Best blender for frozen fruit

It is not a secret that consuming fruits and vegetables more often will bring a healthy change to your life, and more people are incorporating the use of blenders to make healthier foods at home, rather than buying expensive supplements. However, the blenders you saw your grandmother using in her kitchen for the simpler blending tasks are not the same as the ones currently in the market.

Today, they are versatile and powerful enough to handle a variety of tasks; more than just whipping some cream or blending smoothies. They can make peanut butter, grind your frozen fruit and vegetables, heat soups, and even grind coffee. In this review, we look at the best 5 blenders to handle your frozen fruits, as well as what to look for when searching for a blender.


Best blender for frozen fruit – Comparison table

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Vitamix S30 professional blender
40 oz.
NutriBullet Pro 13-piece system
32 oz.
Blendtec Total Classic blender
75 oz.
Ninja Professional blender
72 oz.
Vitamix 750 Professional series
64 oz.


Reviews of the best blenders for frozen fruit

Vitamix S30 professional-grade blender

Vitamix S30 professional-grade blender

You cannot escape Vitamix when you are looking into blenders, thanks to its functionality and high-profile smart features. The most noticeable aspects are the dishwasher-safe components, the pulse function and its 10 variable speed controls, and easy detachment of the blade unit. The unit has a very powerful 790-watt motor that blends all your ingredients, just like other Vitamix blenders, and it is easy to store, making it a great blender for a small family.

The package includes 2 BPA-free containers and an extra 20-ounce travel cup/blending pitcher in addition to the 40-ounce jar. The container is also great for making small-size recipes such as nut butter, salsas, frozen desserts, and soups. Similar to other Vitamix blenders, you also get a tamper to push down the ingredients as they blend.

The container has a stylish design and includes several highly engineered aspects. To prevent leaking, the blender includes a liquid collection and drain area at the top of the base; and the motor will only start when you set up the machine properly, as a safety mechanism. Its motor is a 790-watt type with a peak power of 840 watts, which is weaker than other Vitamix blenders, but this is not a major negative since it is meant to make small servings.

The system has an automatic shut-off function as a safety measure and improving your blender’s lifespan, and its base is highly stable due to its use of base-bearing technology. Its 4-prong design blades are comprised of aircraft-grade stainless steel with a 2.5-inch diameter, and these blades are easy to detach and clean after use while remaining strong enough to handle multiple ingredients.


  • Very good when handling single and smaller servings
  • The package includes portable blender cups and two containers
  • All components are dishwasher-safe
  • The build includes 10 variable speed controls
  • It is good for many recipes
  • Includes a pulse function
  • Quiet mechanism


  • Quite bulky
  • Lacks preset programs


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NutriBullet Pro 13-piece blender system

NutriBullet Pro 13-piece blender system

Many people know NutriBullet blenders as good options if you want to get the most out of your vegetables and fruits. Thanks to its 900-watt power mechanism and high-speed blending abilities, it is strong enough to pulverize any type of food. The system includes an easy-to-understand user manual, a hard-cover recipe book, a pocket nutritionist, 2 handled lip rings, 2 flip-flop lids, an emulsifying blade, and 2 cups.

Despite all its advantages, however, it does have its issues. Compared to previous NutriBullet models, the materials in use here are flimsy and easy to break even when they fall once. It can also experience some issues with smooth operation, as the unit tends to bounce on the countertop as it blends your ingredients. Additionally, the operation is so loud, it can irritate you and those around you when you use it.

The blade tends to unscrew and lead to leaking of your blended results, and the tabs that hold your drinking lids in place can unscrew at times. However, that does not mean your efforts to use it are futile, as it is still good enough to handle general blending and making your smoothies and other products in smaller quantities.


