Best blender for milkshakes

Do you enjoy taking desserts such as milkshakes? If yes, you don’t have to keep on spending your money or time running to a store to get one.

Consider making your favorite milkshake from home using a blender. Doing this can help you learn how to use different ingredients to make all kinds of milkshakes. To find the best blender for milkshakes, you have to understand the most important features you should be looking for and choose one from a reputable brand. We will discuss the highest-rated blenders to help you find an ideal option. You can also learn the most crucial factors that make up a good blender through our guide. Enjoy!

A comparison table for the best blender for milkshakes

Best features
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Oster BLSTBC4129

· Powerful motor
· Includes milkshake attachments
12 pounds
Breville BSB510XL
· It is comfortable to use
· Operates at low noise levels
3.8 pounds
Nutribullet RX-N171001
· High Nutrient extraction
· Made using smart technology
1 pound
Mueller Austria immersion blender
· Nine- speed settings
· 500-watt motor
2.1 pounds
Black decker blender

· It has a measuring lid and a spout
4.4 pounds

Reviewing the best blender for milkshakes

Oster BLSTBC4129– It is multifunction

Oster BLSTBC4129

If you want to purchase a good blender for milkshakes but have a low budget, you should consider this model. Since this comes with an affordable price tag, it can help you save some cash. You can use it to make light milkshakes at home.

This Oster blender stands out since it comes with a powerful motor that makes it easy to crush even the toughest ice cream. You will also appreciate extra milkshake attachments included in this blender. For instance, it has a blade that is designed to infuse air into the milkshake. The tabletop blender comes with a jug made of glass, a milkshake jar made from stainless steel, and a mini jar that comes with a lid.

The blending jar included in this model is scratch-resistant, and it can withstand temperature changes. This is a versatile blender that also includes a food processor attachment to help you prepare some homemade dips.

If you are not new to using blenders, you will not fail to notice the markings available on the filler cap. These can help you measure the specific ingredients that you use to make milkshakes. Most customers also find this blender easy to maintain. Cleaning it should only take you a few minutes once you have made your favorite milkshake. Though this blender does not include an auto-clean feature, all of its parts are dishwasher-safe.

The elegant design of this blender is also hard to overlook. It comes in a classic beehive design that can make it stand out in your kitchen counter. Your purchase is accompanied by a ten-year warranty for your peace of mind.


  • Features a stainless steel blade
  • It comes with a glass jar
  • It contains a powerful motor
  • Have an extended warranty


  • It lacks an auto-clean function


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Breville BSB510XL– Easy to operate

Breville BSB510XL

Apart from countertop blenders, some immersion blenders are also great at making milkshakes. If you would like to invest in this blender type, you should consider well-known models such as this Breville blender. You can rely on this blender to help you prepare different milkshakes. It blends ice cream and frozen berries into thick and frosty mixtures that many families enjoy.

Using this blender can change the variety of breakfast you make your family from time to time. One of the features that this blender comes with is the power button. Since this is strategically placed near your fingers, it can give you a comfortable experience even if you use it for an extended duration. The manufacturer also includes a rubber handle that is quite soft.

The power that is produced by this blender is enough to help you mix and blend different ingredients when making milkshakes. It is equipped with a 280-watt motor. According to most customers, the Breville blender does not produce so much noise during use. The manufacturer is not only keen on comfort but also safety. You can tell this from the shroud used to cover the blades of this blender. This ensures that you can easily clean the blades without hurting yourself.

Since this blender’s immersion depth is about 8 inches, it gives you the liberty to blend even large quantities of different ingredients in a deep bowl. This appliance can therefore fulfill the blending needs of a large-sized family. We also consider it among the best blenders for milkshakes since it is of high quality and cost-effective.


  • It comes in an ergonomic design
  • It includes 15 speeds
  • You can mix a lot of ingredients into it
  • It is comfortable to use


  • Some users find this blender to be too tall


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Nutribullet RX-N17-1001– It has an excellent performanceNutribullet RX-N17-1001

Though this blender’s high cost discourages some potential customers, you should consider investing in it since it can be worth it. This is a quality blender that can help you make your favorite milkshake for a long time. One of the things that makes it unmatched is the inclusion of a 1700 watt motor.

With such power, it can easily crush even the toughest ingredients. With this blender, you don’t have to keep on doing any manual work. Most customers are impressed by this blender’s beautiful design since it can add aesthetic value to your kitchen.

One of the reasons it is highly-priced is that it includes high-tech features that you may not find in most regular blenders for milkshakes. The manufacturer used smart technology in the creation of this blending machine. It has a start and auto-stop function that enhance safety during use.

It can help extract all the valuable nutrients from the ingredients you use to make different milkshakes so that you can get the most out of the elements. Nutribullet comes with a 1-liter pitcher and a 30-ounce mixer cup. It also has a heating cycle for different sauces to enable you to make balanced meals from time to time. Whether you want to make milkshakes for one or a big family, you can achieve this through this blender.

Cleaning this blender will not take much of your time after making your favorite milkshake. You only need some soap and warm water for you to rinse different parts of the blender, such as the jar, blade, and lid.


  • Cleaning it is easy
  • It contains high tech features
  • Elegant design
  • It comes with a powerful motor
  • It includes a heating cycle


  • High price


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Mueller Austria immersion blender– It is budget-friendly


Mueller Austria immersion blender

From the best blenders for milkshakes that we have discussed, you will find this model a bit different. This blender does not come with a container like the rest, but it can help you make delicious milkshakes within a short duration. Mueller Austria is an immersion blender that is designed to withstand even extraordinary use.

It comes with a copper motor that makes it at least three times more powerful than ordinary blenders for milkshakes. You can remove parts such as the motor and the blades of this blender when you want to clean it easily. The manufacturer also includes a safety lock in it to prevent any risks of getting hurt while using this immersion blender.

