Best blender for nuts and seeds

If you want to start consuming healthier foods, you should consider adding more seeds and nuts into your diet. These are healthy since they can enhance the function of your body muscles, heart, and even lungs.

For you to enjoy consuming nuts and seeds, you need a good blender. This can save you cash since you can make all kinds of butter from your kitchen. You need a powerful blender that can help you crush different seeds and nuts. That is where we come in. Today, we will discuss the best blender for nuts and seeds that you should consider buying. Besides reviewing popular models, we will also tell you the secret to choosing the best blender for different seeds and nuts. Check out this comparison table before you proceed.

A comparison table for the best blender for nuts and seeds

Best features
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Jawz countertop blender
· Wide base
· Ten variable speed settings
11.7 pounds
Instant Ace Nova
· Heating element
· 1000 watt motor
15. 2 pounds
Vitamix E310 Explorian
· Thermal protection and radial cooling fan
11.5 pounds
Cuisinart CBT-2000
· BPA-free jar and a soft handle
1.1 pound
Nutribullet 600 nutrient extractor
· Stainless steel blades
· BPA-free plastic cups
5.5 pounds

Reviewing the best blender for nuts and seeds

Jawz countertop blender– Ideal for both professional and home use

Jawz countertop blender

Taking nuts and seeds from time to time can prevent you from excess hunger so that you don’t keep on snacking on unhealthy things. If this is what you wish to achieve, you should consider investing in a good blender such as this one. Jawz countertop blender is a powerful appliance that can help you crush different seeds and nuts within no time. It comes with an excellent motor that enables it to work on solid ingredients effortlessly.

Jawz is also a unique blender with a wide base that enhances stability while blending hard stuff. Even when you place it on a countertop, you don’t have to worry about it falling off. When you want to blend seeds and nuts, you need to focus on a blender that can deliver a simple operation, and the Jawz countertop blender does not disappoint.

It comes with different features that make it easy to use. For instance, the available speed dial makes controlling it a breeze. You will also like the size of the jar that this blender comes with. Since it is large, it gives you enough room to blend a lot of nuts or seeds in a single round so that you don’t have to keep on repeating the process. The size of this jar can also save you time.

The blade design of this blender also makes it ideal for grinding different seeds and nuts. It comes with steel blades that can easily crush through tough ingredients. You can even use it to make other things such as smoothies. Apart from being a blender, this device also includes a food processor that makes it versatile. You will not fail to notice the ten variable speed settings included in this blender. These can give you more control while blending different types of seeds and nuts. Jawz countertop blender also comes in an elegant design.


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Instant Ace Nova– Highly flexible

Instant Ace Nova

Experiment with different nut and seed flavors using this blender. Instant ace nova is one of the best blenders that have unique features. It is ideal for recipes that need toasted elements. One of the things that makes this blender different from regular models is the inclusion of a heating device.

This gives you more flexibility since it allows you to cook food as you blend or even keep different foods warm once you are through with the blending. It can keep any food warm for a few hours after blending for late-night meals. The all-purpose blender also draws people’s attention since it features a powerful blade system. This blender does not struggle to crush through tough nuts and can help you create smooth butter. Most people also consider this blender to be the best since it can even crush through the ice without getting damaged, thanks to its sharp blades.

We also like the numerous settings that it comes with since it can offer a more customized blending experience. The manufacturer of Instance ace nova equips it with nine one-touch programs that you can use while making different kinds of butter. It also comes with a 1000 watts motor which makes it more powerful than conventional models. This kitchen appliance delivers reliable speed to help you create nutritious butter.

You don’t even have to be experienced in blending nuts and seeds for you to use Instant Ace Nova since it has a straightforward operation. Cleaning this device after blending nuts and seeds will not give you a headache. This is because it is based on the smart program, which enables the quick removal of food residue from different parts in seconds.

The package even includes a brush that you can use in eliminating the rest of the leftovers once this smart program has done its part. Though this a professional blender, many people are investing in this blender for home use. It is a lightweight blender that comes with a comfortable design.


  • It includes a heating element
  • Has different blending settings
  • It comes with sharp blades
  • Includes a cleaning brush
  • User-friendly


  • Some customers complain about the lid leaking occasionally
  • It comes with a limited warranty


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Vitamix E310 Explorian– It has variable speeds

Vitamix E310 Explorian

The best blender for nuts and seeds should come with numerous features you can use in different situations. That is what you should expect if you invest in this Vitamix blender. One of the critical functions that make it different from the rest is the blundering feature. Since this is a smart function, it prevents you from putting so much effort every time you wish to blend nuts and seeds.

You will also notice a performance indicator in this model. The black container that comes with this blender is about 48 ounces, which can meet a small family’s blending needs. It allows you to control the speed based on your preference since this blender comes with at least ten variable rates. You can rely on such speeds to help you create a very smooth paste from seeds or nuts. Vitamix is also great at crushing ice.

Like most great blenders for nuts and seeds, you will also find a pulse feature in this model. Since this kitchen appliance has a 3-inch blade, it consistently blends seeds and nuts. The manufacturer uses stainless aircraft steel to make this blade so that it can grind through different ingredients with ease.

As part of this blender’s design is a radial cooling fan as well as a thermal protection system. This can protect the blender from getting damaged even if you pour something hot into it. Since this is a self-cleaning blender, it can also save you some time once you are done preparing your favorite butter. Some of the tools you should expect as part of this blender package are a cookbook and cups.