  • It has a strong motor that you can use to break down most ingredients
  • Convenient and easy to use
  • Great storage
  • Includes a variety of add-ons and useful extras
  • Easy to store and clean after use
  • The package includes traveling containers


  • Very noisy, although this is not for long
  • Some components like the blade are not dishwasher-safe
  • Expensive compared to other blenders
  • You cannot use it for hot liquids


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Blendtec Total Original blender

Blendtec Total Original blender

The Blendtec Total blender aims to complete various blending tasks while keeping the process convenient on your end. Some items you can make when using it include hot soups, milkshakes, protein shakes, and smoothies, and its 6 pre-programmed cycles make it a great multi-function appliance that you can use to take the most common tasks.

Its base unit is impressively sturdy and reliable to support its powerful motor, so you can trust that it is not going to move around needlessly while you use it. Its 15-inch jar is comprised of polycarbonate that is also BPA-free, making it lightweight and easy to operate even when the motor is at full speed. The lid’s center opening lets you add ingredients as you blend, while the rubber lid keeps all your ingredients inside without the risk of leaking.

Unlike what you will notice in most blenders, Blendtec uses a single blade in this machine that is also blunt-edged to enhance its efficiency during heavy usage. On the other hand, the square jar holds up to 90 oz., proving its sufficiency for many families. Its power is impressive since you can select the setting you want among 6 choices, and use the pulse function if you need a boost.


  • It has 6 pre-programmed cycles that can handle common tasks
  • Various speed options and a pulse control action for added control
  • Easy to use and clean
  • The display is easy to read
  • Durable build
  • Its auto-shutdown feature prevents the motor from overheating


  • Does not include a tamper
  • Noisy
  • Quite pricey compared to other blenders


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Ninja Professional with 1100-Watt Base

Ninja Professional with 1100-Watt Base

If you want to get a budget blender that combines 2-in-1 functionality, this is among the best you can go for, thanks to its strong set of features and affordability. It comes with a large pitcher that can accommodate up to 72 oz., and can crush vegetables, fruits, and ice in seconds. Alongside this, the package includes two 16-ounce cups that you can use if you are in a hurry and still want to enjoy your blended products.

The package includes 1 sipping lid, a cup measure, a blade assembly for a 16 oz. cup, two 16-ounce containers, one 72-ounce container with its blade mechanism, a base unit, and the user manual. All the containers are BPA-free, so you can use them to store a wide range of foods and liquids, while stainless steel comprises the blender’s body to make it easy to clean.

The blender’s power is quite impressive, with a rating of 1100 watts that provides all the power you need to blend almost anything you want. It has four-speed settings: one is the pulse that gives a boost, while the other three control the mixing, blending, and puree speeds. However, it may not pulverize all your ingredients equally well; if you are dealing with large chunks of fruit, it is best to cut them into smaller pieces first. Additionally, it does not handle hot liquids very well, so you need to avoid using it to make soups.


  • The very powerful working mechanism, considering its price range
  • Versatile due to its two-in-one functionality
  • The package includes trendy and convenient containers
  • Its power use is greater than most budget blenders
  • Affordable


  • Challenging to set up and use
  • Blending quality is not as impressive when dealing with large food chunks
  • Unsuitable for hot liquids
  • A large size may not fit a smaller kitchen space


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Vitamix 750 Professional series

Vitamix 750 Professional series

Like any other Vitamix, the 750 Professional series offers you one of the best blending choices you can get, despite its small size and relatively affordable price tag when compared to other Vitamix blenders. It is the flagship model of the company’s Professional series and will give you plenty to work with if you are serious about cooking.

The blender includes 5 pre-programmed settings in its working mechanism and removes the hassle of trying to figure out the best speed you should use to achieve the best texture for purees, desserts, soups, smoothies, and even cleaning. Each preset will automatically shut off once you are done using it, while the 10-speed variations and pulse speed will allow you to control the speeds you prefer.

The motor has a 2.2 peak horsepower that will cut through any food chunks you throw inside. However, it is good to note that it will shut off automatically after a minute due to the power it uses, and give itself a cooling break. While this is an interesting feature, it can be frustrating at times; but you will not need to worry about it because the blender slices through ingredients very quickly.

Its versatility is not in doubt either, since it can handle any typical recipes like smoothies and sauces to any complex ones like ice creams and butter.


