Best Blender for Hummus

Do you have high blood pressure or experience digestive problems from time to time? If yes, you should be keen on your diet. Taking hummus can significantly boost your immunity.

Hummus can supply your body with valuable nutrients since it is made using a combination of different ingredients such as spices and chickpeas. This is not only a healthy dip but also a delicious one too. For you to prepare hummus, you need to invest in a good blender. The best blender can help you come with hummus in a very smooth texture.

We will discuss some of the best blenders for hummus to help you out. Apart from reviewing them, we will also help you find out the most crucial factors you should be keen on when looking for a blender for this nutritious dip. Here is more!

A comparison table for the best blender for hummus

Best features
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Blendtec Total classic
· One-touch buttons
· Strong and thick blades
7.2 pounds
Vitamix CIA professional series
· Speed control
· Commercial-grade parts
16 pounds
Kitchenaid five-speed blender
· Different speed settings
· Soft start feature
10 pounds
Oster Pro 1200
· It comes with a 1200 watt motor
· Hass sharp stainless steel blades
7 pounds
Cuisinart hand blender
· Copper grinder attachment
· Contains a whisk
3. 5 pounds

Reviewing the best blender for hummus

Blendtec Total classic blender-Features professional-grade power
Blendtec Total classic blender

If you want to make tasty hummus within a short duration, you should consider getting this blender. This delivers sufficient speed and power to crush the different ingredients you use to make hummus, such as canned chickpeas and garlic. You should expect a 1560 watt motor in this blender.

Many people consider this among the best blenders since it simplifies the process of making hummus. Lots of homesteads and commercial kitchens choose this blender for making hummus over other models. One of the things that makes this blender user-friendly is the inclusion of one-touch buttons. These allow you to adjust the blade cycles effortlessly so that you can make this dip in the texture you prefer.

Blendtec Total classic also differs from other blenders since it features strong and thick blades. According to the manufacturer, this blender’s blades are 80% thicker than those of conventional models. These can help you achieve the desired consistency as you prepare hummus. Since it comes with a jar that has a capacity of 75 oz, it gives you the chance to make enough hummus even for a large family. One of the things that many customers notice regarding this blender is that it does not come with an LED touchscreen. This is a good feature that some blenders have for easy control. Though Blendtec Total Classic lacks this feature, controlling it is still a breeze due to the inclusion of 6 pre-programmed cycles and manual speed controls.

Apart from this, the manufacturer also offers an eight-year warranty for this blender. You, therefore, don’t have to worry about paying for repairs any time soon in case it gets damaged. This extended warranty shows how confident the manufacturer is with the quality of the blender. Feel free to choose it from the four colors available.


  • Delivers excellent speeds
  • The manufacturer includes pre-programmed cycles
  • It comes with an extended warranty
  • It uses a BPA-free high capacity jar
  • Cleaning the blender is also easy


  • It lacks an LED touchscreen


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Vitamix CIA professional series– ideal for professional use
Vitamix CIA professional series

It took the collaboration of two different manufacturers to come up with this blender for hummus. Vitamix CIA professional series is a quality blender that will not disappoint when it comes to making hummus. The manufacturers use commercial-grade parts to create this quality blender. Though this may not be the cheapest blender for hummus, you should consider investing in this valuable blender.

One of the things that makes this a great blender is the inclusion of a powerful HP motor. The powerful blender can help you make hummus in great texture within a limited timeframe. It also includes laser-cut blades made from stainless steel, which are long-lasting and crush different ingredients with ease.

Most customers also consider it among the best blenders for hummus due to variable speed control. This gives you the liberty to vary the consistency based on how you like your hummus. By putting you in complete control of blending, you will not be disappointed when making this nutritious dip. Vitamin CIA blender also features pre-programmed settings that also enhance ease of use.

It comes with a BPA-free container that has a capacity of 64 ounces. This is enough for you to make a considerable amount of hummus at home. Apart from home use, most chefs that work in commercial kitchens also choose this model over others due to its solid construction. Most of the parts that are used in the making of this blender are designed to give you service for longer. This blender is not only easy to clean, but it also comes with a 30-day guarantee for you to decide if it is the right fit for you. The kitchen appliance has a warranty that can cover it for up to seven years.


  • It features speed control
  • It comes with a long term warranty
  • Made using commercial grade parts
  • It is durable


  • High price


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Kitchenaid 5-speed blender– Features a backlit control panel

Kitchenaid 5-speed blender

This is a classic blender that gives you access to up to five different speeds. Speeds such as stir, mix, puree, liquefy and chop make preparing hummus a simple task through this blender. Among these settings, most customers prefer using puree in making hummus.

From the looks of this blender, you can tell that it is a robust kitchen appliance that is not bound to break easily. It comes with a BPA-free pitcher. Most users like the fact that the pitcher does not scratch or stain easily. Even if you are new to using a blender in making hummus, you will not find the KitchenAid blender complicated to use. The problem with some regular blenders is that they have blades that tend to get stuck after some time. You can save yourself from such experiences by choosing this make. It is also among the best blenders since it can easily crush even hard stuff such as ice.

The manufacturer of this blender equips it with an Intelli-speed motor that can sense the different contents that you pour in and maintain the right speed to power through them. Kitchenaid blender has a soft start feature that is meant to start the motor at a reasonable rate. It then gradually pulls all the ingredients that you pour in closer to the blade and then increases to the specific speed setting that you choose.

Thanks to the use of a steel-reinforced coupler, the power can easily get transferred from the blender’s motor to the blade for enhanced blending of hummus. Once you have prepared this dip, you will not find cleaning this blender hard. It features a clean touch control panel that makes cleaning the blender a breeze.