  • Made from quality components
  • It has a lot of unique features
  • Includes a cookbook guide
  • Offers different speed settings


  • It is not ideal for blending nuts and seeds for many people


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Cuisinart CBT-2000– Comfortable to use

Cuisinart CBT-2000

Technology has led to the introduction of quality blenders with smart features that make grinding nuts and seeds enjoyable. One of the unique features that you can enjoy from this Cuisinart blender is the memory recipe. This feature remembers your recipe so that you don’t have to keep on adjusting the blender every time you want to mix your usual ingredients.

Cuisinart blender for seeds and nuts comes with a BPA-free jar that is about 64 ounces. The large capacity allows you to blend such substances in high quantity so that you can spare some extra time for other kitchen duties. The jar also comes with a soft handle that can boost comfort during use.

This is among the best blender for nuts and seeds that can help you with both light and heavy-duty blending tasks. Most customers reveal that it delivers smooth pastes from seeds and nuts. The blender works at a speed ranging between 1500 and 25000 RPM. You will also appreciate the addition of different programs in this model, which makes it ideal for different blending styles. Since it has an active knob, it puts you in complete control of the blending sessions.

The manufacturer that came up with this model is keen on safety. You can tell this from the on/off motor control function included in this mode. Before you invest in this blender for nuts and seeds, you should understand that it is less portable. This is a heavy-weight blender that is designed to work from one permanent location.

Cuisinart CBT-2000 is also a user-friendly blender that anyone can use to blend nuts and seeds. It comes with an impressive LCD display that can guide you on how to blend such things. Most users are also impressed with the available programmable countdown timer.


  • It is safe to use
  • Delivers excellent speed
  • Includes different programs for customized blending
  • It comes with a BPA-free jar


  • It is cumbersome to move around


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Nutribullet 600 nutrient extractor– Elegant design

Nutribullet 600 nutrient extractor

If you have been searching for a blender that does not limit you to only grinding nuts and seeds, you should consider Nutribullet. This versatile blender can help you fulfill all your blending needs within a short duration. It comes with a 600W motor that makes it a powerful blender capable of crushing even tough things.

The blade design of this blender also makes it among the best for nuts and seeds. If you choose this blender, you should expect a blade made designed with cyclonic action to crush even the toughest grains. This blender can also give you value for your cash since it comes with many valuable tools. For instance, the packaging includes cups and resealable lids. You can use the BPA-free plastic cups for years since they are made from quality material.

It gives you a simple way to make nutritious and healthy drinks and butter that can enhance your immunity. You will also like the elegant look of this blender since it can make your kitchen look classy. Once you purchase the Nutribullet nutrient extractor, you will get a one-year warranty for it. Cleaning this blender is also easy after making butter since you only need to twist off its blade then use water and soap to clean most of the parts.


  • It includes a quality blade
  • The blender is user-friendly
  • It comes in a compact size
  • Includes a powerful motor


  • Some users are not impressed with the loud noise it produces.


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How to find the best blender for nuts and seeds

The best blender for seeds and nuts can support your weight loss journey. It helps you prepare nutritious butters from nuts and seeds, which are great for your health. Though there are so many blenders that you can pick from in the market, you need to go for a high-end blender that can easily blend seeds and nuts.

  • Size

Nuts and most seeds tend to take up a lot of space in a blender. Since some of the seeds also come in a large size, you need to choose a blender that can provide enough room for them. Comparing different blenders for nuts and seeds can help you find large-sized ones that can fulfill your needs. Such a blender can also help you blend a large batch of seeds or nuts in a single round. Do not choose a small-sized blender since this can force you to blend small batches of nuts a couple of times before you finally get the quantity you desire.

  • Power

The best blender for nuts and seeds should also have high motor power. Since these ingredients are tough to blend, you should go for a blending machine with the highest motor power. From our reviews above, you can see some models that even have a 1000watt motor. A good blender should break down nuts and seeds into tiny particles and convert them into a smooth-like paste. If you choose a blender that does not have a very powerful motor and use it to blend nuts or seeds, it can give you disappointing results.

  • Speed

As you assess the best blenders for nuts and seeds, you should pay attention to the speed settings they come with. A good one should have different speed settings for better control. Consider getting a blender that has at least four programs to help you achieve different blending purposes.

  • Materials

The materials used in making a blender for nuts and seeds can tell you if you are investing in a long-lasting kitchen appliance. The market offers blenders that come with materials such as glass, plastic, or stainless steel. Ensure you choose one made from durable and BPA-free materials.

  • Accessories

To get value for your cash, you should not only pay attention to the main features of a blender but also the accessories it comes with. The best blender for nuts and seeds comes with numerous accessories that can boost your experience. For instance, choose one that has a tamper since this can make blending nuts and seeds easy. It can also make the final product have a smooth texture.

If you get a blender that has an extra blade, you should not disregard it. Sometimes, the blender’s main blade tends to get dull from frequent grinding of nuts and seeds. Choosing a blender that includes a second blade as part of the accessories can save you some cash. Small-sized cups are also a nice accessory to have in a blender.


How long should I blend nuts or seeds in a blender?

This depends on the blender you are using. Most models allow you to blend nuts and seeds within ten minutes. You can even give them another extra two minutes for the butter to blend thoroughly.

What blender settings do I need to make smooth almond butter?

Consider using the highest setting on a blender for you to come up with a smooth texture of this butter. Start on low settings and then increase gradually.

Does the design matter when looking for a blender for nuts and seeds?

Yes. The best blender for this should have a wide flat container. This design ensures that there is enough room for the nuts at the bottom part and provides more stability during blending.


Nuts such as peanuts and almonds are healthy snacks that you should consider consuming regularly. Buying a blender can encourage you to make different kinds of butter from them. We have reviewed the best blender for nuts and seeds to make your shopping easier. If you have already identified an ideal model, check if it meets the criteria above.

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