  • Convenient pre-programmed settings
  • Large-size container
  • Very powerful
  • A relatively quiet working mechanism
  • Convenient and compact size
  • Easy to use and clean


  • The motor tends to heat up quickly
  • Pricey
  • Some functions do not work as well if you do not use the tamper


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Features to look for in a blender for your frozen fruits

While blenders are among the best machines you can own in your kitchen, the process of choosing one is difficult for many people. Selecting the best one to cater to your needs is important because you want it to last in service for many years while making your food preparation process easier.

The good news is that choosing a blender to handle your frozen fruits does not need to be difficult; as long as you know the features to look for.

What type of blender do you want?

There are different blender types, contrary to the popular assumption that all blenders are the same. The most familiar type is the traditional countertop, although there are additional types.

  • Countertop blenders: This is the most common variety, with most offering 3, 4, or 5 speeds and an easy-to-use operation. They are quite popular due to their affordability, although they are not as powerful as some blender types. To buy them, you should consider the space you have, since many people store them on their countertops.
  • Personal blenders: These are meant for single servings, as their name suggests. They only have 1 to 2 speeds and are quite inexpensive compared to a countertop blender, but will not be ideal choices if you plan to do a lot of cooking.
  • Immersion blenders: These are quite inexpensive, and are immersion blenders that you immerse by hand into the food you want to blend. Due to their hand-held operation, you can use them in bowls and pans when making soups and smoothies. However, their motors are weaker compared to other blender types. Additionally, some are rechargeable due to a cordless design, making them easy to store in your kitchen drawers.
  • High-performance blenders: These are the ultimate form of countertop blenders, offering their functionality but at high power operations. They are also quite expensive, with a base that is larger than other countertop blenders.

The container capacity

In talking about the blender size, it is not the dimensions that count; rather, it is the container capacity. This will determine the number of ingredients you can process, as well as the number of servings. In examining the capacity, you should look at several criteria:

  • High performance: These machines have the biggest capacities, thanks to their more powerful mechanism. You can find them holding up to 145 ounces.
  • Standard size: This is where most standard countertop blenders fall, and they are usually between 48 and 72 ounces. This allows the number of servings to be between 6 and 9 per blending session.
  • Individual servings: Personal blenders fall under this category, and the capacity is only between 8 and 20 ounces. This is enough for a single person’s needs, or a small family at most.

When considering the capacity, keep in mind that one size does not fit everyone’s requirements, and you may need to get blenders that have additional smaller or larger containers, depending on your needs.


This depends on your needs. For instance, if you plan to exclusively make soft smoothies, you will not need the power of high-performance blenders. However, higher-power blenders will give you more versatility in what you can make, and the wattage is the power indicator.

Most blenders have a 300-watt rating to offer some versatility, but the best option for most fruit blending is a blender with a 500 to 700-watt rating.


These are responsible for processing your food and are important considerations when checking blenders that can handle frozen fruits. Some blenders will have blunt blades and others sharp; while some have four blades in an almost spiral shape, and others having two flat blades that angle upwards.

Each blade design gives the blender a specific ‘personality’, with some working better at handling certain ingredients than others. The best one for frozen fruits is the 4-blade configuration, and stainless steel composition will ensure the blades do not rust.


While you can use and store an immersion blender anywhere and store a personal blender in small pantry space, it is more challenging to store a high-performance and the average countertop blender. Some of these machines are too big to put on a kitchen countertop; so ensure your kitchen space can accommodate the blender you want.



How powerful should my blender choice be?

This depends on whether you prefer using a countertop blender or a handheld type. If you are using a handheld blender, you will need at least 100 watts for the best efficiency, while a countertop type must have a minimum of 500 watts. In all cases, you will need to choose a higher wattage if you plan to blend harder foods.

How much money should you spend on a blender?

It will depend on your budget and needs. In many cases, the higher-priced blenders will offer better service and more versatility compared to budget blenders.



You will require to reach a certain price point when you are looking for a blender that offers both versatility and power. For many people, they will only need one that offers them the services they need and can blend the foods they want.

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