  • It includes five speeds.
  • Delivers enough power for making consistent hummus
  • Made using quality and long-lasting materials
  • It is easy to maintain


  • It only comes with the pitcher


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Oster Pro 1200– It is budget-friendly
Oster Pro 1200

Instead of always making fat-heavy dips that don’t have a lot of nutritional benefits, you should consider making hummus for your family from time to time. The best blender can help you enjoy this protein-rich food. Oster Pro is a quality blender that you can rely on when it comes to making this dip. It is quite a popular option since it comes at a reasonable price.

It is not only cost-effective but also quite powerful. Oster Pro blender can help you make hummus in a short period since it features a 1200 watt motor. This is not your ordinary blender since it is made with a food processor, which increases flexibility.

The blender also stands out among regular models since it comes with at least three pre-programmed settings and seven grinding speeds. These make it a versatile blender that is not only suitable for making hummus. This can help you create very fine hummus blends due to the incorporation of reversible rotation. The manufacturer also uses bi-directional technology in the making of the Oster Pro blender. This means that the appliance can blend both forward and reverse to create very smooth hummus.

As you purchase this model, you should expect sharp blades made from stainless steel. This can cut through hard ingredients without struggling since they are larger than the ones found in most regular models. Many customers also appreciate the elegant finish of this blender that gives it a modern look. As part of the packaging, it comes with different accessories, including cups for blending and food processing.

This blender’s glass container is easy to maintain since it does not absorb smells from different ingredients. When you use ingredients such as garlic to make hummus, you don’t have to worry about the smell being transferred to your next meal as long as you wash the blender first. Since the glass jar can also withstand high temperatures, you can even use this blender to prepare hummus with hot chickpeas.


  • Includes a powerful motor
  • It is cost-effective
  • The blender contains stainless steel blades
  • It has a long term warranty
  • Includes a glass jar that can stand high temperature


  • The glass jar is heavy


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Cuisinart hand blender– Innovative blender

Cuisinart hand blender

While some customers go for regular blenders, others prefer using hand blenders. One of the hand blenders that can help you prepare delicious hummus is Cuisinart. This is a versatile kitchen appliance that can help you achieve a lot of things in the kitchen. One of the things that captivate many to this specific model is the stainless steel unit.

The blender is made with an ergonomic design so that you don’t struggle to hold it during use. Since the appliance comes with only two speeds, you can control it easily while making hummus. Besides the main unit, you will not fail to notice the chopper grinder attachment that this blender comes with. This feature is useful since it makes it easy for you to grind any hard ingredients that you want to add to your recipe, such as garlic.

It is also unique since it includes a whisk. This is a useful attachment that can help you assess the consistency of hummus from time to time during blending. Thanks to this feature, you can come up with nice-looking hummus. Since the beaker is calibrated, you can accurately measure the different ingredients you choose to include in hummus. Though Cuisinart has some useful features that make it among the best blenders for hummus, it is not as powerful as other models. The blender comes with a 200 watts motor.


  • The hand blender is easy to hold
  • It comes in an ergonomic design
  • It contains different useful attachments
  • Has a calibrated beaker


  • Less power


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What you should consider before getting the best blender for hummus

Have you been purchasing commercial hummus? If yes, you should consider making your own. Commercial hummus is not only expensive, but it also contains a lot of sodium that is may not be good for your health. Getting the best blender for hummus can help you create this dip from the comfort of your kitchen.

By making homemade hummus using a blender, you get to choose the ingredients that you like the most and measure the calories that you consume. The market has so many blenders that you can use to make homemade hummus. For you to find the best one for this purpose, you should pay attention to the following.

  • Solid construction

As you look for a good blender for hummus, you should go for one that is solidly built. It should have a strong base and be made from quality materials. Such a blender can help you enjoy preparing hummus for a long time. Look for one whose blades are made using long-lasting materials such as stainless steel so that it does not break within a few months of use.

  • Power

When preparing hummus, you need to use a powerful blender. Ingredients such as almonds are hard and require a lot of power to grind into a fine texture. Look for a powerful blender that comes with strong blades that can mix all the ingredients you use uniformly.

  • Size

Before you buy a blender for making hummus, you should first consider your situation. If, for instance, you want to make hummus for a large family, you should go for a larges sized blender. If you want one for commercial use, you should also pay attention to a blender’s capacity before paying for it. Buying a sizable blender can prevent you from making hummus in several loads. Look for one that comes with a large jar and bowl so that you can prepare the right amount of hummus you need fast.

  • Price

When you start shopping for the best blender for hummus online, you will realize that the market has both cheap and expensive models. Whether you choose an expensive or cheap one, you need to pay attention to the features it comes with and find out if it can give you value for your cash.

  • Speed

You should also check the speed settings that a blender comes with. One of the useful options that the best blenders for hummus include is the pulse function. This setting is important in a blender since it can grind the chickpeas you use to make hummus evenly to give you a fine texture. You should avoid blenders that only subject you to slow speed settings since this can make the blade keep on missing out on some of the grains leading to hummus that contains some uncrushed and rough grains.

  • Cleaning

Properly maintaining a blender is important once you make hummus. Ensure you go for one that is easy to clean. Since some of the thick particles tend to stick on different parts of the blender, a good one should come with removable parts that you can clean and dry separately.


What ingredients should I use while making hummus in a blending machine?

This depends on your preference. Some of the common ingredients that most people use include tahini, olive oil, chickpeas, chili, and salt.

Which is the best jar material for a blender for hummus?

Choosing a blender with a glass jar is advisable since this can resist odors.

How can make hummus smooth when blending?

Consider using a whisk attachment to smoothen it out.


Since many people now understand the numerous benefits of hummus, the demand for the right blenders to help prepare this dip is high. If you want to try making it for the first time, consider buying one of the best blenders for hummus discussed above.

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