Apart from the 500-watt motor, this blender can help you make very smooth milkshakes due to the inclusion of a high-quality blade made from stainless steel. The manufacturer also uses copper in the making of this blender. It also comes with a weighing shaft and a detachable pole. Most customers that choose this blender for milkshakes are also impressed with its compact size. The affordable price of this immersion blender will also draw your attention.

If you choose this blender, you should expect at least nine-speed settings that you can use. It, therefore, gives you control of your blending based on what you would like to make. Feel free to attach a whisk to this immersion blender when you need a smooth and more consistent drink.


  • Your purchase comes with a warranty for two years
  • It is a multipurpose blender
  • Budget-friendly
  • It has a safety lock


  • The packaging does not include a container


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Black decker blender– It easily crushes ice

Black decker blender

If you need a lightweight blender that you can use to make milkshakes from different locations, you should consider Black Decker. This is one of the best benders that can help you crush different ingredients easily to make some delicious milkshakes. Your family will enjoy the milkshakes you make using this blender since it can grind, mix and even blend all kinds of ingredients. For instance, you can use this blender to crush ice and even frozen fruits.

One of the things that make Black decker an ideal blender is the inclusion of up to ten speeds. You can easily customize the settings based on your preference while blending different ingredients. You will also appreciate the presence of a pulse function that can help you achieve a certain consistency when preparing milkshakes. As part of the packaging, you should expect at least 6 cup jars that are about 48 ounces.

The blade of this blender also makes it among the best since it enhances mixing at different levels. This blender comes with a 4 point blade made from stainless steel. Since most of the parts of Black and decker are dishwasher safer, cleaning it is easy. When it comes to the motor, this blender comes with a 550W motor that makes it quite powerful. This can help you make your favorite milkshakes in less time without using a lot of effort.

You don’t have to keep on leaving a mess on your countertop every time you create a milkshake using this blender. This is because the blender features a spout that makes pouring a milkshake into a container less messy. If you don’t know the right quantity of ingredients you want to use when making a particular milkshake, use the included measuring lid. This is a valuable feature that can help reduce guesswork when preparing milkshakes. The transparent plastic jar also enables you to see how the ingredients you are using while blending.


  • It includes a BPA-free jar
  • Has at least ten-speed settings
  • A pulse function is available
  • It is a lightweight blender


  • Some users don’t find this model long-lasting


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How to find the best blender for milkshakes

Both children and adults love taking milkshakes. This is a good appetizer that you can take in the morning for breakfast or after dinner. If you want to make your own milkshakes, you need a quality blender. This can help you blend different ingredients such as frozen berries and hard ice cream with smooth precision so that you can come up with a good milkshake that has a creamy texture.

With all the blender models available in the market, finding the best one can be a bit challenging. You have to evaluate the most critical factors for you to narrow down the options. Start by paying attention to the following.

  • Power

To make the best milkshakes, you need to invest in a powerful blender that will not disappoint. A powerful blender has a fast-rotating blade that can easily push all the milkshake ingredients to the center part for more efficient crushing and mixing. You need to get a blender with at least a 500W motor since this can prevent you from making milkshakes that have chunks of fruits or even ice cream with some lumps. If you need a blender that can help you prepare milkshakes for a large group, consider going for a more powerful one.

  • Speed

The speed settings of blenders for milkshakes also vary from one model to the other. While the cheapest blenders come with at least three-speed settings, you can also come across advanced blenders with up to ten-speed settings. If you need a blender that can help you make more than simple milkshakes, you should consider one with a high number of speed settings.

As you compare different models, you will also come across advanced blenders for milkshakes that feature pre-programmed settings. Such blenders are in high demand since they often come with timers that facilitate a hands-free operation. As you focus on the speed, you should also choose a blender for milkshakes with pulse settings. Such a blender can help you create a milkshake with a very smooth texture.

  • Size

Do you have a small or large family? You need to assess this before you pay for any blender for milkshakes. If, for instance, you live alone, then a small size blender can help you create milkshakes in sufficient quantity. The market also offers blenders with big jars for customers with large families. You can even find one that has a jar size of more than 60 ounces. This can be enough for you to make milkshakes for up to five individuals.

  • Material

Blenders for milkshakes also come in different materials. While some of the blender jars are made from stainless steel, others are made from glass or plastic. Though the material of a blender jar may not directly impact its performance, each material is different. If, for instance, you need a lightweight blender for making milkshakes, you should consider one that comes with a plastic jar. Such material is less prone to damage since it does not shatter even if you drop the blender. If you go for a plastic jar blender, ensure you choose one made using high-grade plastic since this is known to be scratch-resistant and BPA-free.

Are you looking for one that will not discolor after a few rounds of making milkshakes? If yes, consider choosing a blender that comes with a glass jar. The best blender for milkshakes comes with a glass jar that does not retain odors from different ingredients and is dishwasher-safe. If you work in a restaurant and want to purchase a blender for milkshakes, you should consider a stainless steel one.


Can a blender for milkshakes blend frozen fruits?

It depends on the model you choose. Most of the blenders meant for making milkshakes can help you crush frozen fruits. Check out the label before using a blender for this.

What can make my blender overheat?

Though blenders for milkshakes are designed to work well, they sometimes tend to overheat when used for a long time. Blending very thick foods can also cause this.

Are blenders for milkshakes easy to clean?

Most of them are. You should, however, check the guidelines to confirm which parts you can clean through the dishwasher.


Every buyer looking for a blender for milkshakes has differing needs. Since blenders for this purpose are not made equal, you have to compare them to find the most suitable one. Check out our reviews for the best blender for milkshakes and consider the above factors before you choose one. All the best!

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