Are Oster Blender Jars Interchangeable?

Oster brand blenders are popular blenders that are known for providing both quality models that will last for years and some not-so-good models that aren’t worth your money. A blender can be your best kitchen equipment when you want to liquefy, puree, mix, emulsify, and whip to make a smoothie, soup, or salad dressing.

Blender jars are the standard jars that come with the blender and if you’ve bought different blenders, the most common question you ask is if the blender jars are interchangeable. So are Oster blender jars interchangeable? Yes, you can interchange the Oster blender jars since the brand’s Alterna jar and blade are the most interchangeable parts that can work with most of the high-end blenders used in the kitchen.

The best thing about drinking a veggie or fruit smoothie in the morning is the health benefits and they can be delicious. So you want to make sure you’re using the best blender for the job. There is nothing more annoying than a cheap and ineffective blender with an overheating motor, dull blades, or one that won’t crush the ice without malfunctioning. That’s why you need a good quality blender that will last you a long time. This way you can be assured of the things you’re blending and can control what you don’t want to go into your blender.

Key considerations

Blender vs food processor

Oster blenders have a wide variety of impressive features that sometimes overlap with those you’ll find in a standard food processor. However, a blender and food processor are two different kitchen appliances with unique differences. The main difference is the type of ingredients each can handle and the type of texture they produce.

Food processors have powerful blade attachments and motors that are designed to handle shredding, mincing, dicing, and chopping fruits, veggies, and other ingredients like nuts and dough. Blenders, on the other hand, are designed to handle mixing softer foods, liquids, and ice to make smoothies, purees, soups, cocktails, and salad dressings. Some people even use the blender to mix cake batter and some textured sauces like Alfredo.

Jar or bottle capacity

To get the most out of your Oster blender, you’ll need to consider how you’re going to use it. Oster jar and bottle capacity range from 20-64 ounces. If you need a blender for personal use, you’ll be better served by a bottle that can hold about 20 ounces. But if it’s for cooking large amounts of food, the large capacity jar can hold between 48-64 ounces.

Power and wattage

This mostly refers to the motor speed that ranges from 300-1400 watts. This means the higher the wattage the more powerful your Oster blender will be. If you intend to use your blender regularly, you should invest in a blender with no less than 600 watts. For mixing and pureeing, it’s best to use low settings, but for liquefying, crushing ice, and blending, you can use high-speed settings.

Ease of cleaning

Most Oster blenders are made with dishwashable glass and stainless steel components, but if you’re not using a dishwasher, you should consider the design of the jar and the stainless steel parts. Some blender designs are very easy to hand wash while some jars have hard-to-reach crevices that need you to put more effort when cleaning them.

Some popular Oster blender functions

Oster blender uses
·         Blender has 1-8 intensity settings

·         Personal and travel blenders have 1-2 settings

·         Mid-range models have up to 5 settings

·         Expensive pro-grade models have adjustable buttons to customize the blending intensity

·         Most blenders have a pulse button but not all for short bursts of intense blending to achieve a certain consistency  for smoothies and soups
Ice crushing
·         Some blenders can blend ice, others have an ice crushing button with sharper and more angled blades
Frozen drinks
·         Most mid-range and high-end blenders have a dedicated button for mixing smoothies, margaritas, and chilled protein drinks.

·         They have a spill-proof lid or sprout for easy pouring

Unique consistencies
·         Some models can blend baby food, spreads, and dips.

·         Others can dice veggies and fruits to make salsa and other dishes

How to clean an Oster blender

An Oster blender is constructed with a few parts that include the jar, lid, cups, handle, blades, motor, motor base, etc. here is how you can clean the parts thoroughly, quickly, and fast. Always remember to clean your blender after each use, especially when you blend egg, meat, and dairy products to avoid getting food poisoning.

You’ll first need liquid dishwashing soap, a long bottle brush, white vinegar, and hot water.

Every Oster blender model has a glass or plastic jar that is dishwasher safe and easy to clean. You just need enough soapy water and freshwater for rinsing the jar.

  • First, rinse the jar thoroughly with soapy water, then fill it with hot water and add a few drops of dishwashing liquid soap.
  • Turn the blender on using the lowest setting and let it spin for about 15 seconds, then pour out the soapy water.
  • Rinse the jar with fresh water and let it air dry or use a dry towel or cloth to wipe it down.
  • Unplug the blender and wipe the outside of the base using a sponge and soapy water.
  • Rinse the sponge with clean water then rinse the base.
  • Remove the sealing ring, lid, and blade on your blender in the dishwasher and wash them normally.
  • Avoid cleaning your jar with baking soda or vinegar since it leaves a bad smell after cleaning.


Interchangeable jars for your Oster blender make it easier to clean, safer to use and you can use them for different purposes.


Do mason jars fit Oster blenders?

The Oster simple blend blender works great with mason jars with a regular mouth which is great for simple blending tasks. It comes with 2 ball-style mason jars with a drinking lid and a straw plus a storage cup.

Can Oster blenders handle hot liquids?

When blending hot liquids, remove the filler cap and start with a low speed and gradually increase it. Keep your hands away from the steam and don’t add more than 1 liter of liquid.

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  1. To clean an Oster blender jar you unscrew the base, remove the blade and gasket and wash. No brushes required. It’s, by far, the easiest and safest blender to clean


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