to a season when you need more chunky foods. This means the blender blades and motor should be powerful enough to handle a variety of food items.


This is a factor many people may ignore, you should get a blender that is portable enough for easy carrying and storage. When you are traveling you should be able to carry with your blender with other baby stuff. Blenders with various travel accessories tend to be the best as they are designed with lids for easy transportation.


Since you are dealing with baby food you need to be extra careful to ensure that the components used for your blender are baby safe. You should be on the lookout for components that are rated as BPA safe, phthalate-free, and lead-free. A blender may be cheap but it could also be made from materials that are not baby safe. It is imperative that you get the very best product for your baby. Some blenders will come with various safety features like auto-shut which means when not in use it will automatically shut itself off. Poor materials will also affect the texture of food.


Like all electronic equipment, it is imperative you consider the manufacturer’s warranty during purchase. A warranty keeps your blender protected should it break down after purchase. Most blenders come with one-year warranties but you will find some higher-end models with warranties of up to 5 years. Read the fine print to know what the warranty covers and the duration, you may find the duration varies for the motor and parts.


You will also need to consider your budget when purchasing a baby food maker. Some of the premium models offering a host of functions like steaming, defrosting, and blending tend to be pricier. However, in the end, they do offer good value for money as you get to do all your baby food preparation in one machine. Established brands are the way to go as you are assured of the quality of materials used. Since you are dealing with baby food you need to be extra careful to ensure you get the safest materials. Baby food makers range in price from as low as $50 to a high of over $150. Most do not have powerful motors operating at around 200 to 500 watts. The reason being most baby food is not that hard.


For this review out top pick is the Beaba Babycook. The device allows you to cook and puree baby food at the same time. The premium blender comes with a 4.7 cup bowl that is large enough for baby food and it also comes with graduation markings. The blender can be used for baby and toddler food at any f their stages. It is a premium product so you do not need to keep worrying about components breaking down.

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